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Harvest Hosts Pet Friendly RV Camping + Member Furbabies Fall 2019

Harvest Hosts has always emphasized unique RV camping experiences, especially ones you can share with your loved ones, regardless of how many legs or wings they have!  Many RVers cannot leave home without their pets (or furbabies as we like to call them).  Not only is it logistically difficult to leave one’s pets at home for a long trip, it’s also emotionally difficult to part with a member of your family for so long.  That’s why so many RVers travel with their animals and our Hosts offer pet friendly RV experiences!  Over 90% of our Hosts are pet friendly and we’ve now got a filter for “Pets” in our search function that allows you to show only the Hosts that can accommodate your furbabies! If you are unsure, please call the Hosts as they sometimes have designated areas or even nearby dog parks.

Using our Harvest Hosts member website, you can select the “Pet Friendly” option on the preferences tab.

Alternatively, you can also choose “Only show locations that allow Pets” in the filter preferences in our Harvest Hosts app.

You can find more information on our other posts about how to RV with dogs, RV with cats, and RV pet hacks for storage, traveling, etc.  Take a look and see if they might help you on your next trip to some pet friendly RV destinations!

In September of 2019, we asked our members on Facebook to show us pictures of their pets while they were RVing.  The response was amazing and we’ve recorded some of them here for your viewing pleasure (see the original post here).  There were many comments about how their pets love to travel and quite a few pictures from our Hosts!

Here’s the post embedded:


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