CampScanner: A Lifesaver for My Moab Camping Adventure

My heart was set on embarking on an unforgettable camping trip to Moab, Utah. The mesmerizing red rock landscapes, the adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, and the opportunity to connect with nature were calling out to me. Little did I know that my dream camping adventure would hit a major roadblock – all the campgrounds were completely sold-out.

As I began my research, I quickly realized that finding a campsite reservation in Moab was next to impossible because campgrounds typically sell out months in advance. That’s when a dear friend recommended CampScanner, assuring me that it could help me find a campsite that suits my needs.

With a glimmer of hope, I logged onto CampScanner’s website. The interface was user-friendly and gave me plenty of filtering options, like ADA-accessible campgrounds, tent or RV camping, and flexible date filters. 

Moab has an abundance of campgrounds, and thanks to CampScanner, I was able to explore them all effortlessly. I started my scan by selecting a few campgrounds known for their stunning views and proximity to popular hiking trails and outdoor attractions.

One campground checked all the boxes: the Arches Campground. It has breathtaking views of Delicate Arch and boasting modern facilities such as clean restrooms, showers, and even electricity hookups. 

A few days later, I got a text that a reservation opened up at Arches Campground. I couldn’t believe it! Without wasting a moment, I clicked on the reservation link and secured my spot through 

When the day finally arrived, I journeyed to Moab with enthusiasm in my heart, knowing that my camping adventure had been made possible by CampScanner. As I set up my tent, surrounded by the majestic red rock formations and a stunning sunset, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the platform that saved my camping trip.

I discovered hidden trails, swam in crystal-clear creeks, and marveled at the starry night sky—all while knowing I had a comfortable campsite waiting for me at the end of each day.

CampScanner not only saved my camping trip but also made it unforgettable. It turned what could have been a letdown into a delightful adventure.

I am forever grateful to CampScanner for helping me find the perfect campsite reservation in Moab. If you’re planning a camping trip, don’t leave it to chance—let CampScanner be your guiding light. It will transform your camping adventure into a remarkable experience, just as it did for me.

Start your first scan for open camping reservations by joining CampScanner today.

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