Harvest Hosts Finalizes Boondockers Welcome Integration to Become the Largest Private RV Camping Network, Offering Over 5,600 Locations for Members

 Harvest Hosts, a membership program giving RVers access to unique RV camping options, is announcing the complete integration of Boondockers Welcome, a community-driven camping solution, into its platform following acquisition of the company in May 2021. Both built by RVers for RVers, the companies share a mission of giving travelers opportunities to make memories and have unforgettable experiences in their RVs. As 65 million Americans plan to take an RV trip in the next year, this integration comes at the right time to provide those travelers with access to the single largest private network of places to stay for the RV community – now with over 5,600 locations combined.

Harvest Hosts is introducing two new plans to support the integration: the Harvest Hosts Classic Plan with Boondockers Welcome ($139) and the “All Access” with Harvest Hosts + Golf and Boondockers Welcome ($149). Individual Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome plans will continue to be offered as well. The networks will now use a single sign-on, shared backend solution and host database. This new experience will create flexible options for members. The two programs will maintain separate membership and fee structures, while giving subscribers access to a variety of plans to best suit their RV travel needs – all in one place.

“It’s an exciting time for RVing. Even as other modes of travel are returning, the interest and demand in road travel is at an all-time high,” says Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts. “We strive to provide our members with memorable stays no matter where the open road takes them. Now, with the integration of Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts is proud to offer the RVing community convenient access to the largest private network of overnight stays all over North America. We look forward to connecting millions of RVers with the most memorable and unique road trip destinations.”

The integration of Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome will also bring some exciting new features to the platform. In addition to the convenience of single sign-on to manage stays across both networks, members will also have an integrated search experience with one map showing pins for Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome hosts – with options to have “favorites” and “trips” across both host types. The single mobile app will allow users to access the network even while traveling and stay true to the spirit of RVing, booking stays spontaneously from anywhere.

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  1. Nichole
    23rd April, 2022

    We signed up for Boondockers Welcome a couple years ago and were using it just a few month ago when we traveled to Florida from Colorado.

    Now all of a sudden we don’t have access to any BW searches and only have Harvest Hosts which we’re not interested in.

    How do we get back to our original Boondockers Welcome settings??

    1. Sam Leash
      24th June, 2022

      Hi Nichole

      When searching for locations, you can filter by exclusively Boondockers Welcome locations, or choose to add in any Harvest Hosts destinations that interest you, such as farms.

      1. penny
        19th August, 2022

        Hi. I too have been using BW and HH in the past. I have been trying to cross check places to stay and I am not finding where BW hosts are. I go into filters and it only provides options of wineries, farm, attraction, golf and breweries. There is no where to search BW. Please help. I need some guidance.
        Thank you

  2. Pat Ahlers
    9th April, 2022

    How do I join harvest host? I belong to Boon dockers..is their a joint membership?

  3. Tammie Willis
    1st April, 2022

    So does that mean that HH will be following BW’s policy of requiring profile pictures in order to make reservations at hosts? If so, I won’t be using HH. The policy of requiring profile pictures in order to make reservations at hosts is very exclusionary and opens the door to discrimination, especially for the LGBTQ+ community members. It’s an outdated policy that serves absolutely no purpose.

  4. Bill
    16th March, 2022

    It seems that a Harvest Host member will need to pay an annual fee of $139 in order to add Boondockers Welcome, rather than the $50 annual fee for Harvest Host. Is that correct?

    1. Sam Leash
      16th March, 2022

      Hi, Bill. At this time, the base Harvest Hosts plan is $99 per year and Boondockers Welcome is an additional $50 to add on.

  5. Fred Peery Brown
    4th November, 2021

    As a host, the BW app was superior, not sure why it isn’t implemented the HH app is horrible for both guests and hosts. Rebrand the BW app and deploy it, soon.

    1. Rose Willard
      13th February, 2022

      I agree with you! Bring back the BW app! So much easier to use!

  6. Anthony Catania
    20th October, 2021

    When annual auto-renewal occurs for Harvest Hosts + Golf membership occurs, will the option to add Boondockers Welcome be offered?

  7. Bill Azzarello
    20th October, 2021

    Thank you for this article!
    I have been emailing with the HH representative trying to get the answer to if we could keep each membership separate, since doing so saves me money, and never got a straight answer. Please tell all of your reps about this article as I’m sure it would help other members.