August News Roundup: Is the Perfect Steak That Easy?

Be a Leaf Peeper This Fall

If you haven’t taken a fall road trip to enjoy the fall foliage, you’re missing out. The stunning visual feast of crimson, gold, and orange is like visiting an open-air art exhibit. 

All of New England is famous for fall colors. Or you can head north to the Canadian Rockies in Alberta where golden larch trees change color and shed their needles in the fall. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a top U.S. destination for leaf peepers on the North Carolina/Tennessee border. With milder weather and fewer crowds, fall is the ideal time to visit this area. It’s also prime time to view elk, deer, black bears, and a variety of bird species.

Explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park here.

The peak of the fall foliage season in the Northern Hemisphere is usually from late September to mid-October. It depends on the climate and region. Check out a foliage tracker to help time your trip.


Take the Chill Off with RV Space Heaters

One of our favorite things about fall RV trips is crisp, cool weather. Even so, sometimes you need to take the chill off. It’s a great time to pull out a space heater.

Compact and mighty, these little powerhouses work like magic to create a cozy environment inside your RV. With their rapid-heating technology, you’ll feel the chill melt away in no time. 

But that’s not all! 

Modern space heaters are savvy energy-savers, ensuring you stay snug without draining your RV’s power supply. Safety is their middle name too, with features that’ll put your mind at ease even if you need to run one all night. 

Explore the top five electric RV space heaters here. Get ready for your next cool-weather road trip.


RV Interiors: Trends for 2024

The RV life is all about embracing the great outdoors. But what about the home away from home that travels with us? RV enthusiasts want more interior space where they can relax without feeling crowded. 

Manufacturers are listening and you’ll see more options in 2024 for things like theater seating, stowaway tables, and adjustable beds. Watch for luxurious finishes like mixed metals, residential appliances, and high-end bedding.

For Entegra Coach, 2024 is all about Modern Farmhouse. Step inside one of their new motorhomes, and it feels like you’ve just put on a warm, cozy sweater. Other manufacturers this year are creating interiors with warm, earthy vibes too. 

We’re waiting in anticipation to see what RV showrooms will hold for 2024! In the meantime, check out Entegra’s 2024 Emblem here.


How Do You Cook Your Steak?

What do you do when you’re on a road trip and crave a perfectly grilled steak? You could head to the nearest steakhouse, but what if you’re miles away from civilization? 

Say hello to the latest and coolest trend on the road—outdoor ovens and griddles! These nifty kitchen companions remove all the limits. 

Yes, you can grill a steak on a griddle! Typically known for their flat, smooth surface, griddles can provide a great sear and cook your steak to perfection. 

Outdoor ovens, including wood pizza ovens, are fantastic multi-taskers. Not only do they bake—they can grill up a steak that will make your mouth water. Look for an outdoor oven that features a separate compartment or heating element specifically for grilling 

Learn more about on-the-road steak cuisine here.


News: Big Summer Giveaway

As the sun sets on another fantastic camping season, Harvest Hosts is thrilled to announce our biggest event of the year – the third annual BIG Summer Giveaway! 

We can’t wait to make this season even more memorable by sharing some of our all-time favorite camping gear and apps with our beloved community. We’re especially excited to give away a One Year All-Access pass to Harvest Host!

With so many fantastic prizes on offer, we’ve decided to split the giveaways into three action-packed weeks of excitement. Get ready to participate in the ultimate RV giveaway with Week 1: The Get Out of the RV Package.

Enter to win here!


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