Enjoying Fitness on the Road

Exercising in your RV or on the road can be tricky. In an RV, your local gym is no longer available, and many home gyms are not portable. This leaves many wondering what they should do to stay in shape while on the road. It’s not always easy, but it is still possible to work on your fitness with a bit of creativity. There are plenty of exercises that can be done on the road or inside your RV. The key is to use what you have around you and make the most out of your surroundings. Keep reading to learn about some of the top ways that RVers stay in shape on the road.

  1. Use lighter or multi-purpose equipment
  2. Opt for a flexible gym membership
  3. Choose workouts that don’t require equipment
  4. Check out your surroundings for inspiration
  5. Stay at Harvest Hosts locations that have physical fitness activities

Use lighter or multi-purpose equipment.

Most RVers know that their RV is only meant to hold a certain amount of total weight. This includes water, black and grey tank contents, fuel, passengers, etc. Overloading your RV is dangerous and can result in extra strain on your tires, axles, brakes, transmission, and engine.  For this reason, many RVers choose to leave heavy exercise equipment at home. But not so fast! RVers don’t need to sacrifice too much in terms of workout gear. Plan to choose multi-purpose or lighter equipment to make the most out of what you’re carrying. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a revolutionary piece of equipment in terms of space, total weight, cost, and convenience. Even many homeowners opt out of a home gym because of the sheer amount of space it could take up. A good set of adjustable dumbbells should allow users to fluctuate between classic dumbbells with adjustable weights with a generous range. The dumbbells linked above ranges from 5.5  to thirty-three pounds for a single dumbbell. Each dumbbell can also convert into a kettlebell and/or a barbell. 

Jump Rope

A jump rope is a classic piece of exercise equipment that never goes out of style. It’s lightweight, can be stored almost anywhere, and provides excellent cardio opportunities. These can be purchased at sporting goods stores, big-box stores, discount stores, and online. The linked jump rope is a well-built jump rope called Crossrope. They advertise full-body workout jump ropes of varying weights that can be used with their app for ultimate results. 

Photo credit: 12 Minute Athlete

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a versatile way to get in an amazing workout. They are lightweight and easy to store. The ones with handles are great for working your shoulders and arms, while the smaller loop bands can work your leg muscles and glutes. The set linked above includes handled bands ranging from ten to fifty pounds. Bands can be combined with another handle to give resistance of up to 150 pounds. It also includes loop bands, a figure eight band, a hand grip strengthener, a carrying case, a fitness guide, and more.

Photo credit The New York Times

Mount Out Gear

The owners of Mount Out Gear (MOG) designed their product with travelers in mind. This incredible product mounts onto an existing hitch (think your tow vehicle or RV’s hitch!) that can provide you with an amazing, full-body workout utilizing resistance bands. MOG can also be set up at home with their home adapter. The total weight of this product is an impressive twenty-nine pounds and is made from fourteen-gauge steel tubing. 

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat or exercise mat is a comfortable, low-maintenance way to complete many workouts that don’t require equipment. Think pushups, planks, jumping jacks, etc. You’ll stay comfortable on a padded mat while still able to get your workout in. Most yoga mats can be used indoors or outdoors. The one linked above is an extra thick mat that comes with a carrying handle. Most mats can be rolled up to be stored in an outdoor storage compartment, under the couch, under the bed, or any other place with plenty of room. 

Photo credit: Times of India

Stand-Up Paddle Board

Stand-up paddle boarding, also called a SUP boarding, is a newly-popular water sport. It involves balancing on a board while in calm waters and paddling around while standing and remaining balanced. Simply standing on the board alone engages your core and burns calories. Paddling can be a full-body workout as well. The SUP board we linked includes helpful accessories such as a waterproof bag, a collapsible paddle, a hand pump, and a carrying case. 

Photo credit: Viator

Opt for a flexible gym membership.

Exercising while traveling doesn’t have to be a solitary activity, and many folks enjoy working out with others. Did you know that many popular gyms across North America allow members to access other locations? This can be a great value, especially for those that travel frequently. Below, we highlight some of the most popular and flexible fitness chains. 

LA Fitness

LA Fitness is an affordable and recognizable gym. They allow potential members to try out a free guest pass to see if they enjoy their gym. Members have the choice to sign up with “Multi Club Access” meaning they can visit any of the 600+ locations across North America. However, to access multiple locations, there is an initiation fee. 

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness automatically gives members access to any of their 280+ clubs at any hour of the day. Before joining, potential members have the opportunity to try out the fitness center for 3 days for free. A membership also includes access to the gym’s 24GO fitness app, 24GO YouTube channel, and the 24Life website with inspiring stories and expert recommendations. The main downfall with this gym is that they are currently only located in eleven different states.

Photo credit: Club Industry

Planet Fitness

Known for being affordable and welcoming, Planet Fitness offers two types of memberships. The upgraded PF Black Card gives members access to any of the 2000+ locations along with special perks such as usages of the massage chairs and tanning beds. Almost all Planet Fitness locations are open twenty-four hours per day, and each location generally includes the same equipment and setups. Black Card members are also able to bring a guest with them at anytime. Some serious weight trainers do not enjoy Planet Fitness since members can be removed for intimidating behavior, such as dropping weights or showcasing. 

