How to Find Reliable RV Protection in 4 Steps

Finding RV Warranty Coverage You Can Count On

There’s nothing quite like the RV lifestyle. Adventure, open roads, new destinations—it’s easy to get swept up in all of these great benefits! Unfortunately, that often means travelers forget to plan for the less-fun parts of life on the road, like unexpected breakdowns. Mechanical failures are common in RVs, and they can present a real hit to your RV budget.

With the increased interest in RVing, coupled with more complex and technologically advanced RVs, the cost of repair continues to rise. One way to plan ahead for these inevitable costs is to invest in an RV protection product like an extended service contract, also known as an RV extended warranty. These contracts can provide great financial protection by stepping in to pay for the costs of common mechanical failures, but how do you know you’ve purchased a policy you can count on? We’ve all heard horror stories of an RV warranty that didn’t meet expectations, so it can be a little scary to dive into the research. 

So, let us do some of that research for you! This article will lay out 4 ways to ensure you’re investing in RV warranty protection you can count on. Use this checklist when during the buying process, and move forward with confidence.

A good RV warranty can protect your rig and your wallet. Let’s dive into how to find the right policy for you:

Know What is and is NOT Covered

RV warranties are designed to cover the most common mechanical failures your RV may face. Items like the following:

There are various levels of coverage available, and it’s important to choose the one that lines up best with your desired level of risk. Looking to have as much covered as possible? An Exclusionary policy is likely best for you. Only worried about the big, catastrophic breakdowns? Check out Powertrain Only coverage! 

But even the most comprehensive plan has limitations. No extended warranty will cover everything, and if your provider is promising that, or using terms like “bumper to bumper”, we suggest running the opposite direction. Part of finding a policy you can count on is having realistic expectations for what claims will be paid.

Items that are not covered by any extended warranty include: maintenance items and services, physical damages or failures covered by your comp and collision insurance, and aesthetic items. You can read more about that here

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Reputation Matters: Research the RV Warranty Provider

RV extended warranties can be offered by a variety of providers. Classically, these contracts are sold by the dealership at the same time you purchase your vehicle. However, this isn’t your only option! Many companies now act as RV warranty brokers, offering coverage direct to the RVer. This means you can get a policy at many points in your RV journey, not just when the rig is brand new—and you have options about who you go with.

Not every contract is created equal, and neither are the providers. One of the most important steps to securing coverage that will be there for you when you need it most is to work with a provider with a proven history of positive customer service, straightforward and honest sales practices, and of course, paid claims!

As you look at different providers, ask pointed questions, such as:

  • Is the contract fully-insured? The RV warranty should be backed by a licensed insurance provider, which gives you the peace of mind that claims will be paid even if the provider and administrator go out of business. Learn more here.
  • What is the RV community saying? Utilize consumer advocacy organizations like the Better Business Bureau, and online RV forums like iRV2 to see how the seller stacks up.
  • What’s their status in the RV Industry? Look to influential RV organizations like Escapees RV Club, the FMCA, and RVIA, to see where the seller stands.

Consider Price AND Value

As frustrating as it can be, it’s important to keep in mind that a lower price doesn’t always mean a better value. A piece of your final decision should of course be price and how that works with your personal budget, but keep in mind that in the RV protection space, a cheaper cost can sometimes mean you’re investing in a lower level of coverage, a very high deductible, or a provider who doesn’t pay claims. This is why research plays such a huge part in finding reliable coverage! Knowing the details of the policy, and asking the provider for a full copy of the coverage their offering you before you buy, allows you to move forward with open eyes and expectations.

At the end of the day, there are certainly providers who are able to offer great rates and others that charge an unfair markup. If the price seems unreasonable to you, it’s completely fair to shop around! But as you’re making comparisons, remember that price is not the only important factor. An inexpensive policy from a seller that has little or no reputation has less value than a more expensive policy from a stable provider. 

Read the Fine Print

RV warranty contracts can be intimidating. We get it! Reading through pages of fine print is not the most exciting way to spend your time, especially with your RV in the driveway itching to hit up the newest Harvest Hosts location. All of that said: you have to do it anyway! Always request a copy of the exact terms and conditions for the coverage you are purchasing before committing, paying, or signing anything. This allows you to ensure the information provided by your RV warranty salesperson was straightforward and honest. It’s easy to make coverage promises, and there certainly are very extensive plans out there, but you’ll want to make sure verbal promises are backed up by black-and-white contract terms. 

An RV warranty is there to protect your investment and finding one you can count on offers wonderful peace of mind. Use this checklist when researching protection options, and hit the road with confidence on your next trip!

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