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This Month’s Episode Features a Conversation with Less Junk More Journey

In this month’s episode, you will hear from a family of four talk about their eight year RV journey through life. They’ll talk about the message behind their “Less Junk More Journey” name, their experiences raising kids on the road, and a caravan to Baja Mexico. 

If you listen to the entire podcast, you will learn ways to eliminate things that are weighing you down in life and prohibiting you from living a life that is full of amazing experiences. 

We will check out some of the highlights below, or you can watch the entire podcast here. 


Meet Less Junk More Journey

Nathan, Marissa, and Hensley have been traveling the country for nearly eight years. And somewhere along the lines—about 3 years ago—JJ came home from Alaska with them as a new addition to the traveling family pack. 

This family brings so much to the table for the entire RV community as they continually evaluate life, challenge other people’s thought processes, and inspire the world to live with less junk in their lives, so they can enjoy the more important things in life!


What Was The Final Push For Them To Make the Decision?

Nathan and Marissa were sick of the typical “rat race.” And after having their first child, Hensley, they decided something needed to change. They wanted to spend more time together as a family. Once Marissa realized that this type of lifestyle was possible, and with wheels underneath, they knew it was time to take their life on the road. 


Are They Willing To Come Back Off The Road?

Nathan and Marissa talk openly about settling down being a possibility, but they don’t have any agenda. In this podcast, you’ll hear them discuss the ruthless review they conduct each year to help guide their future decisions. 

They evaluate their lives, rhythms, health, and experiences every year to see if this traveling RV life is still what is best for their family. And the day that it isn’t what’s best, they will come off the road. 

One of the main reasons families usually come off the road is because they want to put their kids in sports, dance, or even school. But Nathan and Marissa have figured out how to navigate that. They will sign their kids up for a sports season, and just stay in the area for that season. 

They admit it isn’t always easy to do these things, but it is still what is best for them and their family at this time. 


How Has This Lifestyle Changed You?

They confess that they aren’t who they were eight years ago. But in some odd way, they have become both way more flexible and more intentional all at the same time. They are happy with the changes that have taken place in their lives. And the flexibility that comes from being on the road and not being able to be in control of every little aspect of life has taught them how to be able to “go with the flow” a bit more. But the intentionality they have learned comes from living in a small space, and having to make important decisions together. 


Why The Name Less Junk More Journey?

This name is really simple. They knew they needed to let go of things that were weighing them down to have a fuller, richer life. By eliminating material things, they could catch a glimpse of what could be. 

This has created an annual review of their life, and their possessions. What is important in the current season of their life, and what isn’t? 

In the interview, they explain a “box method” that helps Nathan identify items they no longer use. But at the same time, it gives Marissa the chance to say goodbye to the items in her own timing. It is something that anyone can use. 


How Did They Plan For Mexico?

They are traveling in a caravan of other RVers. They each worked on creating plans and they have a shared document. This helps them stay safe, know which borders to cross, and even eat meals together while in Baja Mexico. To hear more about their preparations, you can listen to the podcast. 


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