Paying a Visit to Porter’s Orchard

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership program with a large network of available hosts. So far, 5163+ locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RVing community. Through this program, members receive overnight accommodations with no camping fees in beautiful and interesting places across North America. In return, members must make a purchase to support the small business that hosts them. Of these Hosts, Porter’s Orchard Farm Market & Cider Mill is particularly interesting. Here, you can learn all about this farm’s history, its operations today, its origins within the Harvest Hosts community, and what future visitors can expect to experience.

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The History

Porter’s Orchard is located in Goodrich, Michigan. They are open in the summer and fall for some excellent seasonal fun. This third-generation farm is famous for their fresh apples, apple cider, and cider donuts. In recent years, they have expanded the farm to include more than just apples. Porter’s now sell other fruits, vegetables, and proteins, such as beef cuts and chicken. They also began beekeeping and producing their own honey. This farm is loved by the locals for being the go-to place for fall fun. Families with kids of all ages enjoy the hayrides, corn mazes, and u-pick pumpkins. 

The Business Today

The farm continues to operate with all of their regular produce and animal products, but has expanded to also include an online store. They have teamed up with local businesses of all sorts to offer an online grocery store. Locals can head online to view their stock of fresh meats, breads, produce, milk, maple syrup, and more. Every single thing offered in their store is native to Michigan, including their stock of Kellogg’s cereal. Services like this are not only convenient, but were life-saving during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a local favorite, Porter’s exports some of their goods to local farmer’s markets as well. 

Porter’s offers many ways to enjoy the farm during their open seasons. Guests can stop by to purchase goods, or the farm can be rented out for parties or field trips. They have tents, a pavilion, and different packages to suit everyone’s needs. 

Joining Harvest Hosts

Porter’s Orchard Farm Market & Cider Mill began hosting with Harvest Hosts in 2019. Guests enjoy the tranquility of the working farm and getting to visit the petting zoo, which includes a peacock. The business stays hustling and bustling during the day, but quiets down at night. With their large stock of available items, Harvest Hosts members will find many ways to patronize this business. They have 4 reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size.

Porter’s Orchard Farm Market & Cider Mill is a local favorite in Goodrich, Michigan. They place a lot of emphasis on supporting local Michigan businesses, which is the perfect way for travelers to get a taste for the state. Porter’s really showcases some of the best of what Harvest Hosts has to offer. Be sure to stop by if you’re passing through their neck of the woods. Staying with Harvest Hosts like Porter’s Orchard is the perfect way to turn an average overnight stay into a memorable experience. 

Have you visited Porter’s Orchard Farm Market & Cider Mill? How did you like it? Are there any additional hosts that you would like to recommend? Tel us abut it in the comments below!

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  1. Sam Leash
    13th October, 2020

    Hey there! I will keep that in mind. 🙂

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  2. Sam Leash
    13th October, 2020

    That sounds like such a great first job! Hope you can make it back there soon. 🙂

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  3. KayeAnne Graham
    11th October, 2020

    It would be really helpful to put the geographical location with the park/farm/business name. eg
    Dales Farm near/south of /. …Dales, AZ

    That would make it easier to visualize where I would be driving to and from. Thanks

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  4. Shelli Royer
    11th October, 2020

    My first job as a young teen was making apple cider donuts with Maxine Porter at Porter’s Orchard. Such amazing memories, and a wonderful family owned business. I was thrilled to see them on the Harvest Hosts list and plan to visit again soon. Nobody makes Cider Donuts as good as Porters Orchard!

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