How to Maximize your Harvest Hosts Membership

If you have recently joined Harvest Hosts, then welcome to the most unique camping experience for anyone travelling in a self-contained recreational vehicle. With this program, you now have access to hundreds of overnight stays across North America with no camping fees. You may find yourself at a museum, an apple orchard, or even a luxury golf course. No matter what type of adventure you’re seeking, Harvest Hosts is sure to provide. Below, we’ll be outlining some important tips in order for you to make the most of your new membership. Even if you’re a seasoned member, be sure to read on because you might learn something new.

Enhancing your Harvest Hosts membership

There are a number of ways for you to maximize your membership before even booking Harvest Hosts stays. These tips will allow you to best plan and prepare for your overnight stops.

Read the newsletter

This first step may seem simple, yet can prove to be very helpful. Are you subscribed to the Harvest Hosts newsletter? If not, you are missing out on new host listings, insider content, and much more. On the Harvest Hosts website, you can click the “Join Now” tab or scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage, where you can input your email address in order to begin receiving the monthly newsletter. 

Download the app

Did you know Harvest Hosts has a mobile app? It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or an Apple phone, we have you covered! After downloading and signing into your account, you’re able to refine your search with filters, such as the type of location you’re looking to stay at (farms, wineries, golf, etc.), the area you plan to visit, and more. You can also search by length of vehicle permitted as some stays can only accommodate smaller rigs. When selecting your next stay, you’re able to read reviews left by other members, and then review the location yourself after departing. With the app, finding your next Harvest Hosts locations is easier than ever.

Upgrade to the Harvest Hosts golf membership

What sounds more relaxing, a weekend round of golf, or a weekend in your RV? With the upgraded golf membership, you can have both! With this, you gain access to 300+ more locations including golf courses, country clubs, and access to spa facilities in addition to all the other host locations (total 5313+ locations). Whether you’re on the road full time or enjoying occasional trips, this membership pays for itself in about three nights at a typical campground. Talk about making the most out of your membership!

Enhancing your stay

Now that we’ve covered ways to enhance your membership, what about enhancing your individual stay? We have learned some very important tips that we’d like to pass along to you so you can make the most out of your visits.

Plan your Harvest Hosts stops along your route

While there is nothing wrong with driving wherever the road takes you, if you’re planning a specific trip or have time constraints, then this tip is for you. The Harvest Hosts website or app makes it easier than ever to find locations near where you’ll be visiting with the interactive map. Whether you’re staying near a big city like Philadelphia or even a tiny town in South Dakota, you’re almost guaranteed to find a nearby host along your route. 

Call ahead and ask questions

Almost all Harvest Hosts locations require notice to stay at their accommodations. Currently, the only way to book your stay is via a phone call. While most information can be found on the host profile (such as rig length permitted, pet allowance, number available spots, etc.) there are other questions one should consider as well. Where to park? Is generator usage allowed? Is there Wifi available? What is the best time to arrive (useful if you are looking to visit their facility the day of, or to avoid traffic of a peak operating time)? If you’re staying at a farm, you may want to ask if there will be loud equipment nearby or anything else that seems pertinent. 

Try to stop in season

Researching which produce and harvests occur seasonally will help you to best plan your stops. If you’re visiting an orchard, the best experience would be to visit during the fruit’s peak season. If you are visiting a winery, then harvest season would give you a brand new insight to the business. Visiting a Harvest Host location in season provides guests with the opportunity to see the operation at its peak and is an entirely different experience. Be sure to check out your potential host’s business website ahead of time to see if there are any events happening. 

Get to know your host

One of the best ways to make the most out of your visit, is to get to know your host. Almost all hosts are open to chatting with their visitors, especially while touring or sampling parts of their business. Wineries often give tours, and farms often have markets or stands with goods available. An important reminder is to be sure to patronize your Host by purchasing something, whether it be a bushel of apples, a few bottles of wine, or a round of golf.

Visiting and staying at Harvest Hosts locations is an easy and convenient way to enhance everything about travelling in your RV. With access to beautiful and unique locations across North America, there’s something for everyone. Staying with no camping fees while also supporting a small business is an unmatched combination that will make your next adventure something special. 

How long have you been a Harvest Hosts member? Where are you heading on your next trip, or where is your dream vacation spot? Do you have a favorite Harvest Hosts location? Tell us about it below!

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  1. Sam Leash
    11th February, 2020

    Hey Sharon! Glad to hear you’re loving the trip suggestions and HH sites. Wishing you an excellent upcoming trip! 🙂

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  2. Sharon
    10th February, 2020

    Traveling from Louisville KY in May towards South Dakota. Already have some spots in my “trip list”! Sometimes I want to plan my route using fun HH sites rather than the fastest way. Have stayed at many wonderful sites so far and look forward to more. The newsletter is amazing, look forward to each edition.😄

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