Guide to RV Extended Warranty Choices

Owning your own RV is an exciting experience. Having the opportunity to customize your space and make it feel more like home can make traveling so much more comfortable. Similar to owning a home, it’s important to have your bases covered with a warranty if and when your RV needs repairs. In some cases, a manufacturer’s warranty isn’t robust enough to cover all of the interior and exterior (also known as “coach” and “chassis”). Additionally, used RVs do not typically come with a warranty, but you may still want to have your rig covered. Or perhaps your warranty is expiring soon, and you want to shop around before deciding which to select.

In any of these cases, RVers should consider purchasing an extended warranty. Before hitting the road to your next Harvest Hosts location, consider if your RV may need an extended warranty before something breaks. After all, once your RV is in need of repair, it is too late to purchase a warranty and have the repair(s) covered.

Are they Necessary?

An extended warranty is an optional purchase. They are not at all necessary or mandatory, but they can be very helpful. I have personally saved thousands of dollars in very expensive repairs, saving me from having to pay out of pocket suddenly and unexpectedly.

RV repairs for the home or chassis are almost always very expensive. Specialty RV mechanics that can work on a chassis for a Class A or C are generally more costly than a regular mechanic. Any repairs that need to be made for the coach part of your RV (think refrigerator, AC, roof, electrical, etc.) can be more expensive than typical repairs due to the specialty nature of RVs. For instance, many regular electricians will not inspect or fix any RV issues because they are not certified to do so. In most cases, an extended warranty will not only cover the cost of repairs, but will also cover the cost of the broken item itself. 

What are the Qualifications?

Unfortunately, not every RV qualifies for an extended warranty. Every warranty company on the market has an age or mileage limit on what they will cover. Typically these limits will vary from company to company and also with the type of RV. Be sure to do thorough research to determine if your RV is eligible. 

What is Covered?

Once you know your RV qualifies for an extended warranty, it’s time to shop around to see what certain plans do and don’t cover. Many RV extended warranty companies offer a variety of plans at varying price points to cater to each individual RVer’s needs. At a very basic level for a drivable RV, items such as axles, engine, and transmission components are typically covered. Some companies even offer complete coverage packages which can cover almost every single component of your RV, inside and out. Towable RV coverage varies, but will typically include most components of the trailer. Be sure to research a variety of companies and policies to best suit your needs. 

Exclusionary vs Inclusionary

Some RV extended warranties fall under the exclusionary or inclusionary type of policy. The names can be a little confusing due to the exclusionary policy covering more. Typically these plans cover absolutely everything except a short list of exclusions. Sometimes this short list can include things such as carpet, rust, cabinets, paint, or pre-existing conditions. An inclusionary policy will only cover items listed and nothing further. Therefore an exclusionary policy is more comprehensive, but also more expensive. 

What are Some of the Top Companies?

When purchasing an RV, some dealerships will bundle in a warranty or extended warranty into the loan. This can be convenient, but they often don’t have additional choices- just one standard plan. RVers can also end up paying interest on the warranty with the loan. Harvest Hosts cannot review every dealership’s warranty plan, but here are some top choices outside of a dealership for an extended warranty. 

America’s RV Warranty

America’s RV Warranty (ARW) offers RV warranties for driveable and towable RVS. They offer three plans, plus some optional coverage extras such as power surges for drivable RVs. For trailers, they offer two plans plus optional coverages. ARW is highly-rated among RVers for several reasons. They allow coverage to be transferred to a new RV if you choose to sell yours and purchase a new one. Lastly, they do not limit RVers to certain repair shops. When travelling, this can be a lifesaver to be able to go to the nearest certified mechanic. 

Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision is a newer and smaller warranty company, yet it has many satisfied customers. They offer a variety of plans for motorhomes, towables, or diesel RVs, ensuring that each RVer can choose the best plan for their needs. Their basic plans cover the coach and chassis, but their add-ons can also cover things like travel expenses, rental vehicles, food spoilage, towing, and more.

Wholesale Warranties

Wholesale Warranties offers a variety of plans for several types of RVs. They can cover motorhomes, towables, and pop-up campers, along with offering separate coverage for roadside assistance and tire/wheel coverage. For drivable RVs, they offer also three plans, ranging from coach only to comprehensive or exclusionary coverage. For towable trailers, they offer comprehensive or exclusionary coverage, as well. Their roadside assistance package offers 24/7 towing, lockout assistance, or emergency fuel delivery. 

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Good Sam Extended Service Plan

Most RVers are familiar with the Good Sam membership club, but many are not aware that they also offer RV coverage. While not technically an extended warranty, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan has reputable reviews amongst the RV community and functions similarly. RVers pay a monthly rate with no contracts to receive base coverage for their motorhome, trailer, or even a personal vehicle. Good Sam offers flexible deductibles and has no yearly mileage restrictions. They also offer additional Roadside Assistance and Travel Assistance plans. 

Choosing whether or not an extended warranty is worth it, is a time-old debate amongst RVers. However, if you decide to purchase an extended warranty or comparable product, be sure to do your research, compare plans, and read the fine print. Many extended warranties pay for themselves in just a few years time because repairs for RVs can be so costly. Keep these tips in mind when deciding whether or not your RV needs an extended warranty. 

Do you have an RV extended warranty? Which one did you choose? Which do you recommend? Tell us your opinion or any stories below regarding RV Extended Warranties!

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  1. best rv extended warranty plans
    9th March, 2022

    Amazing finds… Thanks for the great resource, I really appreciate you sharing this wonderful information. Anyway, I would also like to share with you about having a RV extended warranty. If you’re a fan of campervan living, you should have an extended warranty as part of your travel essentials. Saves you from unexpected troubles down the road.

  2. Resa
    19th February, 2022

    As a Service Advisor, please read your exclusions on each of the plans BEFORE you purchase your Extended Service Plan. Keep in mind none of these plans are considered “Warranties” they are all Extended Service Plans. When you have an issue arrise you can call your Ex. Serv. to see if it is covered. The next issue that usually happens is the Ex. Serv. may only cover a portion of the repairs. So please read your exclusions page BEFORE purchasing.

  3. rob oneill
    7th July, 2021

    All these guys use “National Adjusters” which are garbage.
    They sent a guy to the Mercedes Dealer for my Sprinter. He was a retired used cars salesman that knew nothing about Diesels. The service manager spent an hour with him explaining what DEF is and how it works. He still denied the claim. After a call from my lawyer they sent a new guy a week later and approved the DEF sensor claim. 3 weeks at the the dealer.

    1. Sam Leash
      20th September, 2021

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience! Many of the warranties offered will eventually cover the claims, but you will almost always wait awhile for the claim and/or payment to be processed.