Coronavirus: Don’t panic, be prudent.

Hello Harvest Hosts Members + RV Friends,

Yes…we know the last thing you want is another post about the coronavirus. We wish we didn’t even have to post it because there are at least 5,768 other topics we would love to chat with you about. But, here we are as a collective nation and we want to touch base with some practical tips and thoughts for you.

First, and foremost, if you or any of your family has been affected by the virus, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Whether it is physical health or financial repercussions, we know that this can have a trickle-down effect.  Everyone stay safe and follow the guidelines for your local area.

Secondly, some Hosts may be closed or partially closed due to their local COVID-19 policies, so please be sure to call ahead. Even if you have a reservation, please call prior to arrival as things are changing daily.  If you know of any Hosts that are not accepting members, please let us know and we can update their listing.

One of our main goals at Harvest Hosts is to endorse and encourage small business. It is even more important to support small businesses at this time as it is our belief that they will be among the hardest hit.  We know our Hosts will GREATLY appreciate your patronage. Even if you are not able to stay, join their wine club, buy some gift certificates online, sign up for their newsletters.  These are all great local businesses that really  need your help right now.

The team at Harvest Hosts works remotely so we will handle business as usual. We are here for you!

~ The Harvest Hosts Team


Tips and Tricks in a Corona Virus World

  • Peroxide is a great substitute for hand sanitizer and cleaner. The CDC says it is highly effective against fungi, yeasts, bacteria, virus, and spores.  You can buy it in spray bottles or make your own.
  • Check restaurant and custodial supply companies for toilet paper, cleaners, and paper towels.  You might have to buy in bulk but at least you will be covered for a long while.
  • Check on your friends and family.  Do you know someone who is older or immune-compromised (even a neighbor at your campground) that you can run errands for or make a grocery run?
  • Turn off the news and set parameters around the amount of time you are listening to the media.  We promise you will be calmer without it!
  • Go old school. Put together a puzzle.  Play a game.  Play cards.  Write a letter to a friend.
  • Listen to an audiobook (Do you have the Libby app? They are FREE with a library card!).  Send a note of encouragement to someone who needs it. Get online and make a digital photo album.
  • Bake bread.  Make cookies. Try a new recipe.  And…if you can’t find meat, here is a great zucchini lasagna to try!
  • Get outside and take a hike.  Literally.  Visit nature and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Take an online tour with Google Arts and Culture or the Smithsonian.
  • You know that thing you have put off doing?  Go do that!  🙂


Additional COVD 19 Links

State by State Park Closures list by Campendium

National Park Service to Temporarily Suspend Park Entrance Fees 

Boondockers Welcome did a GREAT post on this!  

List of Banks Offering Relief for those Affected by Corona Virus

Cleveland Clinic FAQ’s

CDC Corona Virus Home Page

NPR’s Article on Flattening the curve

Mortgage Relief Guide from Bank Rate

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  1. Kerry Smith
    5th August, 2023

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  2. Sam Leash
    19th May, 2020

    This is such a great idea, Melissa! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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  3. Lisa Manning
    30th March, 2020

    You are so welcome! 🙂

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  4. donna rodriguez
    24th March, 2020

    Thank you Lisa for all the great suggestions much appreciated, take care. 🌞

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  5. donna rodriguez
    24th March, 2020

    Thank you Lisa for all the great suggestions much appreciated, take care. 🌞

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  6. Melissa Rathweg
    23rd March, 2020

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