Planning Your Next Great Getaway? Here’s How to Save Big Whenever You Travel

The average family of four spends about $4,580 on airfare, lodging, food, and entertainment whenever they travel. Per traveler, however, this amount equates to about $1,145 per trip. While things like driving instead of flying, staying with friends or relatives, and cooking meals instead of dining out at restaurants can dramatically cut costs, there are plenty of other ways to save money on traveling when these options aren’t feasible. To explore some of these money-saving strategies for travelers, read the tips below from Harvest Hosts!

Roll Out in an RV

RVs offer a unique vacation opportunity. Not only will your family get the fun experience of living in an RV, but because your accommodations are on wheels, you can see more on your vacation than if you stayed in one place. You can rent an RV, but if you already have your own, you can take advantage of the host locations offered through a membership with Harvest Hosts.

Take a Group Getaway

When you’re looking to save on travel-related expenses, vacationing with a small group of friends or family members is one of the best things you can do to cut costs. When you travel as a group, you can split all lodging, tour, and transportation expenses. You can even take turns grocery shopping and preparing meals to cut back on the cost of dining out. Plus, you may qualify for group rates and discounts at select museums, gardens, and other local attractions. 

Book Directly With a Hotel

Securing travel and accommodations with an online travel agency (OTA) can be a convenient option, but you may actually end up paying more on your trip if you go this route. Many hotels offer discounts if you book directly through them. Plus, when you opt to stay at a boutique hotel, you’ll be supporting them by booking directly. When making your travel plans, inquire with the hotel you wish to stay at to see what their rates are and if they have any deals or specials. 

Say No to Airport Car Rentals

While renting a vehicle from an airport is usually the most convenient option if you’re traveling by air, you’ll be charged with costly taxes and surcharges in addition to the daily cost of renting a vehicle. If you need to rent a vehicle while traveling and can’t rely on public transportation or ridesharing to get around, you’ll save the most amount of money if you rent an economy car from an off-site company such as Thrifty, Advantage, or Dollar Rental. 

Of course, you’ll save even more money if you’re able to ditch a car rental and take your own car instead. Just make sure that it is prepped and outfitted for the journey to prevent any setbacks. Performing maintenance like checking the tires and brakes is always important, but even something simple like buying car floor mats can keep your vehicle looking nice and can enhance your road trip. And make sure you have all the car tech to safely (and peacefully) get where you’re going. For example, headsets for the whole family can be a big benefit. The driver may need a bluetooth earpiece if it’s necessary to take a hands free phone call while on-the-go, and younger passengers may benefit from their own headsets so they can entertain themselves with music or a personal gaming device without disturbing the rest of the car.

Expect the Unexpected

While there are many great benefits of traveling, it’s important to take some time to prepare for the unexpected before setting off to your destination as doing so helps you to save money during and after your trip. For example, purchasing travel insurance coverage may be wise if you’re worried about canceling your travels for any reason or incurring unexpected medical bills while you’re away from home. Additionally, obtaining any required vaccinations prior to your trip will help to keep you safe and healthy as you travel. 

Don’t Let Money Hold You Back

According to a recent survey on recreational spending in America, approximately 42 percent of poll respondents couldn’t afford to take a vacation in 2019. Since the average traveler spends around $1,145 on vacation expenses, it’s no surprise why so many Americans find the expense of travel to be a steep one. However, research shows that vacation time is the most effective way to reduce stress for most working professionals, making travel a worthwhile expense and even an investment towards your overall wellness. Thankfully, these budget-friendly tips can help you save on things like lodging and transportation, leaving you with more money for the things that matter most to you. 


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Emma Grace Brown lives her life by her rules; and it works! When she’s not snuggling puppies, Emma promotes female empowerment through her website. Her mission is to help those who live with self-doubt to realize they don’t have to mold themselves to conventionality. 

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