Ideas for Celebrating Easter in your RV

In spring of 2022, more families are hitting the road in an RV more than ever before. The flexibility of types of RVs, new and exciting locations, and the freedom to travel on a budget is making this lifestyle and vacation possibility much more accessible and desirable. One downfall of traveling frequently or even full-time is figuring out what to do for the holidays. After all, it’s easier to find local events or gather with friends and family when you’re in one location versus when you’re traveling on the road. Previously, we’ve covered how to prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner in your RV, how to decorate your RV for Christmas, and how to celebrate Christmas in the desert in your RV. It’s time to discuss how to celebrate Easter in your RV. This holiday can be tough to celebrate in a tinier space, but it’s entirely possible with some prior planning and preparation. 

Ideas include:

  • Egg coloring
  • Snacks for the Easter bunny
  • Coloring
  • Picnics
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Dinner with Neighbors or Virtual Dinner With Family
  • Find a Church Easter Service to Attend
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For Kids

Kids tend to enjoy celebrating the colorful and fun side of Easter, so it can be important to continue this aspect of the holiday in your RV. Here, we’ve compiled some fun ways to keep your Easter traditions with your children and inspire some new ones as well.

Easter egg hunt in a nearby park

No matter where you’re traveling, there will likely be others nearby that also enjoy celebrating Easter. Consider making some phone calls to local churches or perusing town websites to help you locate Easter activities near you, including beloved Easter egg hunts. It can also be fun to plan and execute your own egg hunt. Check with your campground or local park to see if you can rent a pavilion or use part of a grassy area to create your own Easter egg hunt.

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Make crafts

It’s no secret that many kids love being creative and getting their hands messy. For more Easter fun, consider giving your kiddos a creative outlet with crafts. This is especially helpful on rainy or cold days to help keep them entertained. Consider making egg candles or Easter suncatchers for your RV.

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Color eggs

Coloring or dyeing Easter eggs is a timeless tradition. This can be accomplished by boiling eggs, cooling them, and letting your kids paint or color the outside of the eggs. For older kids, there is an even more intricate way to decorate eggs by hollowing them out first. This allows the edible part of the eggs to still be prepared however you need them to be while also allowing the eggshells to stay good forever, instead of needing to be peeled and eaten.

Leave out snacks for the Easter Bunny

Similar to celebrating Christmas with Santa, some families leave out snacks for the Easter Bunny, as well. This can be a fun way to reassure your kids that the Easter Bunny will indeed find your RV and give them a basket of goodies. Snacks typically include any bunny snacks, like carrots, which is a nice break from needing to bake cookies at Christmastime.

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Color pictures to mail back to relatives

There are many black and white pages you can find online to print and color at different times of the year, as well. This is a great way to keep kids’ imaginations fresh without needing to purchase a coloring book. A great touch is to mail the colored pictures back to relatives. Consider giving one to your campground host or to a host at a Harvest Hosts location. Children’s drawings are always enjoyable for whoever receives them.

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Create fun and festive snacks

Creating themed snacks is another great outlet to help kids feel festive. Cute snacks like healthy bunny faces or peep bunny race cars are fun and delicious. Older kids can even get in the Easter spirit by helping to prepare these snacks. Cooking together is a great bonding activity that’s sure to be a fond memory for them.

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For the Whole Family

Cornhole, picnics, and other outdoor fun

Easter can be a religious celebration for some, but also helps to kick off the spring season. What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than by spending it outside? Consider decorating cornhole boards for Easter and spending the day on a picnic. 

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Feast with your neighbors

If you’re missing your annual Easter meal with family and friends, consider branching out on the road. If your loved ones can’t come to you directly, and vice versa, consider spending the day with new friends. Your neighbors in the campground you’re staying in may also be feeling lonely as well. You could even consider asking your host at your Harvest Hosts location if they’d like to do a potluck meal.

Virtual dinner with loved ones

Long distance families have been getting together virtually since long before the 2020 pandemic, but the pandemic made this form of celebration even more popular. While it may not feel like the same as your traditional dinner, virtual dinner can still bring everyone together and help ease the loneliness. Consider exchanging recipes so everyone can eat the same foods, or ordering in from a local restaurant such as Cracker Barrel, The Honey Baked Ham, or Bob Evans, in order to have the consistency of enjoying the same exact foods as your loved ones.

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Find a local church or group to celebrate with

For those who enjoy celebrating more of the religious side of Easter, consider finding a local church to attend their service. They may even have a meal afterwards to encourage a sense of community. Did you know that there are several church locations with Harvest Hosts? This can be a wonderful way to feel even more included while being able to bring your RV into the mix at the same time. 

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There are so many ways to celebrate Easter in your RV. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you’ll need to miss out on any of the festivities or traditions. Consider finding ways to incorporate your family’s traditions and even create new ones as well while out on the road. 

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How do you celebrate Easter in your RV? Have you ever celebrated it on the road? Tell us your stories and experiences in the comments below!

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