How to Increase the Security of Your Rig

The age-old saying goes, “locks only keep honest people out,” but upgrading your security can keep all unwanted guests out of and away from your rig. RVs are an easy target for thieves. Both full-timers and weekend warriors carry valuables items with them while traveling. Prevent costly replacements by upgrading your RV security instead of paying to replace the damage.

Luckily, there are many precautions you can take to prevent a break-in or robbery. Listed below are ways you can protect your RV, personal property, and your family. 


Upgrade Your Lock

Trailer door manufacturers use a small selection of keys for an extremely large amount of trailer doors. The limited variety of standard key codes makes it easier for manufacturers to mass produce rigs – but manufacturers aren’t the ones carrying their precious cargo and sleeping in these rigs each night. This piece of information means your next-door neighbor could potentially unlock your rig with their key. The manufacturer locks that come standard with the purchase of a rig are unreliable and easily broken into. Purchasing upgraded RV entry handles is essential.


Upgrading the lock on your RV is the easiest way to increase the security of your loved ones and valued items. RVLock is an easy one-stop solution to fix this problem. As the original creator of upgraded keyless security locks for RVers, they have created thousands of unique keycodes. The keyless entry system allows you to access your rig without fumbling for your keys. RVLock’s keyless handles come with two key fobs that lock and unlock the deadbolt with the press of a button. This allows for convenience and also peace of mind knowing your rig cannot be opened by a universal key.

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Add a Door Camera

Being caught on camera is a thief’s worst nightmare. Having a doorbell camera can discourage thieves from even considering your rig as a target. If your rig does get broken into, you will have video proof to show the authorities.  When purchasing a doorbell camera look for a camera that has motion sensors, real-time notifications to your phone, and a live view option as well. The live option can be great to see who is outside your door at any given time, especially if you aren’t expecting guests.


GPS Track Your Rig and Valuable Items

Never lose your rig or any of your valuables by incorporating GPS tracking. There are many small tracking devices on the market today that can help track your valuables from the convenience of your phone. These devices are great for RVers because your home and valuables could all be taken in a moment. You can even buy multi-packs to place on individual items of importance. We recommend hiding one somewhere in your RV so you can track it if your entire rig is stolen. We also recommend putting one in a safe that guards expensive valuables such as jewelry, cash, and sentimental items. 


Light It Up

Add light to protect yourself from burglary. Motion-activated lights are a great addition to your campsite as they can be easily attached to the outside of your rig and many are solar-powered. Not only are they convenient for preventing theft by activating a spotlight but also when returning late to the campsite so you don’t trip over anything. Adding light to your campsite makes you much less susceptible to theft by preventing the ease of stealth in the darkness.

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Close Your Blinds

Out of sight, out of mind. If a burglar can’t see what valuables are contained in your rig, it’s less likely they will break in to find out. If you don’t already have blackout curtains, now is the time to invest. Black-out curtains are common among RVers to keep the sun and heat out during the day, saving energy. They are also great for privacy at night so fellow campers can’t see into your rig. These curtains have many practical applications but as a preventative safety feature, they reduce the temptation to take valuable objects.  


Hitch Locks

Hitch locks provide peace of mind while you are out, knowing that someone can’t hook up to your rig. Whether you leave to purchase groceries or adventure on a day-long hike, the opportunity for someone to take your rig is there. Don’t come home to a rude surprise, take advantage of added security by buying a hitch lock.


Feeling Safer Already?

Additional security is additional comfort. You can never be too careful. Familiarize yourself with the area, make friends with neighbors, and research the campsites you stay at. Don’t wait until after a break-in happens to add extra measures of security, take these simple precautions and apply them to your travels. We live in a crazy world and the smallest preparations can help keep you happy and safe on the road.


Adri Anderson is a social media coordinator at RVLock,, the leading keyless RV security upgrade. When she isn’t planning her next adventure, you can find her exploring the mountains behind her home in Cache Valley, Utah.

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  1. Dan
    22nd September, 2022

    Also, especially with travel trailers,you can run a chain through a wheel,around a spring or axle, with a padlock. When locking the hitch,lock the safety chains,up near the hooks,so the unit cannot be towed by the chains.

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  2. Milann Daugherty
    22nd September, 2022

    A big theft problem right now is the stealing of your catalytic converter. What’s you best advice? It can happens so fast, I’ve seen YouTubes of broad daylight thefts in parking lots.

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