Host Sign-Up Form

To begin receiving Harvest Hosts overnight RV visitors, please complete the information requested below.  We will email you confirmation usually within 24 hours of submitting your information to us.

If you have any questions please feel call us at 928-277-1661 or email us. We look forward to working with you.

Harvest Hosts Detail Form

Please be sure you have accurately determined the size RVs you can accept and ensure that access is clear for that length and height (no tight turns, no overhanging branches, etc.).

A fairly level parking spot is always appreciated.

Type of Operations

Direct Sales
Wine Tasting & Sales
Beer Tasting & Sales
Farm Stand
U-Pick Operation
Educational Experiences
Winery or Brewery Tour
Farm Tour
Garden/Nursery Tour
Historical Exhibit
Outdoor Recreation
Horseback riding
Hiking or Nature walks
Nearby Parks
Special Events
Festivals and/or Fairs
Petting Zoo
Pumpkin Patch
Hay/Train Rides
Deck or Picnic Area
Play Area
Number of Overnight Spaces
Vehicle Size/Length including trailers
Up to 45’ & more
Up to 44’
Up to 29’
Permit Leashed Pets in Parking Area
Electricity available (Free with purchase/donation)
Parking Area
Please Call before arrival
Water available

RV owners are required to maintain liability insurance on their vehicle and proof of such insurance must be carried in the vehicle. The Host locations have no responsibility for damage or theft to RVs, tow cars or to members, family or guests. RV owners agree to hold harmless Harvest Hosts, all Hosts and their personnel from and against any and all claims arising from their Host visits.

I understand that Harvest Hosts, LLC accepts no responsibility for any relationship between me and guest RV owners, and I absolve Harvest Hosts, LLC from any responsibility that may arise from any contractual or non-contractual arrangements between the motorhome owner and me.

Hosts agree to maintain their listing for an initial period of one year, with listing to be automatically renewed each year unless either party has received a written termination request. All Hosts acknowledge that they maintain general liability insurance coverage.