All About Class A Motorhomes

Motorhomes are a quintessential part of RVing.  Class A motorhomes can be an excellent investment and fit the needs of some RVers perfectly. Have you seen a Class A at a Harvest Hosts location or campground and wondered about its features? If you’re interested in learning more about these motorhomes, then get comfortable with your favorite drink, and let’s dive in!

Distinguishing features of Class A motorhomes:

  • They are larger and sit higher off the ground compared to Class C motorhomes.
  • They have Automatic leveling, ample storage space, enclosed pipes, and higher clearance.
  • They have a considerable towing capacity, making it possible to bring along additional vehicles or toys.
  • Floor plans vary, with some models offering additional rooms and sleeping areas.
  • Class A motorhomes typically have a dedicated bathroom with a shower, sinks, and a toilet.
  • The kitchen layouts provide ample counter space and various appliances.
  • Class A motorhomes offer comfortable living areas and plenty of storage options.
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Class A vs Class C

While both Class As and Class Cs are part of the motorhome subcategory of RVs,  there are major differences between the two. Let’s break it down. 

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Class As are some of the most spacious RVs out there. They typically range from thirty to forty-five feet in length and often feature numerous slide-outs. They also sit significantly higher off the ground than any other RV, with some even towering over semi trucks. Many RVers with Class As view this as a safety advantage while camping remotely or while away from their RV because the door isn’t easily accessed without the steps. 

Class Cs are usually built on a smaller truck chassis and thus are smaller in size. They range from twenty-four to thirty-two feet on average and usually have a few slideouts as well. Because they are built on a smaller chassis, they are also much shorter than Class As.

Main Features and Advantages

Class A motorhomes are some of the most spacious styles of RVs. There are also many additional features that make them the perfect option for many travelers. See below for a breakdown of their most popular features.


Most Class As are packed with features that many other types of RVs could only dream about such as RV electric levelers. These can include automatic leveling and more outdoor storage, which also tends to be taller and more spacious because of the overall height of the RV. Many of the pipes are also enclosed in the storage areas of the RV, meaning that there are reduced chances of damage to them while driving and reduced chances of them freezing if the temperatures dip low. The higher clearance can also be a little safer on the road, as far as dangerous obstacles are concerned. 

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Access on Travel Days

All drivable RVs have the advantage of being fully accessible on travel days, which means that it’s incredibly easy to pull over to use the bathroom, grab something to eat, or access your belongings. Even with the slides in, Class As are easy to navigate on travel days, which includes access to the bathroom and the fridge. Most pets are also more comfortable riding in their home-on-wheels versus being confined to a carrier in the tow vehicle, as is the case with towable RVs. 

Towing and Driving

Both diesel and gas-powered Class As feature a considerable towing capacity. Whether you want to bring along your Jeep or truck, tow a trailer of toys, or even tow a small boat, your Class A will have you covered. This will allow you to expand your options of camping and vacation destinations. While some RVers find driving a larger rig can be daunting, many Class A owners become comfortable in no time. Others find the overhang of Class C RVs to be distracting while driving and limit their vision. 

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Floor Plans

The floor plans of Class As vary greatly between makes and models, with some even having a third room. Research numerous companies to find one that suits your needs best! 

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Many Class As are equipped with not only a primary bed but also additional sleeping areas. They also often a feature couches and dinettes that convert into additional beds. They can often sleep a large number of people, making this an ideal RV for families or groups. 

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Most RV owners prefer to have an actual bathroom, versus a wet bath, which features a toilet situated in the shower, making for a cramped experience. Most Class As are equipped with at least one shower, multiple sinks, and at least one toilet. 

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Living Areas

Class A kitchen layouts can be pretty spacious, with hidden features to create more counter space. They may have a pull-out cutting board or hinged countertop extension, to make for even more cooking space. These models of RV usually also offer a microwave, an oven and stove combination, a kitchen sink, and a fridge. While they may not offer as much counter space as one has at home, they tend to have more counter space than other types of RVs. Be sure to tour several models of Class As to find one that works best for you and your cooking habits.

