5 Easy Ways to Decorate your RV

When purchasing a new or used RV, some RV owners feel that the interior may be a bit impersonal. Perhaps it still shows remnants from its time with its previous owners, or it could potentially feel like it came straight from the factory. Maybe you just want to add your own personal touches so that it feels like your own home on wheels. For these reasons (and more) some owners choose to renovate their RV interiors. However, this process can be lengthy and require quite a bit of effort and up-front cost. If you are looking for ways to personalize your RV without remodeling the interior, then simply decorating it may do the trick. Consider any of the following suggestions to decorate your RV and get her ready for your next big road trip.

1. Wall hangings

Hanging items from the walls can be a great way to decorate your RV. While RVs tend to have limited wall space for decor, most have some open space that can be utilized. This space can be filled by family photos, fiber art, paintings, travel memories, and so much more.

No matter what you choose to hang, be sure you do so safely. Since your RV will be rolling down the highway, hanging a picture frame in your RV is not the same as hanging a picture frame in your house. A simple nail will not do the trick. Be sure to attach heavy objects directly to the studs in the walls using a stud finder, or use anchors if you are unable to find studs. Lighter items can be hung up using command strips. Be sure to use anchors or commands strips that are rated for more than the item weighs to ensure it can withstand the bumps in the road.

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2. Throw pillows and blankets

Adding cute pillows and blankets can quickly add a coziness and personal feeling to any room. You can add pillows to your couch(es), recliner(s), dinette seats, bed, or any other comfy hang-out spaces. Be sure to select pillows that match the theme of your space, and try not to overdo it. In addition, consider choosing pillow inserts and pillow covers separately. This will allow you to decorate seasonally and change your pillows out from time to time. 

Blankets can be added to the back of your couch or the bottom of any beds to use in chilly weather. These can also be swapped out seasonally. Be sure to coordinate them with any throw pillows you choose!

3. Area rugs

Area rugs are well-loved on cold floors in traditional homes. Why not also utilize them in an RV, especially if your RV has laminate flooring. Runners fit perfectly in many RV bedroom spaces, and larger rugs can often fit in living room spaces. Be sure to measure your space before choosing a rug, and be prepared to have to move the rug whenever you bring your slides in. In addition, consider a higher-quality rug or one that is washable, since it will be used while camping in the outdoors. The higher-quality the rig, the more durable it will be over time.

Credit: @pleadingthefifth_wheel

4. Change up bedding

The bedding found in RVs can be a bit dull, or perhaps it may just not be your taste. It could also have been previously used by its former owners if you purchased a new RV. Changing the bedding out can be a great way to decorate while you are preparing for your first big outing. Duvet covers are excellent in RVs, as they provide warmth, easy cleaning, and the ability to change the cover as needed. In addition, Beddy’s beds makes excellent, zippable bedding that is also perfect in RVs. These are especially great in corner beds that are placed against the wall, as the easy zipping of the cover can allow you to quickly make the bed in what would otherwise be a small and frustrating space. See our previous article for ideas on new mattresses for RVs.

5. Add plants, books, candles, etc.

Finally, you can add personal touches to your RV just by adding your own personal belongings. This could be books, your favorite candles plants (real or faux), or any other number of your favorite items. In the kitchen, this could include your favorite potholders, spice jars, cooking utensils, coffee beans, or anything else that you would typically leave on the counter in a traditional home. Remember that less is more in a small space, so it’s best not to overdo it. Just be sure to secure any loose items before rolling down the road.

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Decorating a new or new-to-you RV can be quite simple and lots of fun. Making the RV feel more like home will help you to enjoy your travels in it even more. Consider any of these tips for quick and easy solutions to personalizing your RV that won’t break the bank. If you are looking to remodel entirely, check out our other articles on ideas for room-by-room renovations.

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Have you decorated your RV? What items did you choose to decorate with? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. Sam Leash
    4th May, 2021

    Such great ideas! I’ve also found that remodeled RVs sell easily. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Sam Leash
    4th May, 2021

    This sounds so great! Glad to hear you love your RV decorations. 🙂

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  3. Sam Leash
    4th May, 2021

    This sounds so lovely!!

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  4. Valerie Taylor
    15th April, 2021

    We took out the sofa and table and seat . Replaced with 2 easy chairs, small table and chairs. Entire interior painted . White upper cabinets, steel grey lowers and light grey walls.
    Bedroom mauve and white. Furniture is white and black.
    Sold itself when we found it necessary to sell.

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  5. Don M.
    11th April, 2021

    My wife is real gem when decorating. Using Home Sweet Home and shadow vegetation, she brightens the RV. The shadow palm trees are locate the inside of the slideout at the front door. The words located centered on an inside header. Looks great. Thanks Honey. Removable. = ZERO space taken, & Removable.

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  6. Sandra Schulz
    29th March, 2021

    I have a water stain on my ceiling which is made out of material. I used the roll out bamboo look on it by using a staple gun to secure it. I then added green vine plants and
    patio lights. I feel like I’m on vacation 24/7!!!! I am purchased the bamboo look in the garden dept at Home Depot for under $11!

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  7. Sam Leash
    29th June, 2020

    Hey Sandra! There are so many possibilities for new window coverings. You could use curtains, blinds, or roller shades. Just be sure they are cut to size!

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  8. Sam Leash
    29th June, 2020

    This is so cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  9. Sam Leash
    29th June, 2020

    That sounds perfect, Ann!

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  10. Ann Reyes
    11th June, 2020

    I love to use candles that use batteries inside our RV and outside. I even hang them from trees if I can. I also love to decorate for the mountains when we head to the smokeys. And the beach when we are back in florida.

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  11. Sandra Phillips
    28th May, 2020

    First time RV buyers who could really use some advice on the best replacement window coverings. We have a 1997 Class C Four Winds Cutaway. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!

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