Harvest Hosts Locations in Northern Arizona

Arizona is an incredible US state, and many people enjoy visiting its regions at all times of the year. Because it is such a large state with so many camping opportunities, we’ve split the state of Arizona into multiple regions. Southern Arizona makes an excellent winter destination for RVers looking to escape the colder climates. Northern Arizona has cooler temperatures than the south, but that just means the ideal times to visit are in the spring, summer, and fall. Northern Arizona is ripe with boondocking opportunities within all of the national forests, and Harvest Hosts members gain additional access to even more RV camping locations with their membership. Buckle up, and join us as we explore some of the best Harvest Hosts locations and unique attractions for RV camping in Northern Arizona

Harvest Hosts Locations

Teec Nos Pos Trading Post – Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

One of the most unique Harvest Hosts stops is located in the far northeastern corner of Arizona, less than fifteen minutes from Four Corners National Monument. At this old-fashioned trading post, visitors may even feel like they’ve stepped back in time. However, this post is much more than just a general store. It serves as a legitimate trading post where local Navajos can sell their unique artistic creations. This Harvest Hosts location has four reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size. There is also potable water available. 

Chaparral Golf & Country Club – Bullhead City, Arizona

In order to stay at this location, members must have the upgraded golf membership, which grants access to additional Harvest Hosts locations across North America. This affordable golf course offers a beautiful 18-hole course and an on-site restaurant. Be sure to book in advance, as they have one reservable, pet-friendly space for RVs under twenty-nine feet in length. 

Desert Diamond Distillery – Kingman, Arizona

Welcome to Arizona’s oldest craft distillery! Here, visitors are welcome to take a tour to see how the spirits are made. They are also able to taste some of their award-winning vodka, rum, and whiskey or eat at their restaurant. The Lost Rail Car Kitchen serves lunch Thursday through Monday each week, and the location offers four reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size. 

Cella Winery – Kingman, Arizona

If wine is more your preference or if you want to spend an additional night in Kingman, be sure to stop by Cella Winery.Before opeining Cella in 2007, Carlos Cella built the first winery in Valle Vista, Arizona. Today, they offer thirteen different wines available for tasting, and they even sell wine bundles to cater to specific palates. It would be difficult to not get a reservation here, as this Harvest Hosts location offers fifteen reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size. 

Valentine Station – Valentine, Arizona

Take a trip back to the 1950s Wild West by paying a visit to the small town of Valentine: population 32. Here, you can visit and stay at the Valentine Station and explore the whole town. Visitors can expect to receive a warm welcome when browsing through the beautiful handmade Route 66 Souvenirs from the store. This Harvest Hosts location offers three reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size. 

Newell Farm – Chino Valley, Arizona

At our final Northern Arizona Harvest Hosts location, members can visit the Newell Farm. This four-acre horse farm is full of beautiful views and wonderful company. Lisa, one of the owners, sells gorgeous, handmade jewelry, and this location offers three reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs under forty-four feet in length. 

Must-Visit Places in Northern Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park

The famous Grand Canyon is an iconic American wonder. Many forget that this incredible landmark is also a national park. When visiting Northern Arizona, be sure to stop by and witness this breathtaking natural beauty. Even if you’ve visited before, some things are meant to be viewed more than once. The Grand Canyon looks different throughout each of the four seasons, especially in the winter. Many folks are surprised to learn that parts of the desert snow plenty, too. Some folks are lucky enough to see the Grand Canyon when it’s covered in a dusting of snow. Unfortunately, at the time this article was written, there are no Harvest Hosts locations near the Grand Canyon. However, there are tons of free boondocking opportunities in the surrounding areas. 

Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest is perhaps a lesser-known national park, especially with the its nearby big brother the Grand Canyon casting a large shadow. However, this park brings its own set of special and geologically-spectacular sights to the table. There are a variety of different activities found here, ranging from an hour-long scenic drive to a half a day of sight-seeing and hiking opportunities. Like most national parks, this park offers hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding opportunities (bring your own horse), as well as guided tours. Did you know that this is one of the most pet-friendly national parks? Your dog is allowed everywhere within the park, except for buildings. Frequent national park-goers will realize what a rare treat that is. 

Northern Arizona is one of the best places to explore in your RV during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. The colder temperatures make this desert a dream to visit. With all of these Harvest Hosts locations, two national parks, and several national forests filled with free boondocking sites, it’s hard to imagine running out of things to do. 

Where is your next adventure? Have you visited these national parks yet? Tell us about it in the comments below, and find more RV camping in Arizona here.

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