A class A living room will typically include a dinette and several places to lounge, besides the captain chairs. These motorhomes are also notorious for their hidden storage areas and extra cabinets, meaning that between the outside storage bays and the interior cabinets, you should be able to pack everything you need and then some!

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Class A motorhomes are an iconic RV choice. While they may not be for everyone, they can be the perfect RV for many folks. If you’re considering purchasing this type of motorhome, consider renting one first or touring them on the showroom floor. Every make and model is different, so there are tons of options that are sure to suit your needs. These spacious RVs are appealing to many and it’s easy to see why! 

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If you own a motorhome Class A, what’s your favorite thing about it? Would you ever own a Class A? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. Tony Knight
    3rd December, 2022

    We have very much enjoyed our class A, 35’ (her name is Pequod) lol,
    I suppose my only con is on the road maintenance, if you pull into a chevy or ford dealership, on a class C they pop open the hood and things look familiar, not so much on my gas rig, other than that their both great platforms.

    Report This

  2. Elizabeth Price
    20th March, 2022

    We have had our RV class A 38 ft for 3 years now. My husband is confined to a wheelchair so we had it converted to wheelchair life. And he has to have a special recliner. It is a 2005 and we love it. We wouldn’t be able to travel without it 💗💗💗

    Report This

  3. Tev Brannan
    4th February, 2022

    Our first RV was a class C, Winnebago Aspect. It was great but it soon became clear it was too small for us so we went to a class A DP Itasca Ellipse. It has everything we could ever want and more! It’s easy to drive and very maneuverable when parking. The 60degree wheel cut is amazing for that! It’s comfortable to live in for long periods of time. Almost like a small apartment. Although we can’t go in all parks due to it’s size we have found those we like and go there more often. A wise person told me when we first started looking for an RV, get what size you can afford or you’ll be looking for another very soon. She was right! I can’t imagine going to anything smaller for us.

    Report This

  4. Tim Smith
    3rd February, 2022

    We’ve had all types of RVs over several decades. But the last 7 years we’ve been full time in a 40 foot Class A diesel motorhome. We love it. It has all we need in the living space above and the storage below. It’s comfortable to travel in and easy to come, go, and park at most RV parks.

    Report This

  5. John Templeton
    3rd February, 2022

    Great article on the Class A and C. I have a class A like the one pictured above. I feel very safe in it parked and driving it. I have found before I bought this that older Motorhomes are built better and cheaper in price than a newer class A or C. The inside is amazing in amenities furniture and appliances. For one person it is my Condo.

    Report This

  6. jow
    3rd February, 2022

    class As rock, I would never drive anything else. just like the actor John Schneider said, vacation begins in the driveway. go Winnebago.

    Report This

  7. Brian
    3rd February, 2022

    I love my class because it is easy to back into camp sites. I’m not good at backing up a trailer so a motor home was a good fit for me. I agree about pets too. Our dogs love riding along in the RV. Sleeping on the couch as we cruise along.

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  8. Katharine
    3rd February, 2022

    Sam, thank you for your article!

    I have a 26 foot Class-A Winnebago Brave. There are some options in the smaller side of this category that are great for easy getaways.

    Thank you again for the great content. It’s a nice perk of membership.

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  9. Barry
    3rd February, 2022

    I have had both a class A and a class C motorhome. I don’t think the writer gave a very good comparison between the two and missed many of the good and bad points of each. Picking between a class C and a class A depends on your purpose for the motorhome. Both have great features and both have drawbacks. I went from a class A to a class C because a class A did not fit my needs.

    Report This

  10. Brian M
    3rd February, 2022

    And then, there’s also class B’s! From what I have heard, the fastest growing segment of the RV market these day.

    Rather expensive on a “per square foot basis, and tight for space if you are a larger person, but they offer a lot of advantages.

    We downsized from a 31ft trailer and diesel truck three years ago to a “B” and it has worked well for us. Not for everyone of course and best for solo or couples RV’ing.

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