4 Ways to Get Your RV Organized for 2023

Wondering how to organize your RV for life on the road? Storage in small spaces can be tricky. But we’ll give you the top tricks, tips, and RV hacks for organization.

Getting ready to travel in your RV can get stressful—whether part-time, full-time, or just for a fun, week-long trip. And you might be asking how to pack an RV? What are some must haves? And how do you organize your camper, RV, or van? Well, no need to worry! We’ve got the top 4 ways you can get your RV organized without getting stressed. 


Eliminate All of Your Excess and Leave It at Home

After a couple trips, you might realize you don’t need everything you brought. But, it already has a place in the RV and you haven’t eliminated it yet. This might be a good time to take a few steps towards getting rid of the excess. Here are a few things to help with this process. 


Don’t Let Fear Help You Pack

Fear has a way of persuading us into needing more things with us than we actually do. The fear of every situation can carry a lot of baggage on our trips—and there is a difference between being prepared and being afraid. 

RV Storage Hacks & Organization Can Start at Home

If you are traveling for a week or two at a time, you can use your home as a staging ground. Instead of using your RV as a storage locker that is like playing a game of tetris when you need something, create storage bins at home for each type of trip. 

If you are heading to the mountains versus the lake, there are two different types of extras you might bring. Stage those in storage bins at home, leave the appropriate space in your RV, and just bring the one or two you need. And quit playing tetris inside your RV. 

Be Realistic

After traveling full-time for multiple years, RVers realize you don’t use everything you bring. Being realistic in what you actually use—not what you wish you used—can go a long way in eliminating excess. And once you eliminate excess, you might be shocked at the space you have. 


Purposefully Use Every Inch of Space

Your walls, the back of your cabinet doors, and under the cabinet storage are all great places to look for added space to take advantage of. Check out these simple tips and tricks below.


RV Organization Products & Must Haves—From Dollar Tree to Ikea

There are RV organization hacks and products everywhere around us. But knowing what you are trying to streamline is the best way to start looking. Here are a few common things most want to have organized, and an organization hack to go with it. 

Spices: Back of the cabinet organizer

Cooking utensils: Wall mount your utensils

Nesting or collapsible everything: Colander, food storage, laundry baskets, measuring cups, pots and pans with detachable handles

Refrigerator: To create extra space and organization try these.

Shoe organizers: Great for shoes and bathrooms too

Soap, shampoo, and conditioner: Soap Dispenser

Storage bins: If they are empty, that’s ok because even empty storage bins can help reduce the sliding around while in transit. 


Have Multiple Purposes for Each Thing

Unlike your traditional home, you’ll need to get creative with the tiny spaces inside even the largest of RVs. Having multiple purposes for each thing will go a long, long way in helping you stay organized. 


Have Your Wall Decorations Double in Functional Ways

Try hanging things on the wall that are aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Things like beautiful cutting boards, wire storage baskets, decorative pot holders, or even spices on your backsplash can add pops of decor and color without taking up more storage in your cabinets.

If you need an office space to get work done, consider a portable desk with nice baskets or crates to add some texture. And keeping things consistently organized will help you feel less stressed. 


Keep Things Secured

As you continue decluttering, organizing, and finding ways to have multiple purposes for each spot, you’ll need to make sure that things are well-secured too. Even if you are looking to do a kitchen overhaul, you might want this consideration to be at the top of your list. 

Go crazy with 3M’s: Because RV walls are often very thin, using double-sided tape and 3M materials can go a long way in keeping things secure. 

Reduce spills in your refrigerator: Keep things secure and in their place with RV fridge braces and double RV refrigerator bars. 

Avoid sliding in your cabinets: Consider some non-slip liners to help reduce issues while traveling. 

Keep brooms, dust pans, and more organized: Try using a wall mounted organizer. In some RVs, there are small gaps along the showers or behind doors where these can be added. 


Organize Your Mess Before You Stress 

Before you get too overwhelmed, and the thought of RVing doesn’t seem fun anymore, try out these 4 simple tips to help your tiny home on wheels get organized. Remember, the less clutter and excess you have, the more peaceful and enjoyable your RVing experience will be. 

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