Invite wonderful people
to stay overnight at your business

Meet extraordinary and interesting folks from around the world
while receiving support for your business from an incredible,
tight-knit community.

Testimonials from current hosts

“For the past 2 years Agua Dulce Winery has been a Harvest Host. Every week travelers from around the country stay at our 100 acre winery. They enjoy beautiful peaceful grounds and taste some of Southern California’s finest wines. While selling our wine to Harvest Hosts visitors is beneficial to our business we love meeting people and hearing about their travels on the open road. We have had visitors in million dollar motor homes to couples travelling in vans. Everyone has been a pleasure and we look forward to a long relationship with Harvest Hosts. Cheers!”

Steve Wizan
Agua Dulce Winery

Why become a Host?

  • There is no cost for you to participate.
  • Harvest Hosts RV Members enjoy meeting new people and supporting local communities and they are encouraged to support their Hosts with purchases.
  • No services are required. Member vehicles are required to be self-contained so you do not need to provide electricity, water or sewage dump.
  • All Harvest Hosts RV Members agree to abide by a Code of Conduct, including the requirement to call ahead to arrange their visits.
  • Harvest Hosts members can be your ambassadors of good will as word of mouth travels fast in the RV community.

Host responsibilities

  • Be a licensed business and have a business website or Facebook page.
  • You should have products or services for sale.
  • Check with your insurance agent to confirm that your existing liability policy covers you.
  • Accurately determine what size RVs your property can accommodate.
  • We suggest parking space for 1-4 RVs, although the exact number remains at your discretion.
  • Make sure that your property remains accessible for the size RVs you have indicated (no tight turns, no tree branches, etc.)
  • Provide a fairly level parking area with space for RV side-slides to be extended.
  • Make sure that employees are aware of the Harvest Hosts program and know where you want your RV guests to park.
  • Ask for the Harvest Hosts membership card and vehicle badge.

Join over 600 other wineries,
breweries, farms, museums,
stores, and more

In welcoming wonderful folks from an incredible
community to stay overnight at and support
your business or establishment.

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