Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is membership?

Membership is $44/year, and it lasts for 12 months from the date you join. There are options for auto-renewal ($40), 3 year ($110) and lifetime ($300) memberships.

Q: How does the Auto-renewal program work?

You will receive a $4.00 discount on your membership each year you renew through the Auto-Renewal Program.  Your card will be charged on your expiration date and your membership will renew for an additional 12 months.  If you change your mind you can opt out without any fee at any time up to your renewal date by emailing us.  Membership changes after that date may incur a $4.00 transaction fee.

Q: What does it cost to stay at a Host?

There is no cost to stay. We do ask that you make a purchase to thank your Hosts for their hospitality.  When considering how much to spend at a Host, please consider how much money you are saving by not being in a campground.

Q: What do I get when I join?

Harvest Hosts is an online program.  A username and password give you access to the Members website where you can:

  • Download your Harvest Hosts membership card and vehicle badge;
  • Customize Host Lists;
  • Search the interactive Map of Host locations;
  • Prepare custom trip routing;
  • Download a Host Directory – downloadable/printable listings that include the size and number of vehicles accepted at each Host along with contact information, GPS coordinates, business hours and type of operation;
  • Upload and read comments, reviews and photos directly on the Host pages.

Q: What types of vehicles are allowed?

Self-contained motorhomes (class A, B and C), fifth-wheels, travel trailers, hybrid trailers and truck campers. Sorry, but pop-up tent trailers are not allowed. Conversion vehicles, buses, teardrop trailers and tiny houses must have INTERIOR gray water tanks and toilets and INTERIOR cooking facilities (no exceptions) and must be approved by HH prior to joining. Custom conversions please email us photos to review before joining. No tents of any kind allowed.
not_allowed tab_kitchen

Q: How do I know if my RV is "self-contained"?

Self-contained means that your RV MUST have an INTERIOR toilet and INTERIOR holding tanks for waste water. Porta-potties are acceptable but must be dumped off-site at an appropriate location. You must supply your own power and water and have INTERIOR cooking facilities. If your vehicle is found to be non-compliant, your membership will be terminated without a refund.
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Q: Do the Hosts offer electricity, water or sewer hook-ups?

The Hosts are, first and foremost, farms and do not provide the services that you would find at a campground.  However, a small number of the Hosts do offer electricity or water. This will be called out on the Host page.

Q: Can I use a generator?

Yes, but please be courteous and ask beforehand so that the Host can park you where no one will be disturbed by it. If you are parked near the Host’s neighbors, please use your generator sparingly.

Q: Are there vehicle size restrictions?

Approximately 80% of the Hosts can accept vehicles of any length. Icons are used on the Host listing to indicate the vehicle length accepted at each Host. The Class A (coach) icon denotes vehicles of all lengths; a Class C icon denotes up to 44 ft in total length; and a Class B (van) icon denotes vehicles up to 29 ft in total length. These lengths INCLUDE any trailer or towed vehicle. If you are comfortable disconnecting your tow, then you are welcome to classify your vehicle by the length of only the RV.

Q: How long can I stay?

Harvest Hosts is set up as an overnight program with stays of a maximum of 24 hours. At your Host’s discretion he/she may invite you to stay an additional night but we discourage multiple night stays as to not “wear out our welcome”.

Q: Must I buy something from the Host?

Please make a purchase to show your appreciation to your Host.  This is their incentive to allow you to park overnight.  You’ll enjoy buying local products and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping a small business grow and thrive.  If you don’t see anything for yourself, please consider purchasing a gift for a friend.

Q: Can I arrive unannounced?

Do not arrive without calling first! The Hosts appreciate advance notice and we request that you try to call a day ahead. By calling ahead, you can ensure that the Host (1) is open and can accommodate you, (2) can tell you if there is a special entrance and (3) can be specific about where you should park when you arrive.

Q: When must I arrive?

Not only do you need to call ahead to arrange your visit, you must arrive during the Host’s business hours.  Interacting with the Hosts as well as supporting them with a purchase is an integral part of Harvest Hosts.  Make your stop your destination, arrive early enough to enjoy your visit and make new friends.

Q: Are children welcome?

Children are welcome at all of the Hosts, especially at the farms and attractions. Wineries, breweries and distilleries are typically geared toward adult visitors but as long as your children are supervised they are welcomed there as well.

Q: Are pets allowed on the Hosts' properties?

Nearly all Hosts permit pets on a leash at your vehicle.  Please note that farm dogs may be present, so if a pet is accompanying you, please check with your Host before bringing them out.  Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pets. Pets may only be allowed in parking areas.

Q: Can I see a list of Hosts before joining?

We understand that you may prefer to see the list of Hosts before joining, but we know you will understand that the Hosts do not want their information posted on the public portion of the website. Non-members can view the general locations on the public Host Map page.

Q: If I don't drink wine, can I still stay at a winery?

Most wineries have gift shops with lots of interesting items and local products available for purchase.  If this makes you uncomfortable, there are hundreds of non-alcohol venues for you to visit.

Q: I'm on the road or leaving soon, how do I get my membership card?

No problem, you’ll be able to print your Membership Card right from the Members’ website. No printer? No problem. Email yourself the card as an attachment and save it to your phone, tablet or computer.

Q: Must I work at the winery or farm?

Not at all.  Hosts are offering you an overnight stay as an opportunity to meet new people and have fun, new experiences.

Q: Can I volunteer?

Absolutely!  Many of the Hosts are small operations and gladly welcome extra help.  If you are interested, ask when calling.

Q: Is a printed Host Directory available?

The Host Directory is available for free as a download in PDF format.  You can save the Directory to your computer or smart phone to have available whenever you want to find a Host.  Should you desire one, a printed copy of the Host Directory is available from our publisher for an additional fee.

Q: Can I use leveling devices?

Yes, but please be considerate and use jack pads on asphalt as heavy weight can cause damage.

Q: I have a very large RV, will I find a spot to park?

Approximately 80 percent of the Hosts are able to accommodate any length RV. Vehicle size accommodated is shown on each Host’s listing. We recommend that you inform your Host of your vehicle length when calling to arrange your visit.

Q: What do the Hosts get out of the program?

The Hosts are inviting you to their properties to introduce you to their way of life and what they produce. They hope that you will appreciate what they have created and will make a purchase either for yourself or a friend. This is the only compensation they receive for inviting you to stay overnight.

Q: Are rental vehicles allowed?

Yes, self-contained rental vehicles are invited to join. Just enter “rental” on your membership form in place of a license plate number.

Q: Email and telephone support

Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist.