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Gifts for Every RV Enthusiast

How does one go about giving gifts to RVers? There’s not much space, and they pretty much seem to have all that they need. Is gifting even possible for RV enthusiasts? It is! Turns out, there are tons of great things to upgrade your RVer friend’s setup, things that they’ll actually use. Here at Harvest Hosts, we combined all of our favorite gifts for this season. We hope this helps spark some ideas!

Get recommendations for:

  • The RV Wannabe
  • The Outdoor Enthusiast
  • The Foodie
  • RVers with Pets
  • Kids


The best all-around gift for your RV friends, especially those who seem to have everything, is a Harvest Hosts membership. Yes, you can gift a membership! A Harvest Hosts membership is perfect for any wine-lover, golfer, family, animal-lover, craft brewer, and outdoor enthusiast!  Already a member? Expand their network by adding the Boondockers Welcome upgrade. With Boondockers Welcome, RVers are welcomed onto private property and hosted by community members. A great experience for those who live full-time on the road.  The best part?  These memberships won’t take up any room in their rig!

RV Wannabe

For the RV “Wannabe”, consider a gift card for a rental company like RVshare. An RV rental allows you to take your friends and family on your next adventure but keep your personal space! With RVshare, you can easily book an RV rental anywhere in the country – making the experience accessible for everyone. Through the site, you can both rent RVs and give the gift of future rentals with gift cards. 

Tip: This is also a great gift for someone looking to upgrade their rig but unsure of what they want. You can try out RVs of all shapes and sizes.

Outdoor Enthusiast

For the total outdoor enthusiast, try solar power. Solar lighting and battery packs can be life-savers for those traveling off the grid – a boondocking must. The Luminaid Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern is a great intro to solar. These super-compact lights can be clipped to the outside of your bag while hiking during the day and then provide you with light and charge your phone in the evening. There are many different sizes and levels of lights offered by Luminaid, so you’ll be sure to find something that works!


For the RV Foodie, look into a Sun Oven. The Sun Oven is exactly what it sounds like, an oven that uses the sun for cooking power. The Sun Oven can bake, boil, and steam food — all without electricity or propane! Though there are many designs around this concept, this one is our favorite for its size and no-spill design.

RVers with Pets

Know someone who RVs with a pet? Consider a Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor. This device works on cellular data to alert you when the conditions inside of your rig are unsafe for your pets year-round. Waggle users are also offered the option to add on a 24/7 veterinarian hotline through their platform. 

Tip: Harvest Hosts members get 40% off Waggle products through the member discounts page

Gifts for Kids

Getting gifts for kids who live full-time in an RV can be tricky, as there isn’t much space for large toys. However, there are some cool things that you can do. Consider small gifts like playing cards, paper dolls, and other easy-to-store options can be a great gift as well. Think outside of the box. Unconventional items like an over-the-door shoe rack can transform a door into an art studio! 

From the Harvest Hosts Team

And last, but certainly not least, some of the Harvest Hosts team chimed in with their favorite RV and camping gear this holiday season:

  • “My favorite piece of RV camping gear is the Outland Firebowl. This propane-fueled fire pit is easy to set up, looks amazing, and puts out some serious heat. Perfect for camping in locations that don’t allow real fires, and when you don’t feel like smelling of smoke!” — Joel Holland, CEO
  • We’ve taken our Eno hammocks everywhere for over 3 years now and the durability is incredible! Super easy to set up and they take up very little room during travel!” — Sash Hickey, Partnerships & PR Coordinator
  • “The classic Coleman Stove is an inexpensive, portable way to cook-at-home meals while you are camping, RVing, or doing anything outdoors. This stove is easy to use, has minimal clean-up, and is compact. Making any trip feel like you’re at home in your own kitchen.” — Ben Allen, Account Executive, Host Relations
  • “An Acopower Portable Solar Panel. It’s easy to store in your RV since it folds up. It’s also easy to move around your RV so it’s always catching the most sun. Equally important is a Portable Jumper. A Lifesaver! It’s great for jumping your tow vehicle and it’s especially useful for charging your phone when you’re boondocking.”  — Carrie Price, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager 
  • “The Fire-Maple Backpacking and Camping Stove System. As a morning coffee lover, this is a necessity. It boils water in minutes and is compatible with propane, butane, and isobutane canisters.” — Alyssa Javadi, Membership Partners Manager
  • Our CFO, Leigh Ann Schultz, is always on the road and has a whole pile of favorites. For cooking, she recommends an Instant Pot (it’s an all-in-one solution) and a Chemex, who doesn’t love gourmet on the road?  She also recommends a Thuma PillowBoard headboard cover. “Our RV didn’t have a headboard and having our pillows directly next to the cold frame wasn’t ideal.  I bought this pillow board cover from Thuma plus a foam insert from Amazon and made a DIY headboard.  This is one of my favorite comfort items!” Leigh Ann also recommends a few practical items that maybe you haven’t thought of for your RVing friends:  collapsible crates, a jack cover, pocket bellows, and duct tape- nonresidue (the best fix-it solution for any RVer). 


From full-timers to weekend warriors, there really is something for everyone. Feel like we’ve missed something? Add it to the comments section below!

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