Diamond P GrassRoots Bison Ranch with Montana Max

We had a wonderful night at Diamond P GrassRoots Bison Ranch in McCammon, Idaho. Rob and Jenny, the owners, provided an amazing experience during our overnight stay at their ranch. Upon our arrival, Jenny warmly greeted us and took the time to chat and ensure we settled in comfortably. If you visit the ranch, be sure to book a tour to see the bison herd. It’s a truly unique experience to observe the bison up close while remaining safe. Jenny is incredibly knowledgeable and shares a wealth of information about the ranch and the American bison. We appreciated her openness in answering questions and her commitment to making everyone feel secure and at ease. Safety and education are always top priorities for Jenny and Rob.

The ranch store offers a wide range of bison-related merchandise, including shirts, stickers, hats, magnets, and more. One highlight is the hand-painted bison skulls, beautifully crafted by Jenny’s daughter. Additionally, they have a fully stocked freezer with bison meat available for purchase to take along on your journey.

The parking spaces at the ranch are gravel and level, with clear markings that can easily accommodate up to three campers. On the night we stayed, our Class A motorhome was parked alongside a Class B van and a truck with a travel trailer, and everyone felt perfectly comfortable. If you happen to hear snorting and footsteps in the middle of the night, don’t worry—it’s just the bison wishing you a peaceful night’s rest, as the pastures span the expansive 125-acre property. And to clarify, these majestic creatures are not loud, so you won’t miss a single wink of sleep.

If you’re traveling in the Idaho area, Diamond P GrassRoots Bison Ranch is a must-visit location within the Harvest Host network. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience and an education that will leave a lasting impression.


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