March News Roundup

Host Highlight: Dillon’s at Western Trails Ranch – Morristown, AZ

Dillon’s at Western Trails has four locations, but our highlighted location is located about 50 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Here you’ll enjoy moderate climates all winter long. Plus, they have live concerts every weekend, a petting zoo, alpacas, and more entertainment. 

If you time it up right, you can even request a stay during one of their many rodeo events. These typically are happening in the cooler winter months and will create a memory for you and your traveling companions for a lifetime. 

Log into your Harvest Hosts plan and request an overnight stay before the temperatures sky rocket this summer. 


3 National Park Reservations You Need To Make Now?

Every month, there are reservations you can be making to visit some of the most popular National Parks. So which ones should you be considering this month?


Acadia National Park’s Cadillac Summit

If you want to visit Acadia National Park’s Cadillac Summit via car in June, you will need to make your reservations this month. While the rest of the park isn’t requiring reservations, this road will require your reservation. 

This road is incredibly popular in the park—especially for its sunrise. As it claims to be the first place to see the sunrise in the United States, you’ll see droves of people crowded along the peak waiting for the sun to pop over the Atlantic Ocean. While it is a beautiful site, don’t be caught off guard by how cold and windy it can get. Most people come ill prepared and regret it later. 

Dress in layers, get there early, and don’t forget your $6.00  pass.  


Arches National Park

Beginning April 1, Arches National Park will have a timed entry system. To enter Arches National Park, you’ll need to make a reservation for a specific time to enter in addition to having your park pass. Even if you have an annual or lifetime America the Beautiful Pass, you’ll still need to make these reservations. 

To make this reservation, go to Here you can make your reservation. Starting March 1, you can make reservations for April through June. If you are planning on visiting Arches National Park in the spring, you better get your entry before it is too late. 


Glacier National Park

If you’re looking to visit Glacier National Park early in the year, get in line! This National Park is one of the favorites for hiking and wildlife enthusiasts. As the park begins to thaw, the need for reservations starts to show up. 

From May 26 until September 10, you’ll need a reservation to enter this park between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Any of your early summer plans that include Glacier National Park, will need to include reservations. 

The Glacier National Park reservation does include 3 consecutive days of use for the Going-to-the-Sun Road, all others are one day passes. These passes can be reserved 120 days in advance. It is also worth noting that you will need reservations for different areas of the park. 


Starlink Raises Its Prices—Again

Since Starlink first came out with their mobile set up—and now their RV edition—there has been an influx of new subscribers. RVers have found a good, reliable source for staying connected on the road, but are now facing an increase in price. 

Coming in April, there will be another increase in price for the mobile service to $150 a month. While this may hurt, it is still a solid option for RVers that need to work remotely. 

Read more here. 


Buffalo National River

If you are looking for a new experience, consider the Buffalo National River. Located in the mountains of northern Arkansas, you will find one of the most scenic sections of river in the entire United States. Here you will find hiking, mountain biking, elk herds, and plenty of water activities. 

This area has 135 miles of undisturbed river, which is very common. It is managed by the National Park system and is a gem that often goes unnoticed. 

Learn more here. 


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