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Say Hello To Our Hosts in Colorado

Harvest Hosts of Colorado currently has 53+ incredible Hosts located all throughout The Centennial State.

  • Wineries

  • Farms

  • Museums & Attractions

  • Breweries & Distilleries

  • Golf Courses

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Meet our Happy Campers

“Wow did we have a wonderful time! Kathy and Duwane were generous and accommodating! They are new to HH and still need a little time to get set up but that didn’t stop them from greeting us, showing us around and letting us immerse ourselves in the full alpaca farm experience!”

Kelsey M.
Staying at a Farm in Colorado

“Keith and Diana were amazing hosts. We had a delightful time at their winery. We shared stories, tasted wine and took some home. It is a beautiful location outside of Olathe CO. See the San Juan mountains, the grand Mesa and great farm country. Thank you so much for our stay.”

Wendy K.
Staying at a Winery in Colorado

“Beautiful property, wonderful, welcoming host. Easy parking, Incredible views and wildlife. Had a fabulous stay here!!”

Amy W.
Staying at a Winery in Colorado

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the Hosts located (and why don't we share that information)?
A: You can view the general locations of the Hosts at our Host Locations Page. Once you have zoomed in as far as the map will go, double-click on it. The more you double-click, the closer it will take you to the exact city of the Host. The icons will show you the type of business they are.

Out of respect for our Hosts privacy, complete details of the Host locations are only available to members. Please understand that if we released the Host information to the general public, too many people would abuse the info, upsetting the Hosts and harming the program. We don't want to put our Hosts in the awkward position of having to turn away people who are not in the program and think they are RV locations.

We do have a 3 month 100% money back guarantee if you find that this program won't work for you.
Q: Are pets allowed?
A: About 90% of our Hosts are pet-friendly. Nearly all of the Hosts permit pets on a leash at your vehicle. Specific instructions may be on the Host information page. Some Hosts may only allow pets in the parking area. Respect that you are on private property and do not allow your pets to run free. Please note that many of our farms have working animals and ask the Host what is acceptable. Your pet may be friendly but other animals may see it as a threat and react accordingly. Be sure to be a responsible pet owner and clean up after them. Woof-Woof-Meow.
Q: Are there hook-ups?
A: Locations with hook-ups are the exception rather than the norm, and for this reason, we require all members to be self-contained. The Hosts are, first and foremost, wineries/farms/museums and do not provide the services that you would find at a campground. However, a small number of the Hosts do offer electricity or water. This will be listed on the Host information page. Some provide this complimentary and others have an optional (but not required to use) hook-up available for a charge.
Q: How long can I stay?
A: Harvest Hosts is set up as an overnight program with stays of a maximum of 24 hours. At your Host’s discretion, he/she may invite you to stay an additional night but we discourage multiple night stays as to not “wear out our welcome.” Please do not ask if you can stay additional nights. This is to be an invitation from the Host.
Q: Are generators allowed?
A: We understand that in hot weather it would be nice to have electricity, and some of the Hosts are amenable to allowing reasonable use of generators during a visit. You will need to ask each Host when you call to make reservations. If you are parked near the Host’s neighbors or other HH Members, please use your generator sparingly.
Q: How do you get a reservation?
A: Each Host has an information page with the contact phone number and name of the person to speak to. Most of the time, we suggest a 24 hour to 2 week period of contacting the Hosts for reservations.
Q: Is there competition for parking spaces?
A: Most of our Hosts have multiple parking spots for RV’s so competition for spaces isn’t typically an issue. Those Hosts that are along major highways can be busier than those off the beaten path. Be sure and call in advance to check for availability.
Q: Is the membership from the time you join or do you renew in January each year?
A: Memberships are 365 days from the day you join. Your renewal would be the following year on the same date.
Q: What are check-in times?
A: Each Host has their own requirements and those will be listed on the Host information page. We suggest you make plans to arrive/depart when they are open for business so you are able to support them with a small purchase to say thank you for their hospitality. Interacting with the Hosts and supporting them with a purchase is an integral part of the Harvest Hosts program. Make your stop your destination, arrive early enough to enjoy your visit and make new friends.
Q: What if we don't drink?
A: No problem! About 45% of our Hosts are farms, museums and other unique attractions that are not alcohol related. Most of the wineries and breweries have food, gifts, and other options that you can purchase when you visit. Many of our members love to buy gifts for others on their adventures. There are lots of options for you!
Q: What types of vehicles are allowed?
A: All classes of RV’s are allowed (Class A, Class B, Class C) including motorhomes, fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers, toy haulers, camper vans, truck campers, and schoolies. Vehicles towed behind RVs are also allowed at our Host locations. Traditional pop-up campers, otherwise known as folding camping trailers, where the middle and sides of the trailer pop up and out, are prohibited.
Also prohibited: Tents, such as ground tents or car rooftop tents; sleeping in cars, trucks, or minivans; overlanding in jeeps, bikes, or atvs. We do allow hybrid (expandable) travel trailers where only the bed areas pop out, but the rest of the trailer is composed of four rigid sides. We allow camper vans where the bed area at the top of the van pops up (but again, the rest of the van has four rigid sides). We allow clamshell and teardrop trailers, but their outdoor cooking facilities may not be used while on Host properties (see below). 
Important: All camping vehicles must be fully self-contained. Your RV must have an interior toilet and built-in holding tanks or bladders for waste water. Porta-potties that remain inside the vehicle at all times are acceptable, but must be dumped off-site at an appropriate facility. The dumping of gray water on Host properties is prohibited. You may only use your RV’s indoor cooking facilities at Host locations; the use of any outdoor cooking facilities is expressly prohibited.

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