Decorating your RV for Christmas

For those who celebrate, Christmas is one of the most spectacular times of the year. Twinkly lights, colorful ribbons, evergreen trees, seasonal scents, and festive foods all combine to create a magical holiday image that people look forward to all year long. For many, the true magic of the holiday is found in decorating their homes and enjoying these decorations all season long. 

But for some, Christmas this year may take place in their RV instead of in a traditional home. This could include anyone vacationing in their RV over the holidays or those who travel full time. No matter who you are, you can still enjoy a perfect Christmas holiday in your RV. With some prior planning and adjustments for tiny living, you can easily find yourself decorating, baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, and doing all the other fun, festive activities associated with this holiday. Follow along for some fantastic ideas on how to decorate your rig for the Christmas holiday.

1. Decorate a small tree

One of the best parts of decorating for Christmas is the Christmas tree. Many people love to set up a full-size fresh or artificial tree in their traditional homes each year, complete with lights, ornaments, strings of cranberries, and more. Spending Christmas in your RV does not require that you forgo your Christmas tree tradition. You will simply need to make some adjustments for the size of your space. A small or mid-sized tree can be equally as beautiful and decorative in your RV. Be sure to choose a secure location for your tree, whether it be a tree stand, a basket, or some other sort of secure base. 

It may be easiest to wait until you are in one stationary location to set up your tree, as moving down the road with a Christmas tree can be fairly difficult. However, if you must travel with your tree, you will need to make sure your tree is in a secure location where it will not tip or roll. With these considerations in mind, you will surely be able to enjoy a Christmas tree in your RV space.

2. Add hanging decor

Any decorative items that hang are very small-home-friendly. This is because they don’t require any floor space but still add plenty of cheer. Consider hanging evergreen garland (fresh or artificial), string lights, cranberries, dried fruit garland, ribbons, or anything else festive from your slide-out trim or window frames. You can even wrap your garland in lights or purchase pre-lit garland if you prefer. String lights can also be added to various surfaces to brighten up the space. Any of these options are also very travel-friendly, as hanging items will typically stay in place in transit. Consider these festive ideas for decor that will liven up your space without making it feel too cramped or cluttered.

Pro-tip: Purchase battery-operated lights if you plan to boondock, as this will save your house battery storage for other purposes.

3. Make paper snowflakes

Do you remember making paper snowflakes as a kid? These are just as fun to make as an adult, and even more fun if you have children to make them with. Stock up on printer paper and make as many snowflakes as your heart desires. Then, tape them to your windows using double-sided tape. Try multiple sizes and display them in different patterns and arrangements before taping them down. 

This decorating hack allows you to enjoy the Christmas cheer from inside and outside your RV and can be enjoyed all winter long, even after the festivities are over. Be sure to leave the windshield and two front driver and passenger windows snowflake-free for maximum visibility and safety.

4. Add small items throughout

Your RV may already be decorated with various items of choice, and, in some cases, these items can be swapped out for holiday items. For instance, you can purchase some Christmas-themed throw pillow covers to cover any throw pillows you already have displayed on your bed or furniture. In addition, any hand soaps or candles can be switched out for seasonal, holiday scents, and . Likewise, any small decorative items you enjoy can be placed on tabletops or open counter spaces.  This could include any assortment of Santa figurines, Christmas villages, small Christmas trees, or anything other holiday items you can find. The more festive, the better!

5. Decorate outside

Finally, remember that RV Christmas decor does not have to be interior only. Once you are settled in your campsite, hang your favorite Christmas wreath from your front door using a suction cup hook. You can also add string lights to your awning, poinsettias by your front door, a holiday doormat, or even another small Christmas tree. This will brighten your spirits before you have even stepped foot inside your carefully-decorated RV. Passers-by will also likely appreciate the scene outside.

Christmas is a fantastic time of year for many people, and decorating makes it even more fun. Follow any of these tips for RV decorating cheer that your family is sure to enjoy this holiday season.

Do you like to decorate your RV for Christmas? What items do you enjoy displaying during the holiday season? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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