70 Degrees Weather Road Trip

Full-time RVers can appreciate a mild climate. Days when the weather is not too hot, and not too cold are simply perfect. This not only feels great, but saves precious energy in the RV by allowing you to forgo running fans or heaters. What if it could be 70 degrees year round? And better yet, what if there were places to stay for in those areas with no camping fees? Good news says, this is possible with a Harvest Hosts membership. Upgrade to the golf membership to take advantage of our first stop, and countless others on our journey. Below, we’ve mapped out where to find that perfect climate throughout the year for the ideal 70-degree weather road trip.


When seeking a warmer climate in the winter, head to the southern Texas coast. In Rockport, Texas, members can stay at the Live Oak Country Club with the upgraded golf membership. Even in January and February, it’s possible to find temperatures close to 70 degrees here daily. 

Alternatively, head West and stay near San Diego, California for a similar climate. While staying in San Diego, visitors can get a small taste of winter at the Hotel Del Coronado’s annual Skating by the Sea, which is outdoor ice skating…by the sea!  The closest Harvest Host location near San Diego is the Chula Vista Golf Course in Bonita. Heading a little more inland to Schwaesdall Winery in Ramona also produces similar temperatures, and there’s wine in lieu of golf. 


When the temperature in southern Texas or Southern California starts to climb, it’s time to head east. From Texas, head northeast to southern Oklahoma. Harvest Host members have two options for camping here: Base Camp or Crystal Creek Winery. Both offer relaxing stays and gorgeous views.

Towards the very end of spring, travelers searching for the perfect 70 degrees weather should start heading over towards western Pennsylvania. How travelers take this approach is entirely up to them. In western Pennsylvania, there are Harvest Host locations dotting the entire way up to Lake Erie. Some of our favorites include Trax Farms and Morris Organic Farm to stock up on some fresh produce. There’s also Greenhouse Winery and Frosty Valley Golf Links to kick back and relax in your perfect weather. All four of these locations are just outside of Pittsburgh. And, finally, if journeying up to Lake Erie, then be sure to stop at Mound Grove Golf Course to play a few rounds of golf. Sprague Farm and Brew Works, Presque Isle Wine Cellars, and South Shore Wine Company are the best places to stop to stock up on some drinks on this journey. When the late spring starts to come to a close, it’s time to head northwest!

Summer in the Lower 48


Once summer begins, head northwest towards northern Wisconsin. Late May and early June is the perfect time to visit Forgotten Fire Winery and Brewery (on the weekends, this host offers live music in the summer!) near Lake Michigan. Heading more inland, there’s Bass Lake Country Club with a well-manicured green for your pleasure. For a trip back through history, stop by the Northwoods Petroleum Museum to view their collections. Please note, the museum has with no camping fees, so please make a donation in exchange for a night’s stay. 

Once summer is in full swing, travelers should technically continue northwest along the northern states for the month of June to continue the streak of warm weather. Members can golf their way through northern Minnesota with over ten golf courses in the area. Crossing the entire state of Minnesota, members can end with Grapemill Vineyard and Winery. Harvest Hosts has four Host locations dotted along I-94 as you cross the state of North Dakota, including the Fargo Air Museum

Once travelers hit Montana, they must stay as north as possible across the state and begin heading south towards Wyoming after hitting the Kootenai National Forest. Keeping to this route, visitors can check out the Beaver Creek Brewery and Restaurant, Wolf Point Area Museum, and potentially eight golf courses to visit, along with Glacier National Park. Avid golfers will love putting their way through Montana. In Wyoming, head southeast to round out the trip in Colorado. Along the way, travel down U.S.191 and pass Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. After visiting these gorgeous parks, keep heading down 191 to Jackson Hole Still Works brewery, Museum of the Mountain Man, and Rendezvous Meadows Golf Course. From here, connect with I-70 to head east until reaching U.S.130, and then start heading towards Colorado.


The end of June and the entire months of July-September can be spent trekking around Colorado. The high altitude of the Rocky Mountains make for the perfect 70 degrees weather during the typically unbearable summer months. The journey in Colorado can begin in Leadville at the Mount Massive Golf Course and head over to Mad Jack’s Mountain Brewery in Bailey. Members can also swing by Shining Mountain Golf Course in Woodland Park for gorgeous weather. July and August are the best times to visit Rocky Mountain National Park to stay in tune with our weather trip. In September, Durango and Colorado Springs cool down, so the Host locations there are up for grabs at that point. Mesa Verde and Great Sand Dunes National Park are ideal to visit in September. 

Summer in Alaska

Travelers that are feeling ambitious or want to check off a few more national parks from their list can trek up to Alaska if they have a passport. Believe it or not, we have some excellent Harvest Host locations there! If members take this route, the majority of June will be spent travelling through Canada and reaching Alaska to stay for the month of July. Travelers can liberally plan their route through Canada with over 100 hosts to choose from, depending on their preferences. Kenai and Anchorage maintain weather in the 60’s during the summer months, so we recommend heading up to Fairbanks to stay true to the 70 degrees weather chase. Fairbanks has two Harvest Host locations: Fairbanks Community Garden and The Big M Farm, and both are the perfect places to stock up on produce before hitting the road again. 


When fall is encroaching, Colorado starts to become too cold. Our first fall stop will be in central Nebraska in early October. Coincidentally, this is where the majority of our Hosts are located in this state. Members have a wide variety of options here, including wineries, breweries, golf, museums, and even an indoor family fun center. 

In mid-October, you can start heading south through Kansas. Hugging the eastern border of the state allows you to take advantage of many of our Host locations, including several farms. For the next two weeks, enjoy exploring Kansas in the fall, and be on the lookout for any fall festivals like the annual one at A&H Farms.

Travelers can start making their way southwest as the weather begins to cool down. Members staying in southern New Mexico can check out our other post about staying there. Did you know that New Mexico has a longer history of producing wine than California? Southern New Mexico is dotted with wineries that are included in the Harvest Host membership. D.H. Lescombes Winery has an excellent variety of wines. Farther south are the Mesa Vista Winery, La Vina Winery, and Antigua Winery for when the chilly weather hits. 


Travelling full time can be an experience of a lifetime, but weather can make this hard to maintain. Inclement or extreme weather make things even more difficult, and costly. With this handy guide, you can dodge the snow and scorching temperatures for an entire year. But why stop there? Anyone can map out their own adventure with Harvest Hosts handy Host search. Make sure you check there when planning your next excursion.

Which hosts in this guide have you already visited? Which ones are you adding to your list? Tell us about it in the comments!

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