June RV News Roundup

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I’ve been pondering some questions lately. The questions center around how to to enjoy RV travel considering how little vacation time Americans get compared to the rest of the world. And, how can we live the RV lifestyle when we still have to work? My next guests talk about the conversation that changed everything for them as well as the why and how they answered these questions. 

But first, here’s the latest in RV news. 


Let the Stars Be Your Guide: The Black Forest Star Party

Stargazing is like uncovering a hidden treasure map in the night sky. As you gaze up, you’ll unlock the secrets of constellations, spotting celestial creatures and legendary heroes from tales of old. It’s a chance to spark your kids’ imaginations and fuel their thirst for knowledge about the vastness of space.

Get ready for a celestial extravaganza at the upcoming Black Forest Star Party. Set against the pristine backdrop of Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County, PA, this coming September 15-17, 2023.

There will be Lectures, workshops, and night sky photography sessions providing an unparalleled opportunity to explore the stars. Prepare to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, one starry night at a time!

Get the details for this year’s star party here

If you’re a first-time star gazer, you’ll want to read the star party survival guide.


RV Overload: How Much Do You Weigh?

I remember once looking in my rearview mirror and watching my trailer’s back end swing wildly from side to side. Luckily I managed to solve my weight distribution problem before it caused damage, or worse. 

Weight is a big deal for RVs, and it’s all about safety. RV manufacturers set the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or the GVWR, for a reason. When you load up your motorhome or travel trailer with more weight than it’s designed to handle, you create safety and stability issues.

Overloading puts pressure on the braking system and too much weight makes it harder to steer. Excessive weight can also cause a tire blowout, poor fuel efficiency, or structural damage to your camper.

What does this mean for RV enthusiasts who want to travel with all the comforts of home? Hint: You won’t be able to use a bathroom scale. Instead, 

For around $10-$15, you can weigh your RV at a truck stop or fuel center using their CAT scales and ensure your weight rating and safety. 

Find the link to the nearest CAT scales in our show notes. 

Find the nearest CAT scale by using an online location finder here.


Next Level Adventures in a Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop trailers, those pint-sized wonders of the camping world, are the ultimate light and fast travel companions for adventur seekers. a whimsical twist. Despite their small stature, these trailers defy expectations with their clever design. 

Inside their petite shells, you’ll discover a Time And Relative Dimensions In Space TARDIS-like phenomenon—an ingenious puzzle of nooks and crannies that magically unfold to reveal a surprising amount of storage and living space.  

But the genuine joy lies in their hitch-and-go ease of use, allowing you to chase sunsets, share laughter around campfires, and embark on spontaneous adventures—all while towing a delightful conversation starter that beckons curious smiles from fellow travelers. 

Who needs glamping? These tiny campers are ideal for solo getaways, family adventures, or camp-outs with a couple of big dogs. A teardrop trailer is more than a camper; it’s an invitation to dream big in a compact package. 

For inspiration, take a 3D video tour of the popular Colorado Teardrop’s Mount Massive teardrop camper.   

Campers looking for a fun DIY project can find instructions to build a modified 1930s vintage teardrop trailer here.

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Solar Suitcase

Before you roam off-grid, join other savvy campers who’ve discovered a game-changing companion. Portable solar power. It’s like a vibrant sun trapped in a compact box, radiating boundless energy. 

Imagine the freedom of charging batteries, firing up appliances, and keeping your gadgets buzzing, all while treading lightly on the planet. You can do it with a solar generator. 

Since solar generators use solar panels to capture and convert sunlight into electricity, there are no noisy engines or moving parts. Enjoy the serenity of nature without the constant humming or roaring of traditional generators. They don’t use fossil fuels, making them a clean, odorless alternative to gas-fueled generators.

Nothing stands between you and the comforts of home when you rely on the hushed power of the sun.

Learn more about harnessing energy from the sun to power your RV here

Road-Ready Slumber: In Search of the Perfect RV Mattress

A bad RV mattress can turn your dream road trip into a sleepless nightmare. If you feel like Goldilocks in search of the most comfortable bed, you’re not alone. Most RV manufacturers stick a stock mattress on the bed. You get stuck with one that’s either too hard or too soft. 

A poorly constructed mattress doesn’t only rob you of restful sleep. A bad mattress can also cause pressure point discomfort and backaches. If you share the bed with a partner, you might even experience way too much motion transfer.

With each restless night, your energy wanes and you end up being a crabby camper. Luckily there’s a solution. 

Explore common RV mattress problems and the remedies for a better night’s sleep here.​​

In the News: Where Did the Campsites Go?

Reserving a campsite in a national or state park has turned into a thrilling challenge akin to a high-stakes treasure hunt. It’s no secret that these coveted spots have become as rare as a hidden gem, with adventurers from far and wide vying for their own slice of wilderness wonder. 

It’s a battleground where campers compete for the ultimate prize—a patch of land beneath towering trees or beside a tranquil lake. Blame it on the surge in outdoor enthusiasts, limited campground infrastructure, and the scarcity mindset.

People often book sites months in advance. They book more than they need, and many end up being no-shows. That’s because, in many parks, it’s cheaper and easier to no-show than it is to cancel a reservation.

The key to success lies in a cunning strategy, lightning-fast internet connections, and the resilience to weather countless disappointments. 

We’ve linked to an article about this in our show notes. 

Read more about RV site reservation issues here


To learn more about any and all of these stories, check out the links in our show notes. 

Until Next Time, Harvest Hosts Members!

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In the meantime, you can stay in touch with your Harvest Hosts team through our chat system at HarvestHosts.com.



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  1. hihaa
    13th July, 2023

    Here is a roundup of RV-related news from June:

    1. RV Sales Continue to Surge: The demand for RVs remains strong, with sales continuing to surge in June. As more people seek safe and flexible travel options, RVs are becoming increasingly popular for vacations and road trips.

    2. National Parks Experience Record Visitation: With travel restrictions easing and summer in full swing, national parks across the country are experiencing record-breaking visitation numbers. RVers are taking advantage of the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of these protected areas.

    3. RV Rental Companies See Increased Bookings: RV rental companies are reporting a significant increase in bookings, with many seeing their fleets fully reserved for the summer months. This surge in demand is driven by families and individuals seeking alternative travel options that allow for social distancing and outdoor adventures.

    4. Campgrounds and RV Parks at Full Capacity: Campgrounds and RV parks are experiencing high occupancy rates, with many locations operating at full capacity. It is advisable to make reservations well in advance to secure a spot at popular destinations.

    5. RV Industry Faces Supply Chain Challenges: Despite the booming demand, the RV industry is facing supply chain challenges that are impacting production and delivery times. Manufacturers are working to address these issues and meet the growing demand for RVs.

    6. RV Lifestyle Influencers Gain Popularity: The RV lifestyle continues to gain traction on social media platforms, with RV influencers sharing their adventures and tips with their followers. Many people are turning to these influencers for inspiration and guidance as they embark on their own RV journeys.

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