Photo credit: USA Today


CrossFit is a notoriously challenging fitness regiment that involves specific workouts for different fitness levels, each rising with intensity. It can be completed from anywhere with access to the CrossFit website with the right types of equipment. Members choosing to practice in-person may do so at various locations, but they may have to pay an additional fee, since most CrossFit gyms are individually-owned. Be sure to call ahead to confirm pricing and when the next class at your fitness level is taking place. 

Photo credit: CrossFit

Orangetheory Fitness

For those who enjoy a class setting with a more defined schedule, Orangetheory Fitness may be for you. Most members only participate in two to four of the HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts per week to produce desired results. Members automatically gain access to any of the studios and can even book classes online. 

Photo credit: Welltodo

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is open twenty-four hours per day and gives potential members a free seven-day trial. All new members receive a personalized “Get Started” plan, as well as access to their 4700+ locations worldwide. 

Photo credit: Journal Review


ClassPass offers a flexible, low-commitment way to access exclusive classes and workouts all over the country. They offer a variety of monthly payment options depending on how many classes users would like to take. Users can access in-person classes, gym visits, beauty and spa appointments, and virtual classes or workouts as well. 

Photo credit: Shape Magazine


TrainAway is an easy way to access daily gym passes near you. Instead of committing to a monthly gym membership, you can just pay for what you use. With over 1500 locations available, this is a great option for travelers.

Choose workouts that don’t require equipment.

Many workouts don’t require any equipment other than a yoga mat listed above. These can be ideal for staying fit on the road and not needing to worry about storing extra equipment or visiting specific locations.

YouTube Videos

There are tons of free YouTube workout videos that don’t require equipment. These videos can be helpful for folks newer to fitness or that need some guidance on a proper workout. 


There are many free or low-cost fitness apps, many of which don’t require any equipment or are titled “at-home workouts”, meaning that they don’t expect participants to have access to an entire gym of equipment. 

FitOn, C25K (Couch to 5K), and Zombies, Run! are some free, popular apps to help you work out without any equipment any equipment at all.

Photo credit: Myles Apparel

Check out your surroundings for inspiration.

When in doubt, look around you for potential exercise options. If you’re visiting some beautiful locations, why not get out and explore them?

Hike or Bike

Hiking and biking is an easy way to get in some extra cardio. Apps like AllTrails help hikers to find nearby trails within their preferred difficulty rating. Bike racks can be easily installed on your RV or vehicle to save interior space, as well. 

Photo credit: Montague Bikes

Go canoeing, kayaking, swimming, etc. 

Water sports are another excellent form of exercise. Many RVers bring their canoe or kayaks along on their adventures anyway. There are even inflatable kayaks available for those that need to save space. Swimming can also provide cardio and full-body workouts without requiring much more than a bathing suit. 

Photo credit: RV Kayak Racks

Stay at a Harvest Hosts location.

Many Harvest Hosts locations are situated on beautiful pieces of property with hiking or walking trails. Furthermore, we have several Harvest Hosts locations across the country at locally-owned fitness centers! Convenient, right? Check out any of the following centers to get your fitness in while also enjoying some of our fantastic Harvest Hosts locations.

Fit Rocks Climbing Gym Saint John – Saint John, New Brunswick

Anyone looking to get in a full-body workout will enjoy this bouldering gym. They offer rope walls, training areas, and bouldering walls. This Harvest Hosts location in New Brunswick offers five pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size.

Photo credit: Business Manager

Willy’s GymEastham, Massachusetts

Willy’s Gym is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that offers traditional gym equipment, aquatics, tennis courts, pickleball, rock climbing, and more. They also have an on-site café. This Harvest Hosts location offers three pet-friendly spaces for RVs under forty-four feet in length.

Beta Crux Escalade Rock Climbing Gym – Chicoutimi, Quebec

Beta Crux is a climbing gym that offers more than 4000 square feet of bouldering walls. They also offer rope climbing along with lessons. This Harvest Hosts location has two pet-friendly spaces for RVs under twenty-nine feet in length available.

Photo credit: Yellow Pages

Bliss Climbing and Fitness – Wichita, Kansas

Did you know that rock-climbing is a full-body workout? Many climbers don’t need too much upper body strength either! At Bliss Climbing and Fitness, visitors can climb forty feet up the built-in walls or consider taking one of their courses. This Harvest Hosts location offers two pet-friendly spaces for RVs under twenty-nine feet in length.

Photo credit: Visit Wichita

Summit Strength and Fitness – Madison, Wisconsin

Get ready to experience some tailored classes for strength, yoga, climbing, and more at Summit Strength and Fitness. They feature special programs designed to help fitness enthusiasts, including an at-home workout guide. This Harvest Hosts location offers one pet-friendly space for RVs under thirty-five feet in length and comes highly-rated. 

Photo credit: Groupon

There are many ways to stay fit while traveling in an RV. You can follow a routine at home, find fitness classes near your destination or invest in some exercise equipment for the road. The key is finding what works best for you and making sure that it’s easy to do wherever you go. We know this may not be as convenient as working out at home but with these tips, staying healthy on the move should never be impossible. The best way to stay in shape while RVing is by being creative with your fitness routines and not being afraid to change things up. 

Photo credit: The Fit RV


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