Connecting with Travelers: A Heartwarming Conversation with Boondockers Welcome Hosts


In this episode of the Roads and Stays audio magazine, we spoke with Ken and Anne Davis, Boondockers Welcome Hosts who have opened their doors and hearts to travelers from all over the world. While we’ve previously spoken to full-time travelers and RV enthusiasts, today, we get a unique perspective from those who host RVers.


Meet Ken and Ann

Ken and Anne Davis became Boondockers Welcome Hosts in 2017 and have since hosted an impressive 241 guests. Their journey into hosting began after years of experience in the medical field. Ken embarked on a nursing career at the age of 54, while Anne had been a nurse since 1975.


Transitioning from their medical careers, Ken and Anne embraced retirement in 2014 and embarked on a new adventure—traveling across North America in their RV for five to six months each year. During winters in Georgia, they opened their property to fellow travelers, sharing their passion for the open road.


Favorite Travel Destinations

When asked about their favorite travel destinations, Ken and Anne had difficulty choosing just one. However, two places stood out above the rest. First is the awe-inspiring Yellowstone Plateau region, encompassing Yellowstone, Moab, Angels Landing, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. The stunning landscapes and unique natural beauty of this area captivated their hearts.


The second cherished destination for Ken and Anne is the Maritimes in Canada, including Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. They found the warm hospitality of the people and rich culture in this region unforgettable.


Becoming Boondockers Welcome Hosts

Their journey into hosting with Boondockers Welcome began when they were planning a trip to witness a solar eclipse seven years ago. Traditional campgrounds were charging exorbitant fees due to the eclipse, prompting Ken to search for alternative options. He stumbled upon Boondockers Welcome and was immediately intrigued.


Their first hosting experience happened serendipitously. They met a couple in Blackfoot, Idaho, who were experienced Boondockers Welcome hosts. The couple welcomed Ken and Anne with open arms, sparking an incredible friendship.


One Remarkable Boondockers Welcome Stay

Ken and Anne shared a particularly moving experience that they had as Boondockers Welcome members. They booked a stay with a Host who’s wife was in hospice care, and he found solace in interacting with Ken and Anne, even during the most difficult moments.


He explained to them that talking to them allowed him to momentarily forget the overwhelming situation he was facing. He appreciated their presence as a source of comfort and strength. This poignant encounter highlighted the profound connections that can be forged through Boondockers Welcome.


The Joy of Hosting

Ken and Anne find immense joy in hosting and meeting people from around the world. They believe that sharing their love for travel and creating a sense of community among travelers is the most rewarding aspect of being hosts. They emphasize the importance of trying hosting for oneself and setting personal rules to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Ken and Anne Davis embody the spirit of Boondockers Welcome, where hosting becomes an opportunity to connect with fellow travelers and make lasting friendships. Their story reminds us that hospitality can offer solace, joy, and a sense of belonging to those on the road. Whether you’re considering becoming a Host or a traveler, their story serves as an inspiring example of the remarkable connections that can be formed through the world of RV travel.

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