We Reward You For Finding Great Hosts!

Have you ever wondered how we find our Hosts all over North America? Many are recommended by our wonderful Members who suggest local businesses. We invite you to help in bringing on more amazing Host locations.

If the suggested host joins our network, we will provide you with a free 1-month extension to your Membership

I Found a Great Fit! Now What?

Click on the link HERE to suggest the Host!

What Is in It for the Business?

NO COST – We will connect the business with 200k+ of our Members and there is no cost to participate.

INCREASED REVENUE – Based on our recent surveys, our Members spend an average of $50 per night at Host locations. Many of our established Hosts are seeing north of $13,000 in additional annual revenue. In 2021, Harvest Hosts Members spent over $30 million with Host locations, and that number is projected to top $40 million in 2022.

EASE OF USE – The program is streamlined and entirely customizable to fit the business’s needs. Our online Host dashboard allows you to provide a description, set hours, parking parameters, parking instructions, and more. Our online reservation tool gives you the power to accept or deny stay requests, set blackout dates, availability, and even enable stay requests to come through SMS. 

Hear what some of our current Hosts have to say!

“Harvest Host has been a tremendously beneficial partner. Registering to be a Host was a breeze and we have been booked solid almost every day for the past 6 months after joining. The guests are always very considerate and support our business and staff generously with purchases at our tasting room. Operating and managing the bookings is quick and easy, anyone on your team can do it.”

“We love welcoming newcomers to the vineyard, sharing with them our passion for creating the best wine and formulas for our ciders,” Massey says. “Harvest Hosts helped us create a new way to monetize, spread the word organically, and make it easier for people to discover us through the platform.”

“Harvest Hosts has been a blessing since day one. With the “request a stay” program, it could not be easier- almost hands-off when utilizing the texting feature. We receive 2-3 requests per day. We’ve seen ~$6,000 in annual donations and are expecting ~$12,000 this year. The guests have been wonderful; many offering to lend a helping hand. We are so grateful for everything that this program has brought to our church.”

“New Basin Distilling Company in Madras, Oregon enjoys being a Harvest Host. We get to meet great travelers with fun and interesting stories. We especially enjoy sharing our spirits knowing they don’t have to drive home. Harvest Hosts has also helped increase awareness and revenue. We look forward to meeting new friends on the road. Cheers from the New Basin Distilling crew and safe travels!”

“I love the Harvest Hosts program. The HH Members have been gracious in playing golf and eating at our onsite restaurant during their stay. Our team here at Wild Oak loves to meet all of the awesome people that stay here overnight. It is incredible to meet people from all over the country. We will continue to participate in the program and thank Harvest Hosts for the opportunity!”

How Does the Program Work For Hosts?

  • MEMBER CONTACT – Harvest Host Members are able to secure their reservation through our Online Reservation Tool via email or text. Hosts are able to select their preferred form of communication and have the ability to approve the request. Our Members know that they must always contact you ahead of time before showing up.
  • MEMBER VERIFICATION – Upon booking or arrival ask the Member for their Membership number or card. They can give you a printed card or show it to you on a mobile device. Through your Host login, you are able to run their Member number to see the current status of their Membership.
  • MEMBER ARRIVAL – We suggest using a sign-in sheet or writing this information down to keep track of your visitors. Direct the Members to where you want them to park and tell them a little bit about your business.
  • ENJOY THE VISIT – As we said, we have the best Members ever! You will enjoy meeting the new patrons that are traveling through your area, hearing their stories, and learning about the RV lifestyle.

Still have questions?

Contact an Account Executive here:  Ben Allen

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