Harvest Hosts Adventure Series Episode 7 Recap – Chasing the Autumn Leaves and Cold Camping in Your RV

When the weather gets cold and gloomy and the excitement of travel season ends, RVing starts to feel different. For some, fall is their favorite time of year to RV, and others look back longingly at the summer behind them.


In episode 7 of the Harvest Hosts Adventure Series, the RVers share their favorite parts of RVing in the fall and the recommendations for keeping your RV warm. This time of year, leaf-peeping season is in full swing, so watching the leaves change in the midwest and east coast is a bucket list item to many, Others love to visit farms and orchards to take advantage of u-pick produce season, enjoy bonfires, and enjoy the outdoors without bugs, sweat, and extreme humidity. 


As for practical tips for RVing in the fall, the RVers recommend that you check your tanks, plumbing, and insulation to make sure you’re ready for cold weather ahead. You can add extra heat with space heaters, or install a more permanent heating solution. 


Check out the full video here to learn all the expert advice for surviving the fall in an RV.

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