Lingering in Louisiana

As a Southeastern state located along the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana has quite the reputation. When picturing the state of Louisiana, many picture the big cities of New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Others may picture bayous and swamplands. However, there are many other unique features and qualities that make Louisiana an awesome state to visit. If you have an RV and a Harvest Hosts membership there are excellent options for RV camping in Louisiana available at many unique locations. These include museums, parks, villages, gardens, and more. Climb aboard and tour this beautiful state with us, as we spend some time lingering in Louisiana.

1. Vermilionville Living History Museum & Folklife Park

Our first stop begins at the Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park. Vermilionville is an outdoor museum that spans a twenty-three-acre site along the banks of the Bayou Vermilion. The museum consists of twenty-five structures, including nine original restored homes, complete with historical artifacts and artisans dressed in period attire. These artisans provide demonstrations and interpret local culture and history in both French and English for visitors to enjoy and experience.

On site, there is also a restaurant, a gift shop, a watershed exhibit, a dancehall, and a living history museum. The entire establishment sits on the banks of a beautiful bayou, and those with a fishing license are welcome to fish out of the water. However, there are alligators nearby, so it is best if pets and children stay back away from the water. This awesome Harvest Hosts location offers four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size.

2. Le Vieux Village

About thirty minutes north in the city of Opelousas, we come to our next stop at Le Vieux Village. The village houses the Jim Bowie Display in honor of the American hero of the Alamo, who once lived in Opelousas. The Jim Bowie Display proudly showcases artifacts and memorabilia from that era. Also located in the center is the Zydeco Music Exhibit, an interpretive panel exhibit dedicated to the unique and popular style of music ingenious to southwest Louisiana. In addition to being Louisiana’s third oldest city and the Zydeco capital of the world, Le Vieux Village is also a Harvest Hosts location. Visitors should expect to tour the museum and also to potentially visit the gift shop. Currently, they offer four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size.

3. Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum

About two hours east of the village, we find our next stop in the town of Tangipahoa. The Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum is led by the principles of preserving and discovering African American heritage through art, history, and culture. The purpose of the museum is to tell the story of African Americans in all their permutations:  family life, the Civil Rights movement, arts and entertainment, inventions, sports, medicine, architecture, politics, religion, law, technology, and more.

In addition to visiting the museum, Harvest Hosts members can make a donation, as the museum is a non-profit organization. Other items for sale include a variety of logo merchandise found in the gift shop. The parking area is level with plenty of space to turn around, and they offer four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size.

4. John Schneider’s Place

About thirty minutes south of the museum, our next stop is at John Schneider’s Place. John Schneider is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke on the American TV show Dukes of Hazzard. His 100-acre property is open to Harvest Hosts members, with several camping options available. Members can boondock for no overnight cost, or they can pay a fee for the use of full hookups. In addition, the property has all sorts of fantastic activities available, such as catch-and-release ponds, a 5000-gallon swimming pool, ATV trails, a museum, and a gift shop. Past visitors have greatly enjoyed their stay at this location. They currently offer five pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size. Visitors should keep in mind that they have several friendly dogs roaming the property and plan accordingly.

5. The Rig Museum at IPME

About two hours south of John Schneider’s Place, we arrive at our next location. The International Petroleum Museum and Exposition is a non-profit corporation established for the purpose of educating the general public, and the next generation, on the significance of the offshore oil and gas industry and its effect on the local area, the state, the nation, and the world. Through the efforts of the rig museum, everyone will have the opportunity to experience a real oilfield, as the International Petroleum Museum and Exposition offers an accurate depiction of the realities of the offshore oil business. The entire museum is located along a gorgeous waterfront, and tours are available for a nominal cost. The museum offers four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size.

6. Houmas House and Gardens

Our Harvest Hosts tour of Louisiana ends at Houmas House and Gardens in the town of Darrow. Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the Houmas House Estate allows visitors to experience the life of plantation owners in the 1800s. The mansion has been restored to the antebellum era, reflecting the opulence and wealth this sugarcane farm boasted in the 1880s. The guided mansion tour walks through the 250-year history, showing the architectural evolution of this manor house and how it became a grand estate. Rare and period artwork and artifacts are displayed and used to explain plantation life. The gardens are expansive and the most exquisite in all of Plantation Country.

Harvest Hosts guests are welcome to tour the mansion and museum and visit any of the three on-site restaurants or the gift shop. There is so much to see and explore here, so be sure to add this one to your itinerary.

Louisiana is a beautiful southern state, rich in history and culture. These unique Harvest Hosts locations will help you to learn more about the region, its past, its industry, and so much more. Be sure to stop at each and explore them on your next visit to the Bayou State.

Want to see more? Find all Harvest Hosts options for RV camping in Louisiana and get planning!

Have you been to Louisiana? How was your experience? Which of these Harvest Hosts locations would you like to visit, and why? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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  1. larrymay
    19th July, 2023

    A great post! I always wanted to travel to Louisiana in the summer and see the beautiful scenery here. This is my dream and time shooter 2. Hope it becomes a reality soon.

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  2. Marylee Stathos
    8th January, 2023

    We have been members for several years and have great visits at everywhere we stopped!! Highly recommend this for those who love RVING!!

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