How To Look After Your Golf Clubs When RVing

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How To Look After Your Clubs When Space Is Limited

Bringing the golf clubs along on an RV trip is a very smart idea. There are golf courses worldwide that are certainly going to be worth checking out when you are on the road. Of course, adding golf clubs means more gear that you will have to find space for. In addition to golf clubs being extra cargo to store, they are also a bit fragile.

Golf clubs can be easily damaged if they are not appropriately handled. Considering the purchase of new golf clubs can be several thousands of dollars, keeping your clubs well protected is a good idea. Here are a few tips to make sure your golf clubs stay in great shape.




How To Properly Store Golf Clubs In Limited Space

When you store golf clubs in a limited space, you need to consider each of the clubs a bit differently. All golf clubs are made with different materials, and some are more durable than others.


Woods and Drivers

The woods and drivers are the most expensive clubs in the bag and also the ones that are susceptible to the most amount of damage. Since the heads on many drivers and fairway woods are going to be made of titanium, they can collapse quite easily.

One of the most important things to remember about woods and drivers is that they cannot handle any weight or pressure on the head. If you plan on stacking your clubs in a storage area, do not place them on the bottom.

Always use headcovers on woods and drivers when you store them. You do not want them to scratch or chip while you are in transit. If you have the room, it could make sense to buy a hard travel case for your clubs.

You may often see these in airports, but they can work great if you need to store gear in and around your clubs.



Irons are a bit more durable than woods and drivers. If you have graphite shafts in your irons, it makes sense to purchase a bag with full-length dividers. The dividers will keep the club shafts from getting damaged.

You can purchase iron covers to protect the heads of your irons. However, we only recommend doing this when you have a special finish on the irons. With traditional steel irons, you will probably not see much damage to the club head itself.



Putters always come with a putter cover, and you should absolutely be using it. A putter cover helps to make sure that the club does not get nicked or damaged. Since putting is a game of precision, a slight dent or mark in the putter could affect the game.

Since putters can be slightly odd in shape, you may want to remove them from the golfing bag and store them in a different location where they won’t get damaged.


Upright or Flat

When you store your golf clubs, you can put them either horizontally or vertically. If you are storing your clubs horizontally, we recommend using the rain cover that came with the set. A rain cover snaps to the top of your golfing bag, and it keeps everything in place inside the bag.

This way, you won’t have to worry about clubs sliding out while you are in transport. It also offers just one more layer of protection to your golf clubs. If you have a spot in your RV to store your clubs upright, make sure they are somehow reinforced.

If you use a bungee or a hook to keep them from tipping over, this makes the most sense. A golfing bag that falls from a standing position down to the ground could result in broken golf clubs. As long as the bag is somehow reinforced, you shouldn’t have as much trouble.



What Golf Bag To Choose

The two main types of golf bags are cart bags and stand bags. We highly recommend choosing a perfect stand bag for traveling purposes when golfing. These bags are going to be much lighter, easier to store, and much less of a headache to manage.

Many people think that the stand bags will not do as good of a job protecting clubs, but this is not the case. Good stand bags offer almost as much protection as that of a cart golfing bag. Choose a high-quality stand bag that mixes both quality and functionality.


Do I Need To Bring All of My Golf Gear On The Road?

When was the last time you sorted through your golf bag? Chances are, there is some gear in there that you do not need. Most players find that they have many extra golf balls, potential training aids, and three different golf jackets in their bags.

We highly recommend doing a clean out of your golf bag before heading out for an RV adventure. Take a look at your clubs; according to the USGA, you can only have 14 in the bag, so there is no reason to bring more than this.

If you haven’t used your three iron in over a decade, leave it at home! While golfing on the road is more akin to glamping than roughing it, there’s still a need to pack light!

Inside your golf bag, you can certainly take out some of the junk. You should not need more than 12 golf balls in your bag if you plan on playing a few rounds of golf while away. Cleaning out your bag is going to make it thinner and easier to fit in the limited space.

Many golfers will find that cleaning out the golf bag makes you feel like you have a new start on the game.


Wrapping It Up

Golf clubs are worth taking care of. You should aim to get five to ten years out of a set of clubs, and proper storage will help you achieve this. Think about any weight on your clubs, store them in a safe and secure location, and empty your bag of unnecessary items before you hit the road. These simple steps will be good for you and your golf gear.


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