Missing Yellowstone? Here are Some Hosts who Capture that Experience

Taking your RV to national parks offers an opportunity to experience the quintessential American family vacation. The Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Smoky Mountains are some of the most-visited parks in the country, and for good reason too. These parks are fairly easy to access depending on where you live, and each contains some of the most special scenery the United States has to offer. Those who have the experience to visit any of these spectacular parks are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime, but visitors of Yellowstone National Park in particular tend to reminisce on their visit of years to come.

Do you ever catch yourself missing the roaring falls, hypnotic springs, gorgeous scenery, and herds of bison from Yellowstone National Park? Was your trip to Yellowstone one of the most memorable vacations that you and your family have taken together? Do you often think about returning, yet do not have the means to visit this park as often as you would like to? Here, we have put together a list of some Harvest Hosts locations that may scratch that all-too-familiar Yellowstone itch for you. While these locations do not offer the exact same experience that can find in Yellowstone National Park, they may be able to hold you over until you can visit again. Continue on for a list of potential locations to visit, and bookmark this post to remind you which ones to book on your next RV trip.

Replicate your favorite aspects of a Yellowstone trip with these recommendations:

  • Harvest Hosts with on-site bison offer a similar adventure to Yellowstone’s wildlife encounters.
  • Harvest Hosts near water provide lakeside or riverside experiences similar to Yellowstone’s natural water features.
  • Harvest Hosts in mountainous regions offer scenic views and a mountain getaway experience.
  • Diamond P Grassroots Bison in McCammon, ID, and Sunset Hills Bison Ranch in Malcolm, IA, offer bison encounters.
  • Riffle Farms in Terra Alta, WV, offers a Yellowstone-like experience on the East Coast.
  • Reel Heat Services in Cedar Bluff, AL, Gull Lake View East Course in Augusta, MI, Stone Cliff Winery in Dubuque, IA, and Cypress Bend Golf Resort in Many, LA, provide waterside experiences.
  • Ovis Aries Farm in Mossyrock, WA, offers a scenic stop on the West Coast.
  • Valkyrie Springs Farm and Forage in Capon Bridge, WV, Joe’s Trees in Newport, VA, and Dancing Dog Farm in Ellijay, GA, offer mountainous experiences.


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Harvest Hosts with Bison

Seeing wild bison on the wide open plains of Yellowstone is many visitors’ favorite park experience. When seeking an adventure similar to that of Yellowstone, visiting a Harvest Hosts location with on-site bison may be just the perfect experience for you. Be sure to takr plenty of photos and purchase some bison products for the road!

Diamond P Grassroots Bison – McCammon, ID

Located not too far from Yellowstone National Park itself is the Diamond P Grassroots Bison Ranch. If you do not have the time to get to the actual park or if want to skip the busy tourist season of Yellowstone, then be sure to add this farm to your list. This working ranch is situated on 125 acres of gorgeous land with a picturesque mountainous backdrop in the distance. The best way to support this Host is by participating in a seasonal wagon ride or by making a purchase from their shop. This Harvest Hosts location offers three pet-friendly sites for RVs of any size.

Sunset Hills Bison Ranch – Malcolm, IA

Midwesterners in search of a Yellowstone-esque experience should check out Sunset Hills Bison Ranch in Iowa. This ranch is situated on over forty acres of land and has a herd of around fifty bison that are naturally raised on-site. Their farm store is equipped with just about any bison product or cut imaginable, as well as many other locally-sourced gifts to choose from. They offer one pet-friendly site for an RV under forty feet in length.

Riffle Farms – Terra Alta, WV

If you live on the East Coast and are missing the roaming bison of Wyoming, then Riffle Farms is a must-visit location for you. The Riffle family started the first bison farm in West Virginia and participates in The Honest Carnivore, which is a West Virginia Meat Collective. Their on-site store features bison products, honey, maple syrup, some ready-to-eat foods, and many other goods. This Harvest Hosts location offers two pet-friendly sites for RVs under thirty-five feet in length.

Harvest Hosts Near Water

The roaring rivers, numerous lakes, springs, waterfalls, and other natural water features of Yellowstone keep visitors returning year after year, over and over again. Experiences similar to the Yellowstone experience may include a lakeside or riverside adventure. Consider any of the following locations, and many more, to find the perfect waterside Harvest Hosts adventure for you.

