November News Roundup

A Must-Visit Harvest Hosts Location for the End of Autumn

As the autumn leaves reach their peak, Vermont Distillers emerges as a prime destination for RV travelers looking to savor the final days of fall. Recognized for its scenic views and artisanal spirits, this locale is recommended by Harvest Hosts as an ideal stop before the winter sets in. RV enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the picturesque landscapes and enjoy locally crafted beverages, making for a memorable end-of-season stay. Vermont Distillers offers a unique experience that encapsulates the essence of fall, providing travelers with a serene retreat where you can watch the last of the fall leaves leave their trees before winter.

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RV Industry Sees Dip in Shipments According to RVIA

The recreational vehicle industry has observed a notable decrease in wholesale shipments, falling by 12.9% this September, as reported by the RV Industry Association (RVIA). This dip is indicative of a shift in the market, which may be attributed to various factors including economic fluctuations and changes in consumer travel behavior post-pandemic. Industry analysts are keeping a close watch on these trends as dealers adjust their inventories in preparation for the upcoming season. This downturn follows a period of unprecedented growth for the RV industry during the pandemic, raising questions about the long-term stability of the RV market and consumer confidence.

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Harvest Hosts Adventure Series Members Share Their Last Summer Trip

Harvest Hosts has released the fifth episode of their Adventure Series, titled “One Last Summer Trip.” Although summer is long over, this episode gives pragmatic advice to RVers about how to plan trips. As fall ends, follow the tips in this video to come up with ideas for the last trip you want to take before the weather changes. 

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Harvest Hosts Gears Up for January 2024 RV Shows in Tampa and Quartzsite

Looking ahead to the 2024 RV season, Harvest Hosts is slated to make appearances at two of the industry’s most significant events—the Tampa RV Show January 17th-21st and the Quartzsite RV Show January 20th-28th. These events provide an excellent opportunity for RV enthusiasts to connect with the Harvest Hosts community, explore new models, and learn about the latest in RV travel and accommodations. The presence of Harvest Hosts at these gatherings underscores their commitment to the RV community and highlights the growing interest in unique travel experiences that their platform offers to adventurers and nature lovers.


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