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Harvest Hosts

The road trip of your dreams is just a click away. Harvest Hosts offers RVers unlimited access to farms, breweries, wineries, and attractions across North America. Your membership allows you to stay overnight at any of their 4000+ host locations and in return, they ask that you support your host’s business during your stay. The program also offers tons of amazing partner discounts, route planning, and you can upgrade to include community locations and golf courses. It’s a great way to explore new places and try new things, we love it! 


Or – if you’d like to advertise multiple plans 

Harvest Hosts has multiple plan options to choose from. You can upgrade from the classic plan offering winery, brewery, farm, and attraction host locations to access golf course hosts, community hosts, or access all 8000+ host locations!


IMPORTANTThe discount code is embedded in this link. However, if your subscribers find a better deal anywhere else and use that coupon instead, you’ll still receive credit if they use your link.


Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome opens up a world of new camping opportunities. Escape the crowded and noisy campground in favor of a private spot on a beautiful property and a meaningful connection with a friendly host.  Enjoy truly unique stay experiences often without sacrificing comfort, as 70% of Boondockers Welcome hosts offer hookups.



CampersCard is the latest campground discount program by the team at Harvest Hosts. While Harvest Hosts is designed to be the preferred way to bridge the gap between destinations, CampersCard helps RVers save money on nights they spend at campgrounds. Campgrounds offer members exciting benefits such as early check-in, late checkout, and discounts on nightly rates to be part of the program. For just $39/year, members receive benefits that will quickly offset the membership cost. It’s a win-win for everyone. The less you pay in camping fees, the more time you can spend on the road! Join CampersCard today.



  • Please note that users will find a 15% discount in the offer bar on the homepage.
  • If a user is a current Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome Member, they can sign in with their credentials on the CampersCard website and receive an exclusive 25% discount.



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