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If you haven’t heard by now, Harvest Hosts is one of the most extraordinary membership programs in the world of RVing. Hosts and members create a symbiotic relationship where the host offers a place to park for the night with no camping fees, and in return, the member patronizes the business. Visitors also have the rare opportunity to view the business after-hours. Members can choose from 4349+ locations and can even plan stops along a route. With Harvest Hosts’ search function, members can also narrow down exactly the type of experience they’re searching for. Whether it be a winery, brewery, farm, or more, Harvest Hosts has you covered for an unforgettable and memorable experience. The cost for a yearly membership is roughly the price of two night’s stay in a traditional campground. We’ll also let you in on a secret that many members aren’t aware of: upgrading to the golf membership plan gives members access to an additional 400+ locations on manicured greens and championship courses. Dust off your clubs and let’s see how it feels to experience a golf course for a Harvest Hosts night’s stay. 

Summerfield Crossing Golf Club- Riverview, Florida

Choosing a Location

Choosing a Harvest Hosts location is easier than ever thanks to the handy search function. Many members are surprised to find local Hosts which can make for a great overnight trip or a short adventure. After logging in, head over to the “Find Hosts” button or use the search bar at the top of the screen. Here, members can search by route, region, location, or the name of the business. You can also search by preferences. The filters include wineries, breweries, farms, attractions, and golf courses. Pro tip: members can also input the length of their RV for pull thru spots and search for pet-friendly accommodations, if needed. Most of the important information is located on the Hosts’ page, including how much notice they need for reservations. We’re constantly adding new locations, so every time you go to search for your next destination, you may be surprised with a new one! 

Santee Cooper Country Club- Santee, South Carolina

Making Reservations

After finding your perfect Host location, whether it be a winery or golf course, you must call to make reservations. Some locations only have a select number of parking spaces available, or occasionally host events which take up additional parking. Be sure to confirm the parking location and the time you plan to arrive. If you’re planning to play a round of golf, be sure to book a tee time either on the phone or online to coincide with your stay. 

Sand Canyon Country Club- Santa Clarita, California


It’s best practice to arrive during business hours for a smooth check in with your Host. Occasionally, Hosts have fenced-in properties that are locked at night, so always update your Host if your ETA is later than originally planned. There are very few Harvest Hosts that offer partial hookups for an additional cost. Always plan to dry camp unless otherwise stated by the specific Host. When you arrive, park in your designated space. After setting up camp, it’s customary to greet your Host and introduce yourself in person. 

Sea Pines Golf Resort- Los Osos, California

What to Do

Staying at a Harvest Hosts golf course or country club may vary depending on the location. The most popular way to patronize a golf course is, of course, by playing a round of golf. Many golf courses offer a high season and low season fee, which can provide an excellent basis for planning your visit. Most of the golf course locations also have an on-site restaurant to patronize if you forgot your clubs at home or aren’t a fan of golf. Many golf courses also offer golfing lessons if you would like to improve your put or fix that slice. Several golf courses also offer alternative activities such as tennis, disc golf, foot golf, and more. No matter how you spend your time at the golf course, you can expect to be treated to beautiful views upon waking. After spending the night in a serene golf course, you’ll probably never want to “wallydock” again! Parking lots simply don’t compare to the privacy, quietness, and beauty of Harvest Hosts locations. 

The Golf Club of Dallas- Dallas, Texas


After patronizing the business and staying for the night, it’s time to say goodbye. Many leave with new memories, new experiences, a new understanding of a business, and new friends. Oftentimes, Hosts and members build a relationship they wouldn’t have discovered if not for Harvest Hosts bringing them together. 

Sea Oaks Country Club- Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Harvest Hosts is even better for those who have the golf membership add-on. If you are already a member, you can upgrade to a golf membership for a special discounted rate right in your Member Dashboard – login to check your price!

Staying at a Harvest Hosts location is easier than ever with the handy search functions. Did you know we have an app as well? You can find it in the App Store and Google Play Store for Apple or Android. That means you can find Host locations on the go either with your phone or tablet. Get out there and try a new restaurant. Spend your first night on a farm. Tour a museum two towns over that you didn’t know was there. Try a new beer or wine. Practice your swing. Let us help make your next adventure more memorable. It’s glamping for RVers! Not a member? Join today!

