How to Request a Stay with a Harvest Hosts Location

Harvest Hosts is a unique membership program that allows members to stay at various off-the-beaten path locations all over North America. These 3259+ locations include stops such as wineries, farms, breweries and distilleries, golf courses, museums, and many other types of attractions. These locations provide the special experiences that many RVers set out to find when they buy an RV in the first place.

Harvest Hosts members spoke, and we listened. We are now introducing a new way to contact your favorite (or future favorite) Harvest Hosts locations. Our new feature, called “Request a Stay,” allows for a contactless method of requesting to stay with a specific Host. We understand how busy life can be on the road and hope that our new feature can make it that much easier for you to enjoy your travels. Read on to learn all about how to request a stay at your next farm or winery camping location. 

Step One: Select a Host.

Peruse our map of Harvest Hosts locations by typing in the search bar, viewing the map, or by searching along your route. You can use your preferences menu to locate Hosts within your specific qualifications, such as RV length, pet-friendly, or type of Host. It’s best to have a second or third choice picked out, depending on the time proximity of your request. 

Step Two: Reach Out to the Host.

Check out the new green button located on the purple information panel within a Harvest Hosts’ profile. This is an option as a means of communication with your potential Host in lieu of a phone call or an email. Remember, this is a request. There is no guarantee that a stay will be granted depending on Hosts’ availabilities. 

Step Three: Fill Out Your Request Form.

Requests may be made up to six months in advance (you’re welcome to those who enjoy planning ahead!). Any days that the business is closed are not available for request. Take note of the location and parking information, along with the additional information indicating permitted RV size and whether or not pets are allowed. There may also be instructions indicating when your Host may want you to arrive by. 

Fill out the form with your phone number (preferably a cell phone), RV model, rig length, and total length, which refers to the length of your TRV plus towed vehicle or your tow vehicle plus trailer. Some Hosts may not be able to accommodate the total length of an RV with a towed vehicle, so you may consider detaching to open up more campsite possibilities. You can also include a note to your potential Host to include some information about you and any travelers, along with any specific part of their business in which you take interest. Before submitting, the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct must be read and agreed to. 

Step Four: Cross Your Fingers!

Just as we understand that Members can lead busy lives, many of our Hosts do as well! Because of this, please remember that requesting a stay is just that: a request. Our Hosts do their best to accommodate every Member that requests, but they may be full on your requested day. Be sure to have a backup plan (just as you would when making a phone call to a Host) to make other accommodations if necessary. Rest assured that, due to the nature of requesting a minimum of 24 hours in advance, more often than not, our Hosts are able to accept almost every requested stay. 

Step Five: What Happens Next?

As soon as your request is submitted, your potential Host is notified, and you receive a confirmation in your email. When there is an update with your request, you will be notified via email, whether that is an approval, denial, or requested date change. When a request is approved, you will also receive an email indicating so. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

Manage Your Requests

After requesting your first stay, you are able to manage your requests by viewing your upcoming stays. You can access this from your  Harvest Hosts dashboard homepage under “Your Lists”. There, you can view your current and future requests and cancel any if needed. You can also view past stays and even cancelled stays. 

Plan Your Vacation or Trip

Because you are able to request stays up to six months in advance, you can now plan your accommodations ahead of time. As stated above, it’s best to have a backup location just in case. Oftentimes there is more than one Host location in an area, especially near cities and attractions. Try out our Route map feature to list out all Harvest Hosts along your planned route, then request to stay. Boom, road trip planned! 

Thanks to our newest feature, many Harvest Hosts members can enjoy a more convenient way to request a stay. It’s now easier than ever to plan an entire road trip to exciting and unique locations without even needing to pick up the phone (if that’s your thing). We truly hope that this feature will enhance Harvest Hosts members’ experience! 

Do you now understand how to request a stay? Where will your next Harvest Hosts location be? Feel free to share your ideas or ask any further questions in the comments below!

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  1. Debbi Duncan
    7th February, 2022

    We are new to this and are finding it difficult to book 6 months in advance. Are we doing something wrong?
    Thank you

    1. Joan
      21st March, 2022

      Hello Debbi,

      I wonder if anyone has replied to you?

      I am interested in doing a cross Canada this summer / fall and would rely

      on my HarHosts reservations quite heavily.

      I am now wondering if this is a wise plan….

      Any ideas on the reliability for making 6 month out reservations?

      Thanks Debbie and others who may respond.


  2. Mark W Silliman
    6th May, 2021

    Very cool option for requesting a stay… we are new at this having just purchased our first RV, so wide open for planning

    1. Sam Leash
      15th June, 2021

      Congrats, Mark! Happy trails to you!

  3. Jane Ferguson
    8th April, 2021

    Great explanation, thank you! And I am liking this new method!

    1. Sam Leash
      4th May, 2021

      So glad to hear you’re liking it! 🙂

  4. Mike Thurman
    7th April, 2021

    There is no purple information box to request to stay online

    1. Sam Leash
      4th May, 2021

      Hi Mike! So far, not every single location is using the new system, but many are. If you want to stay at a location that is not yet using the Request a Stay System, you will have to call them to reserve your stay. Hope this helps!

  5. Debbie LaFleiche
    6th April, 2021

    Thank you for the explanation of the new system. It’s very helpful.

    1. Sam Leash
      4th May, 2021

      So glad to hear that you found it helpful!