How Are RV Owners Using GPS Tracking

It seems that the topic of GPS tracking for RVers is something that keeps coming up. Let’s be clear; we are talking about GPS tracking, not GPS navigation. The latter, in the simplest terms, is used to aid in mapping and navigating from place to place. GPS Tracking, on the other hand, is the use of hardware and software or an app to keep track of the real-time location of your RV or another asset – to know where it is at all times. 

Given the size of investment RVers have put into their RV, GPS tracking can provide some much-needed peace of mind. Here are the most common reasons RV owners rely on GPS tracking:


Family Safety

In the past time or culture of RVing, which we tend to always assume is all about adventure and relaxation, unfortunately there has been too much tragic news over the past few years. Knowing where family members are, that they are safe or where they should be is something more an more travelers are wanting.   

RVers who have a GPS tracker installed to track their location, on their mobile GPS tracking app like WhereSafe GPS, can give access to the app to family and/or friends. This way loved ones can see their travel in real-time. Alerts can be set for app users to know exactly when the RV gets to its destination.

Different GPS hardware has various usages. Portable, battery powered units, which may have magnetic options, can be easily placed in other assets. So if the kids are traveling around the RV park in the golf cart, or on the trails on the ATV, mom and dad can know where they are. Certain hardware, like the WhereSafe MiniMax, also has an SOS button that can be set to alert an emergency contact in real-time, if needed. 

WhereSafe GPS Trackers and WhereSafe Smartphone App, available on iOS App Store and Google Play


Security & Theft Recovery

When most people think of GPS tracking, usually the first reason for having it that comes to mind is for theft recovery. This is an obvious benefit. RVs are huge investments and increasingly are home to many people full-time. So if it gets stolen, the value and inconvenience is huge. 

With an RV equipped with GPS tracking, if your RV ever goes missing, the owner can simply provide app access to law enforcement, who can then know where it is, where it is moving, at what speed and go get it. Leave that job to the pros, it is not advisable to approach criminals yourself. 

Geofences, which are virtual boundaries, can be set as large or small as you like, around your campsite, your driveway or a city. If your RV ever moves into or out of any of these geofences you will get notified by text, push or email. Movement alerts can be set, for anytime you are away from your RV, for a few hours or a few months, whereby if it moves at all you will be instantly notified.

Left WhereSafe Custom Geofence and Right WhereSafe Geofence Exit alert

Due to these security and theft recovery benefits of GPS tracking tech, many RV insurance providers will provide discounts for up to 10% of the premiums, for having a GPS tracker installed in your RV. 



RV storage is another main reason owners want to use GPS tracking. Often RVs are stored in a barn, or a field or at a designated storage facility. News stories are constantly coming out about RVs being stolen while in storage. Storage is the time, when it is least likely to have anyone around to keep an eye on your valued RV. Even the most secured RV storage facilities get broken into as thieves can be cunning and determined to get what they want. 

Many people store their RVs for six months or longer every year. Often that storage is off site, not at their main property. A GPS tracker gives owners a way to know the status of their RV investment when they cannot physically see it. 

Putting a geofence around the storage property lets owners know if the RV ever leaves the facility. Or any motion, while in storage can be seen and the data stored, in case any damage is done, while in storage so the owner can have that information to demand repairs from the facility or their insurance.  

Left WhereSafe Custom Geofence and Right WhereSafe Geofence Exit alert



Since 2020, and the beginning of the pandemic, RV rentals have exploded. Given how expensive an RV can be rental is a great option to offset some of that expenditure. In fact, flat out, renting your RV can be a significant source of income.

But your RV is still your baby. You still want to know it is being treated properly and being used in a way that is compliant with your rental agreement. If your contract states that it cannot go to Manhattan, you can geofence Manhattan and get alerted if it does. If your contract states that the RV is not to travel over 60 mph, you can get alerted if it goes over that speed. If the rental period is up at 5pm on Sunday, but you are not at the drop off, you can check to see exactly when it was dropped off or get alerted when it arrives. If you have a maximum miles/kilometers traveled clause on your RV trailer rental, which does not log its own mileage, your WhereSafe GPS system can get you that data. 

Left WhereSafe Speeding and Right WhereSafe Speeding alert


GPS Tracking Can Be Used For More Than You May Think 

RV owners vary as much as the shapes and sizes of their RVs. You may own your RV to live in, or to rent or you may be a weekend warrior. You may loan it to friends or store it for months. You may not even have one, but your elderly parents travel the continent in an RV, or your college aged kid does so in their van. For any of these situation GPS tracking has a multitude of potential uses. 

Learn more about the various types of GPS trackers and what ones are best for your RV life. 

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