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Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership program with a large network of available hosts. So far, 5169+ locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RVing community. Through this program, members receive overnight accommodations with no camping fees in peaceful and serene places across North America. In return, members are asked to make a purchase to patronize the small business that hosts them. Of these Hosts, Armadillo Ale Works is rather unique. Here you can learn all about the brewery’s history, its origins within the Harvest Hosts community, and what future visitors can expect to experience.

 The History 

Nearly a decade ago, Bobby Mullins, Armadillo Ale Works’ head brewer, began brewing beers at home. He went on to perfect many of the Armadillo Ale Works recipes in his parents’ garage from 2010 to 2013, all the while sampling them to friends around the Denton area. It was during this time that Bobby and his friend Yianni Arestis won a grant through the Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of North Texas. They then ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. This then gave them the ability to begin fundraising and producing small batch sodas for distribution throughout Denton. 

After months of handcrafting sodas in the basement kitchen of Andy’s Bar in downtown Denton, Bobby and Yianni were given the opportunity to produce their beers at Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas. While brewing there, they went on to win the prestigious Gold Medal for Quakertown Stout in the Imperial Stout category at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival. Then, from 2014 to 2018, Armadillo Ale Works worked on securing and completing the construction process for a taproom and brewery of their own. After two years of construction and almost a decade of hard work and resilience, Armadillo Ale Works finally opened its doors on June 1, 2018, and the rest is history.

The Business Today

Today, Armadillo Ale Works continues to operate as a successful brewery and taproom in the heart of Denton, Texas. The brewers craft every drop of Armadillo Ale Works beer on-site. All brews are then housed in an old railway grain warehouse constructed in the early 1900s. Their taproom and coffee shop offer an enormous spectrum of creations in a relaxed environment with an indoor beer garden vibe.

In addition to their normal taproom offerings, they host a plethora of special beer releases, rare tappings, live music, and all around fun brewery events. They also host various community events and even offer rentals for private parties. If you are unable to make it to the taproom and brewery, you can also find their brews at fine craft beer establishments all over North Texas, East Texas and Central Texas.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Armadillo Ale Works began hosting RVs for Harvest Hosts in June 2020. Now, the bartenders and baristas become excited whenever they see an RV pull in . They love getting to meet people from all over the US and talking to the campers. They especially love teaching visitors all about their beer and what they do. Their taproom location is located right next to train tracks, so it can get a bit loud during the day. If you’re a light sleeper, they recommend bringing some earplugs to drown out the trains. They are also located within walking distance of the Denton town square. In Denton, it’s totally legal to grab a beer and drink it on your walk there!

Armadillo Ale Works is an awesome example of the incredible locations that Harvest Hosts members have the opportunity to visit. Be sure to check them out next time you find yourself in Northern Texas.

Have you ever visited Armadillo Ale Works? How was your experience? Is there another host you would like to recommend for feature? Feel free to share about it in the comments below?

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