Touring Hummingbird Hills Winery

Harvest Hosts is an incredibly unique RV membership program. Through this program, members are granted access to 4862+ host locations across North America for overnight accommodations with no camping fees. To support each of these businesses, members typically make a small purchase of wine or produce or whatever it is that the business is selling or offering. Locations include establishments such as farms, wineries, breweries, museums, restaurants, attractions, and more. Hummingbird Hills Winery is a wonderful example of one of our incredible hosts. Located near Albany, New York, this location produces a variety of incredible wines.

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The History

Over twenty years ago, Ken and Kimm Schick dreamed of opening a winery in peaceful upstate New York to escape the noise, traffic, and development that was affecting their rural New Jersey home. In 2001, they made their dreams a reality. To accomplish this, they purchased a 200-acre dairy farm in Fultonville, New York and hand-planted one thousand vines. Thus, Hummingbird Hills Winery was born. Over the next seven years, the vines matured, and The Schicks were able to yield their first crop. This crop quickly become their first batch of wine, informally beginning their winery business. By the end of the 2010 season, Kimm and Ken received approval from the State of New York, and Hummingbird Hills Winery established its place on the map of New York Wine Trails. 

The Business Today

Today, Kimm and Ken tend to over 22,000 vines and produce a variety of incredible wines for their guests. Their motto is “Escape from the Normal,” which describes both their winery vibe and wine-tasting experience wonderfully. They produce a large variety of white, red, fruit, and specialty wines, with each category containing wines that can cater to any taste. Surprisingly, not all of their fruit wines are super sweet, and many fall into the dry category. In fact, their dry fruit wines are often some of visitors’ favorites.

In addition, some of their specialty wines can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle or added to savory dishes as a “magic ingredient.” For example, their Goofy Garlic Ginger specialty wine will give your savory cooking some extra flair, while their Hummingbird Coco Red is a light and delicate red infused with ground cocoa beans, giving the drink a balanced chocolate flavor. 

Joining Harvest Hosts

The Schicks joined the Harvest Hosts program a little over a year ago. They’ve Hosted members from all over onto their gorgeous property that offers both serenity and breathtaking views. Harvest Hosts prides themselves on offering unique stays, and Hummingbird Hills Winery certainly fits that bill with their unique, yet delicious, offerings. This Harvest Hosts location offers five reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size. 

Hummingbird Hills Winery is an incredible New York Harvest Hosts location, perfectly displaying the excellence of the Harvest Hosts experience. Be sure to stop by on your next trip through central New York!


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