Ally’s RV Remodel

Take a journey through some amazing before and after pictures of Ally’s RV Remodel. Her RV Remodel will blow you away!


Livingroom by Ally Paz


A beautiful transformation of the Livingroom from a simple and old style set-up and wallpaper to a gorgeously renovated hardwood floor living room with a large sofa, new countertops and a complete color splash!


Dining Room by Ally Paz


Moving into the Dining room, the space has been transformed in a way where the space seems much larger than before or what it actually is making it more relaxing and appealing to guests.


Bedroom by Ally Paz


The bedroom received a complete makeover as well with new, well…  EVERYTHING! A more inviting place to spend your nights, this room looks wonderful and cozy!


Bathroom by Ally Paz


Last but not least, the bathroom! With a more inviting presence and bright colored door, the bathroom “pops!” while providing an elegant look with the dual color sink and hardwood floor.


We hope you enjoyed Ally’s RV Remodel!


Check out more of Ally’s Remodel and RV Lifestyle on her Instagram Page Here: @ally__paz


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  1. Sam Leash
    20th September, 2021

    Hey Nidhi, estimates really depend on the type of RV you buy, the amount of work it needs, how much you are goin to have done versus how much you are willing to do yourself, and so much more. Many folks remodel for $1k or less, while others spend upwards of $30k. There are many factors at play. Hope this helps!

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  2. Nidhi Goel
    3rd August, 2021

    I am just beginning my search and and looking into buying a junk RV and converting into tiny homes. Looking for tips and cost estimates. Any help is really appreciated

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