Reel Heat Services LLC – Cedar Bluff, AL

In Cedar Bluff, Alabama, Reel Heat Services company owner Nathan has graciously opened up his property to host RVs overnight. His gorgeous home sits right at the intersection of scenic Weiss Lake and the beautiful Coosa River. Here, the views are absolutely beautiful, and there is even an accessible boat launch for those who want to get out on the water. If you don’t need your HVAC serviced, the best way to support this Host is to make a donation for using their electrical hookup and/or sewer dump. This Harvest Hosts location offers two lovely pet-friendly sites for RVs under forty-four feet in length.

Gull Lake View East Course – Augusta, MI

Located in Augusta, Michigan, Gull Lake View Course is so beautiful that you’ll feel like you’re on vacation here. Visitors can choose to play golf rounds of either nine or eighteen holes, and the can book tee times online ahead of time. This Harvest Hosts location offers two pet-friendly sites for RVs of any size as well as plenty of scenic views. 

Stone Cliff Winery – Dubuque, IA

Located just a short distance from the Mississippi River, Stone Cliff Winery is located in the Historic Port of Dubuque in the state of Iowa. Using grapes grown on their own farm, the winery owners produce a variety of wines including whites, reds, blends, and fruit wines. They also serve lunch daily, featuring pizza options on the weekend, and they even host the occasional Mystery Dinner Theater. This Harvest Hosts location offers five pet-friendly sites for RVs under forty-four feet in length. 

Cypress Bend Golf Resort – Many, LA

Sitting right on the Texas and Louisiana border on the Toledo Bend Reservoir is the hidden gem that is Cypress Bend Golf Resort. Here, visitors can play a round of golf or book a fishing package to relax and enjoy their surroundings. The resort is so beautiful that it is also often used as a wedding venue as well. This gorgeous waterside Harvest Hosts location offers four pet-friendly sites for RVs of any size.

Ovis Aries Farm – Mossyrock, WA

Those on the West coast should consider paying a visit to Ovis Aries Farm, right near Riffe Lake. This farm raises sheep for shearing and consuming, and the entire area is very scenic and brimming with gorgeous trees. The best way to support this Host is by purchasing wool or meat from them directly. Currently, this farm offers one pet-friendly site for an RV under thirty feet in length.

Harvest Hosts In the Mountains

The nearby mountains of Yellowstone are a special feature that keeps many visitors returning time and time again. Of course, there are many Harvest Hosts locations that can also be found in mountainous regions. These several that are featured here, and many more, may be just the perfect stop for you and your family.

Valkyrie Springs Farm and Forage LLC – Capon Bridge, WV

While not quite the same as a visit to Yellowstone, this farm looks like it came right out of a fairy tale. Between the absolutely stunning scenery, the medicinal herbs, and the health and wellness coaching, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Owners Lyz and Arthur are constantly expanding and evolving to provide the best products for their customers. The picturesque mountain scenery alongside a babbling brook may be just the relaxing respite you need. This Harvest Hosts location offers two pet-friendly sites for RVs under thirty-five feet in length.

Joe’s Trees – Newport, VA

While the homegrown Christmas trees and pumpkins offered at Joe’s Trees are only available seasonally, this Harvest Hosts location remains open year round. The scenery of the Western Highlands is beautiful and makes visiting the area feel like a mountain getaway. The best way to support this Host, outside of tree and pumpkin season, is yo make a purchase from their farm store, which offers all sorts of additional goods and products. This Harvest Hosts location offers three pet-friendly sites for RVs of any size.

Dancing Dog Farm – Ellijay, GA

Situated just outside of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, this seventy-eight-acre farm is so scenic and offers the perfect place to unwind. They offer partial hookups for a fee, as well as plenty of products for purchase, including dog biscuits, fruit, eggs, jams, and so much more. This Harvest Hosts location offers two pet-friendly sites for RVs of any size.

Harvest Hosts has some locations available that many would consider reminiscent of Yellowstonet, making these the perfect place yo visit for when you are missing the part but cannot visit in the near future. However, there are plenty of Hosts near the park itself, as well. Be sure to use your Host locator map to find the perfect overnight stays, no matter where your summer adventures take you. A Harvest Hosts location will always beat a campground in scenery, friendliness, and uniqueness. 

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Have you been to Yellowstone National Park? What was your favorite part? Have you visited any Harvest Hosts locations that reminded you of Yellowstone? Tell us all about in the comments below!

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