Harvest Hosts connects thousands of RVers with wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses & attractions to support local businesses.

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Are you looking for a unique & FREE marketing option? Harvest Hosts is a great way to share your products with new customers in exchange for an overnight stay. Our members spend millions of dollars each year while visiting Harvest Hosts locations.

Meet extraordinary and interesting folks from around the world while receiving support for your business from an incredible, tight-knit community of RVers.

About Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership program that provides access to a network of wineries, farms, breweries, golf courses, museums and other unique attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight.

For a small yearly membership fee, Harvest Hosts members can visit and stay at any of our 2463+ stunning locations without a camping fee, in return for supporting the local businesses that they visit. We connect RVers with the hidden gems of Real America, where they find unique experiences and make lasting memories with family and friends.

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We have tens of thousands of members from the United States, Canada and around the world. Our members include retirees, full-time families, business professionals, bloggers, and adventurers. All our members have one thing in common: the desire to experience unique locations as they travel.

In an effort to support local businesses and make it beneficial for our hundreds of Hosts as well, our members are encouraged to support the businesses they visit, whether that’s through buying some wine, shopping in the gift shop, playing a round of golf or buying some of their local produce. This way everyone wins!

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Testimonials from current hosts

“We didn’t know what to expect when we joined as Harvest Hosts. But now we couldn’t be happier. The guests we see are kind, engaged and thoughtful. We have hosted over 100 RV’s at our ranch, and every group has left with big smiles and products from our tasting room, creating a considerable boost in our annual sales.”

Christian Ahlmann
Six Sigma Ranch & Winery

“We have truly enjoyed being a part of Harvest Hosts. We get many visitors every week some local and some just passing through that use your service and ultimately patronize Vermilion Valley Vineyards. We have met people and have had wonderful conversations with people from all over the country due to Harvest Hosts. Camping and RVing is truly a social network that we never knew existed before our commitment to Harvest Hosts.”

Kristi Juniper
Vermilion Valley Vineyards

“For the past 2 years Agua Dulce Winery has been a Harvest Host. Every week travelers from around the country stay at our 100 acre winery. They enjoy beautiful peaceful grounds and taste some of Southern California’s finest wines. While selling our wine to Harvest Hosts visitors is beneficial to our business we love meeting people and hearing about their travels on the open road. We have had visitors in million dollar motor homes to couples travelling in vans. Everyone has been a pleasure and we look forward to a long relationship with Harvest Hosts. Cheers!”

Steve Wizan
Agua Dulce Winery

Why become a Host?

  • NO COST – We will connect your business with thousands of our members and there is no cost for you to participate.
  • MEMBER PURCHASES – We ask our members to support the businesses they are visiting with a purchase.
  • HOST PAGE – Each Host has their own page on our website and members access this through the membership portal. You can add pictures, video, and any information you want to tell our members about your business. It also includes links to your website and Facebook page. You can edit much of the information using your Host login to ensure accuracy of hours, products, and parking instructions. Every time a member looks up your state or province, your Host page pops so the members can learn more about you.
  • REVIEWS & REFERRALS – Harvest Host members can be your ambassadors of goodwill. They can write reviews both on our website and on social media. The RV community has a wonderful network and you will find that good news travels fast in the RV community.
  • ONLINE REQUEST-A-STAY SYSTEM – Members are able to see your calendar and availability. They will make a request directly through our system. As a Host, you will receive an email with their contact information, member number, type of RV they have, and additional information that you may require. You can approve/deny the request directly on our website or within the email.
  • NO SERVICES REQUIRED – Member vehicles are required to be self-contained. You do not need to provide electricity, water, sewage dump, or wi-fi. If you have any of those, that is a great bonus for our members, but they are not required.
  • 24 HOUR VISITS – Your business is important to you…and to us. We ask our members to limit their stay to one day. You are more than welcome to extend an invitation for them to stay longer, but that is your choice.
  • MEMBER CODE OF CONDUCT – Our members agree to a code of conduct that you can see here: Code of Conduct
    We expect that they treat your property with care and respect. As a Host, you will also have access to our Member Ratings system, where you can read reviews that Hosts have written about specific Members who have stayed with them and write your own reviews of Members who stay with you. This is a big part of how we monitor our Members and make sure they uphold our high standards when interacting with and staying with any Host.
  • HARVEST HOST MEMBERSHIP – We give all of our Hosts a free membership with full access to the Harvest Host website and membership benefits. If you have your own RV, you can visit other Hosts in your travels.
  • CONNECTION – We don’t mean to brag, but we have the best members! You will meet some amazing people as they journey around. Our Hosts love the program as much as our members.

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How Does the Program Work?

  • MEMBER CONTACT – Members are able to see your calendar and availability. They will make a request directly through our system. As a Host, you will receive an email with their contact information, member number, type of RV they have, and additional information that you may require. You can approve/deny the request directly on our website or within the email. Our members know that they must always contact you ahead of time before showing up.
  • MEMBER VERIFICATION – Upon booking or arrival ask the member for their membership number or card. They can give you a printed card or show it to you on a mobile device. Through your Host login, you are able to run their member number to see the current status of their membership.
  • MEMBER ARRIVAL – We suggest using a sign-in sheet or writing this information down to keep track of your visitors. Direct the members to where you want them to park and tell them a little bit about your business.
  • ENJOY THE VISIT – As we said, we have the best members ever! You will enjoy meeting the new patrons that are traveling through your area, hearing their stories, and learning about the RV lifestyle.

What is Required of a
Harvest Host?

  • BUSINESS LICENSE & INSURANCE – Our Hosts tell us that most insurance companies cover a guest within the scope of normal business insurance. Check with your agent to insure you have a liability policy that covers you. Please note that the Member Code of Conduct requires our members to have their own insurance. They are also required to agree that Hosts are not responsible for damage or theft to their vehicles or to members and their family.
  • PRODUCTS TO SELL – We want a Member-Host visit to be a reciprocal transaction. They have a place to stay for the night and your business benefits from allowing them to stay.
  • WEBSITE AND/OR FACEBOOK PAGE – Our members love to do their research while they are traveling. An online presence helps members know they are going to a secure location to stay.
  • PARKING AND ACCESSIBILITY – We suggest 1-4 parking spaces but that remains to your discretion. Many times, our members like to travel in pairs, so you might have occasions with a little party in your parking lot! Speaking of parking lot…it can be gravel, grass, or paved. Members just need level areas to be able to extend their slides. Our members also want to know that they have plenty of room to turn around and won’t hit low hanging tree branches.
  • EMPLOYEE AWARENESS – Please let your employees know about our program and where you want members to park in the event you are not available.

Join over 2463+ other wineries,
breweries, farms, museums,
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In welcoming wonderful folks from an incredible
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