Are you ready to turn your love for college football into an unforgettable adventure? With new conference realignment making away games tougher than ever for fans to attend and support their school next year,

Harvest Hosts

, a membership program offering RVers access to unique RV camping options across North America, will help one die hard fan follow their team around the conference this season. We’re seeking an enthusiastic and spirited individual to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey as with our exclusive Harvest Hosts Road Game Pass! As the ultimate superfan, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to travel across the country, tailgate, cheer and create lasting memories while representing your beloved team at every college football game on the schedule.

Passionate fans can apply to earn a Road Game Pass by showcasing their team spirit and telling Harvest Hosts why they are the biggest superfan. All you have to do in return? Document your travels across social media and support the small businesses you visit along the way. 

Applications Must Include: 

  • One paragraph on why you are your team’s biggest fan 
  • Name of your team 
  • Photos of you in team gear or at games. Bonus if it’s with the mascot!
  • Your favorite player in the team’s history 


  • Passion for College Football: Your heart should bleed your school’s colors, and your veins should run with team spirit. Knowledge of the game, its history, and its culture is a touchdown!
  • Adventurous Spirit: You’re ready to hit the road in your RV, explore new places, and adapt to the ever-changing landscapes of college football fandom.
  • Energy Overload: You’re the life of the party, the spark that ignites the crowd, and the cheerleader who never loses their voice. High energy levels are a must!
  • Social Media Savviness: You know your way around social media platforms and can turn even the simplest moment into a shareable story.
  • Rules of the Road: A valid U.S. driver’s license. 

The Perks: 

  • The ultimate getaway: A Harvest Hosts membership, including stays for every night along your route to away games.
  • Expenses covered: $100 daily stipend while you travel. 
  • A whole new wardrobe: A closet makeover with a new team-inspired wardrobe. 
  • Social media stardom: Your social media following will skyrocket as you document your amazing journey.