Host Spotlight: MeePah Ventures Alpaca Farm

In rural Pennsyvania sits a family-owned and operated farm that has stayed within the family since 1813. Tony and Debbie Wambaugh operate Meepah Ventures. They are lovingly referred to by their grandkids as Mimi and Grandpa, which inspired the name of the farm. As part of their retirement plans, they decided to revitalize and preserve their farm by raising alpacas. They have almost 200 rugged acres in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. They are a fiber farm, and they use their alpaca’s fiber for super soft yarn and other products. They sell commercial and handmade alpaca yarn, hats, socks, and other alpaca or alpaca-related products in a small shop on their farm.


Debbie and Tony were both professionals in their previous careers. Tony was a Civil Engineer turned High School Physics teacher, and Debbie was a Quality Executive for a Manufacturer of Airplane electronic appliances. Both worked in Northern Virginia outside Washington DC. After several years of planning and preparation, Tony retired in June of 2020 and Debbie in October 2020. In September 2020, they acquired six alpacas to start their Meepah VenturesAlpaca Farm as their retirement adventure. Their favorite part of operating the farm is working with each other on this beautiful property and these wonderful, calm, and fantastically soft alpacas.


Meepah’s Farm became a Harvest Host in May of 2021. They were looking for a way to share their experience here on the farm and bring some customers to their little farm store during the pandemic. Mimi and Grandpa have been RVers themselves for many years, so they can relate to their guests. They love their guest RVers and enjoy sharing their farm’s history, the scenic views, the alpacas, and the serenity that comes with a night under the stars, both ends of the rainbow after a storm, and watching the fog lift from the valley below. In turn, their guests share their experiences and photos with them, giving them a greater appreciation of their farm.

Most people are initially attracted to Meepah’s Farm because of the beautiful alpacas, but the lasting memories come from the quiet serenity that infuses the soul on this farm. Their farm is located in a rural area in Pennsylvania, halfway between two exits of the PA turnpike. Their RV parking spots are located on a hilltop in a hayfield, accessed by a gravel road. Their guests share that they are looking for a place off the beaten path, and Mimi and Grandpa assure them that they have found it.


Harvest Hosts Members have great things to say about staying at Meepah Farm. Brian really appreciated how much he learned from his stay:“ The sunrise view overlooking a very large pasture was so peaceful especially when adding in the quiet at this lovely farm. Getting to the farm and up the hill to our overnight spot was not a problem in our 25′ Mercedes Class-C. Tony & Debbie’s passion for their alpacas was heartwarming. As suburbanites, we learned about so many things on a farm to make their life so much easier. We took the barn tour (which included feeding the herd). We will stop back here for so many reasons: Tom & Debbie, the peaceful surroundings, & the fun animals.”


Another visitor, Jan, really appreciated how beautiful the farm is. “This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed at. The views from the upper level at the crack of dawn is just stunning and not to mention all the alpacas that they have there. It was such a treat to stay there I wish I could stay for a whole week! Debbie and Tony were wonderful hosts, very accommodating and if you do go check out their little gift shop. With Tony’s photography and actual yarn from their alpacas and other lovely gifts you can purchase” 

Stay At Meepah’s Alpaca Farm

Currently, Meepah’s Farm has 19 alpacas and offers opportunities to get up close and personal with Barn tours and Walk-a-Paca. They are expecting four new crias (alpaca babies) in June 2022. The grandkids say there is always an adventure at Meepah’s Farm, and it’s easy to see why. With breathtaking scenery, tranquil surroundings, and some of the softest alpacas around, it’s the perfect destination for RVers looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience.

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