CP Farms: Tranquil, Serene, & Aromatic

Within the Harvest Hosts program, there are 5174+. These are located across forty-eight of the lower contiguous US states, Alaska, Canada and Mexico. Harvest Hosts locations include stops at wineries, farms, breweries, distilleries, museums, and more, with the addition of golf courses and country clubs with the golf membership upgrade. In Paso Robles, California, we can find the beautiful CP Farms. This stunning Harvest Hosts location sells a variety of unique products throughout the year. Continue on to learn all about its history, business, and designation as a Harvest Hosts location.

History of CP Farms

Located along the beautiful central coast of California, this family-owned establishment primarily produces both olives and lavender. Its history began with the purchase of an undeveloped plot of land in 2007. In 2009, Lisa and Jim began growing two types of olives: Koroneiki and Arbequina. Their first harvest was in 2013, and by 2014, their olive oils were already beginning to win awards. Then, in 2018, they won two additional silver medal awards for their Estate Grown Koroneiki EVOO and their Estate Grown Arbequina EVOO. Later on, the Arbequina olive oil also won a gold medal at the Paso Robles Olive Festival Competition.

In 2009, the owners also began to grow the Provence culinary variety of lavender. This variety of lavender is ideal for use in culinary dishes, either in its whole or ground form. They harvest their lavender each June and dried or used to produce pure lavender oil. Since beginning their operation and perfecting their recipes, the owners have become incredibly passionate about their products and will gladly educate guests on their benefits.

About CP Farms

Did you know that olive oil consumption can lead to a younger and healthier brain? Experts believe that daily consumption of two to three tablespoons of olive oil per day can lead to improved health through leveling of blood lipids and lowering of blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin, oxidation, and inflammation.  This heart-healthy oil is considered to have the most health benefits, while also being one of the best fats for your heart and vital organs. All of these facts are typically learned by guests who visit CP Farms.

The owners of CP Farms are very committed to the purity and integrity of their products. Both their olive oils and lavender products are completely pesticide free and are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Their olives are milled within hours of harvesting, and they have had their own FDA-approved bottling facility since 2015. The lavender oil and lavender hydrosol are also both distilled on site, using rain water and a steam process. Their lavender oil can be used for both pain and skin care, while the lavender hydrosol is excellent for cleaning purposes.

In addition to olive oil and lavender production, CP Farms also produces a variety of essential oils, healing products and raw honey from their hives. These include pure oregano oil, which has excellent healing properties, and several CBD-infused products. They also create a variety of lotions and creams with a mix of frankincense, myrrh, peppermint, cedar, and rosemary essential oils.

On site, there is a tasting room with both tours and tastings available to guests. For both Lisa and Jim, the best part of running their business is meeting customers and working with their hands in nature.

Joining Harvest Hosts

CP Farms joined the Harvest Hosts program in March 2019, just over a year ago. Since then, they have truly enjoyed meeting RVers from all over the globe and hearing their stories. In addition to their on-site gift shop and tasting room, there is also a deck/picnic area for visitors to enjoy, with gorgeous views of the surrounding hills and lavender fields. They offer guests water, electricity, and WiFi, making this an exceptionally accommodating stay for Harvest Hosts members. They have two spaces available for RVs of twenty-nine feet or less, and pets are permitted. 

Farm visitors mention their hospitality and the overall beauty of the property. Nick the friendly farm cat is also a hit with the guests. The town of Paso Robles and Lake Nacimiento are both nearby, making this a perfect stop for those wanting to explore the area. The owners also recommend stargazing in the evening, as the skies are fairly dark and make for excellent viewing opportunities. 

CP Farms is a prime example of the excellent and unique Harvest Hosts locations available. Harvest Hosts members traveling up the California coast should definitely stop here to experience this incredible place for themselves. If you are unable to visit in the near future, consider purchasing some of the company’s excellent products through their website. Not a Harvest Hosts member? Sign up today to enjoy CP Farms and other scenic and extraordinary locations.

Have you visited CP Farms? How was your experience? Is there another host you would recommend for a feature? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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  1. Sam Leash
    13th October, 2020

    SO glad yo hear you enjoyed your stay! 🙂

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  2. Dwan
    6th October, 2020

    Just spent some time at CP Farms. Ryan was a great host. Very peaceful and beautiful. The olive oil and lavender products are amazing. Thx CP Farms.

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