Prepping your Fridge for an RV Trip!

Getting Your RV Refrigerator Ready for a Weeklong Trip


One of our top priorities is to eat delicious and healthy foods. Honestly, there is nothing much better than having your own cooked meal. If you are planning to live an RV life, then it is important that you should not rely too much on junk food but rather you should try to cook your own.


Unsure about cooking in an RV?  Check out the Harvest Hosts RV Cookbook.  A free download that will get you well on your way to being a traveling chef!


Having a nutritious diet can help you in staying energetic during your week-long trip. You will be more excited about achieving your RV goals including biking, sightseeing, camping, hiking, and many more. If you are suffering from any medical conditions such as cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes, then the more you need to be careful. It is suggested that if you are keeping good food in your refrigerator, then you will be eating good food. That is why it is important that you should plan your meals ahead of time. Also, be sure to stock your RV refrigerator appropriately for your week-long RV trip.

How to Pack Your RV Fridge For Week Long Trips

Sometimes you might think that keeping your food in a portable cooler is already enough for your trip. Or perhaps stocking food in your RV refrigerator is not necessary since you can always buy some groceries along your way. But what if you encounter situations wherein you need to travel more miles just to get to a grocery store. That is why, if you are planning to have weeklong RV trips, then it would be a good idea to consider your camper fridge or motorhome refrigerator.


The truth is, most seasoned RVer’s think that when it comes to food, having an RV fridge can help them stay on their budget. Having a portable fridge that includes all the essential accessories can help you in taking your adventure to the next level since you’ll get the chance to prepare your meals in your “home on wheels” and you have different options for your snacking.


If you want your RV trip to feel more comfortable and luxurious, just like your home, then the following useful tips can help you in packing and making the best use of your RV fridges.

Determine What Type of RV Refrigerator Can Fulfill Your Requirements

First, you need to check if your present RV fridge can accommodate your food storage needs. However, if your present unit is not in good shape or requires costly repair, then you have no other choice but to go for an RV fridge replacement. 



The following are some important factors that you need to take into account:


  • Check if the camper fridge will fit into your RV space.
  • Find out what is the fuel consumption required by your RV fridge.
  • Determine the food storage capacity that you require.


How to Choose the Appropriate Type of RV Fridge?

Are you in need of a 3 way RV fridge, also referred to as absorption or a 2 way RV fridge, also referred to as the compressor? A 2 way RV fridge is the best option if you want a unit that can run on 12/24-volts which can either be powered by your vehicle or by your camping battery. On the other hand, if you want something that can run on an LPG gas, then the best option is a 3 way RV fridge. 3-way RV Fridges include a gas flow heat exchange mechanism at the back of the unit.


You have to choose the brand wisely since you don’t want to have a low-quality camper fridge. Norcold RV refrigerator and Dometic RV refrigerator are some of the highly recommended brands. The best thing about these brands is that you can easily access Dometic RV refrigerator parts and Norcold RV refrigerator parts. When choosing your brand, be sure that you can easily find 12 volt RV refrigerator parts for it.

Do You Have a Menu Planned for Your Week-Long RV Trip?


After having your functional RV fridge, the next thing to do is to concentrate on your meal planning and purchase the essential stuff. The following tips can help you in planning your meals:


  • Your menu should include the favorite food items of everyone.
  • Try to rotate your menu each day so that you can try different styles of cooking and avoid boredom. Perhaps you can have grill items or something that can be prepared over the campfire. You could also try cooking some soups and meals on your stove depending on what is the weather outside.
  • Create a list of the different varieties of snacks, juices, cheese, and fruits that you want to try aside from the regular ones.
  • Consider meals that require longer-lasting ingredients.
  • For each meal that you want to prepare, list down all the groceries that are needed.
  • Create a list of the items that you have at home and the ones that you want to purchase.
  • You could also try recipes that mostly use the same ingredients. For instance, rice, milk, potatoes, eggs, tomato sauce, cheese, sausages, onions, or ground meat. In this way, you can keep your grocery list simple and try new things.
  • Shop for all the grocery items that you need.


Keep Some Healthy Snacks in Your RV Fridges

When packing your camper fridge, be sure to include some food that can boost your energy level and contain good nutritional value. Some of the healthy snacks that you can put in your motorhome fridge are yogurt and milk, raisins and mixed nuts, eggs, apples, dried mangoes, granola, oatmeal, peanut butter, blueberries, celery, and banana chips.

Do Not Overpack Your RV Refrigerator

Overpacking can bring a major disaster to RVers. So, be sure to avoid overstuffing your camper refrigerator with a lot of things to prevent food spoilage and wastage. The following are some tips that can help you in avoiding overstuffing on your RV fridge.


Try to get rid of extra containers so the air can circulate properly.

Buy smaller packs for each item. For instance, for those items that are stored on the RV Refrigerator door compartments such as ketchup, jam, pickles, and mayonnaise, try to buy the lightweight versions. It is also recommended that you should place heavier items on the lower shelves while the smaller items will be on the upper shelf close to the cooling fans.

How to Store Your Food Safely in Your RV Fridge

With the help of some tips and tricks, you can safely store your fruits and vegetables in your Motorhome fridges for a period of one week. Before you start packing your RV fridge, you have to power it up, most probably, the night before you begin your trip. Observe the weather and adjust the thermometer of the fridge accordingly. During those hot sunny days, turn the temperature into the coolest mode, and when the weather is chilly, you can adjust the temperature to keep your food safe.


You must use the right containers to ensure that your food stays fresh inside your RV fridge. Or else your food item could fall while you are traveling. Put your veggies inside a perforated plastic bag, particularly those tender fruits and vegetables. Ready-to-cook meat items such as bacon, sausages, ribs, etc. must be stocked in the RV freezer section. Be sure to arrange your items in such a way that the heavy ones will not fall off and could cause the tender ones to get spoiled. Always close the door of your RV Refrigerator to avoid spoiling the food and losing any cooling.


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