Creating an Outdoor Living Area in your Campsite

Traveling in an RV, whether full-time or part-time, is an experience like no other. Being able to take an entire apartment on wheels along with you to every location is unforgettable, and for many, this is a favorite way to travel. Some people remodel or modify their RV interiors to better fit their needs and personalities, while others also enjoy setting up an outdoor living area, as well. Creating an outdoor living space can contribute to the feeling of having more space to enjoy, and it also gives you somewhere comfy to experience the outdoors. Many people purchase and travel in RVs as a means to spend more time outside, so this is especially convenient. Be sure to utilize the following tips for setting up an outdoor space outside your RV.

1. Start with some comfy camp chairs

When sitting outside, it is a given that you will need somewhere to sit, so chairs are a great place to start. If your chairs are especially comfy, you are more likely to spend more time relaxing in them. Instead of going for standard camp chairs, consider upgrading. There are many excellent options, including those with extra padding, foot rests, sun shades, and more. Spend some time shopping around before making your final decision.

2. Add a table or two

You likely have a table inside your RV, and, for many, this can double as both somewhere to eat and somewhere to work. However, adding a table to the exterior of your RV can give you additional places to eat, work, or complete projects. There are many types of outdoor tables that can fold up for easy storage while traveling. Certain banquet tables can fold up small, and there are a number of camp tables that can be collapsed into a small carrying bag. You can also easily add cute tablecloths to any of these with tablecloth clips to hold it in place. If you are in a more stationary location and are looking for more aesthetically-pleasing options, there are a number of cute outdoor tables that can be found online or in department stores. Just be sure to find a table that complements your chairs!

3. Install some outdoor lighting

Outdoor spaces don’t have to be for daytime use only. Adding exterior lighting makes it much easier to enjoy your space at all times of day. You can add some lanterns for additional light or string some globe lighting from your awning. You can even place a few citronella candles on your tabletops for both lighting and insect repellent properties. There are all sorts of options available at garden centers or anywhere that sells patio furniture. Some options are even low power using for those who spend time off-grid.

4. Hang a wreath

The most classic way to make your outdoor RV space feel like home is to hang a wreath. Suction cup hooks work best for RV doors, since over-the-door hooks are not an option. Simply adhere the suction cup to the door and hang your wreath. There are a number of options available if you want to swap the wreath out depending on the season. Just be sure to take everything down once you go to hit the road again.

5. Don’t forget your doormat

For both functionality and aesthetics, a doormat is a great addition to your outdoor living area. Many people spending time outside will end up with dirty shoes that are likely unwanted in the living area. A doormat should help to remind everyone who enters to wipe their shoes off before coming inside. There are a number of awesome options, including mats with cute sayings and even ones that are a bit tougher in material. Be sure to find one that fits nicely in an outdoor bay for storage in between destinations.

6. Add some decorations (rug, plants, flag, etc)

Lastly, you’ll want to add some cute decorations to really showcase your personality. This could be a variety of outdoor potted plants, a flag pole with your favorite flag, a large outdoor area rug, or any other number of lawn ornaments. If you don’t move your RV often, you will likely have more options than those who move frequently or only spend a short amount of time in each destination. Just be sure to safely stow all your decorations away whenever you are traveling to a new location.

Decorating an outdoor space can really help to expand the number of areas you have to hang out and relax. Besides, many people take their RVs out with the goal of spending more time outdoors, so what better way to do so than to enjoy the space just right outside your front door? These suggestions are a great place to start, but there are many other possibilities. Be creative and do whatever works best for you and your set-up, and don’t forget to share your handiwork with us!

Do you set up an outdoor space outside your RV? What do you like to use to decorate the area? Is there anything we missed? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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    20th September, 2021

    Hi Stacey, I recommend contacting local co tractors for help with this issue.

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  2. stacey
    3rd July, 2021

    who do I need to contact if I need my RV travel trailer to be hook to the septic tank on property thats way out in the country. their is a well on the property too so I’m going to ask around to see who will handle that.

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