Have you stayed at a golf course before? What was your favorite part? Tell us about it below!

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  1. Dean Johnson
    9th December, 2022

    I don’t golf. Can I still use HH to stay at golf courses? More than happy to eat a meal of have some drinks… if available.

  2. Georgia
    27th July, 2022

    I want to add golf courses to my membership

  3. Christy
    4th September, 2021

    Before joking I would like to know what course in NM and Co Tx KS are part of this.Thank you

    1. Sam Leash
      18th October, 2021

      Hey Christy! Unfortunately, we can’t list out exactly which courses are part of our program, but you can actually see the types of locations and their approximate placement if you check out our map, even before joining the program. I can also list here that there are seven golf course locations in New Mexico, seven in Colorado, two in Kansas, and thirty-one in Texas. Hope this helps!

  4. Sue
    28th July, 2021

    Do you have a printed list if locations?

    1. Sam Leash
      20th September, 2021

      Hey Sue, all locations are available for viewing on our map once you have joined the program.

  5. Vanessa
    25th June, 2021

    I’m thinking of upgrading and wonder if there’s any in the Sacramento area of California

    1. Sam Leash
      20th September, 2021

      Hey Vanessa, great question! There are currently four Harvest Hosts golf locations within an hour or two of Sacramento. Hope that helps!

  6. Kris
    18th May, 2021

    We are considering joining the harvest host golf, how many courses in Oregon and Washington? Locations ?

    1. Sam Leash
      15th June, 2021

      We currently have 16 golf locations in Oregon and 8 in Washington, but we are always expanding and adding new locations. Hope this helps!

  7. Michelle Meeks
    8th April, 2021

    If I stay at a golf course, am I required to pay green fees and play golf?

    1. Sam Leash
      4th May, 2021

      It depends on the location. Some require it and some don’t. Some have restaurants, gift shops, or other ways to patron the Host. I would recommend calling first to see whether or not you have to play golf before booking.

  8. Judi
    26th February, 2021

    Can you tell me how many golf course hosts there are in western Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan? Trying to decide if the upgrade is worth it for Canadians.

    1. Sam Leash
      24th March, 2021

      Hi Judi! As of right now, we have six golf locations in British Columbia and six golf locations in Alberta. We’re always working to continue to expand the program, as well. Hope this helps!

  9. Mike Bastian
    12th December, 2020

    When staying at a golf course I’m trying to understand length of stay.
    Say we show up on a Monday play golf on Tuesday and depart on Wednesday. Will this work? Also the same for a winery stop.
    I have not signed up yet and I’m trying to understand how your program works. We live in Grants Pass Oregon and I’m looking to have adventures around the Pacific Northwest.
    The cost is minimal I’m just trying to figure out if I will use the program.
    I have friends who have signed up and not used your service.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Sam Leash
      29th December, 2020

      Hi Mike! Thanks for your question. Typically, Harvest Hosts stays are for one night only. Occasionally, the Host will offer a longer stay, but that is not the norm. You could plan to show up early on the day you are arriving and play golf or visit the farm/winery, then leave the next morning. Alternatively, you could show up in the afternoon and stay the night, then visit the business the following day before heading on your way. It’s up to you how you decide to plan it all out. Hope that helps! 🙂

  10. Kelly
    7th August, 2020

    Where are the golf courses located? Are there any in Washington state?

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    1. Sam Leash
      11th August, 2020

      Hey Kelly! As of yet, there are 356 total golf courses/country clubs across the country, with 11 located in Washington state. Three are nearby Seattle, with one near Olympia and one along the southern coast. Then, there are two outside Kennewick, one in Vancouver, one in Othello, and two nearby Spokane. Hope this helps!

  11. Kay
    6th July, 2020

    We just joined HHGolf. We live in Southeast MN a and are looking for golf courses who are members of HH. If anyone has suggestions we would appreciate them. Thx

    1. Sam Leash
      11th August, 2020

      Hi Kate! Congrats on your membership upgrade. There are currently 356 and golf courses or country clubs and counting, so I recommend using the search function on our hosts page to find the ones that best suit you! Please reach out to customer service if you have any additional questions, and they should be able to help you locate specific hosts. 🙂