Renovating your RV Bathroom

One of the greatest things about RVs is that they are completely customizable. No matter the age, style, size, or color of your rig, it is always possible to give your RV interior a facelift. This will allow your home on wheels to best reflect your personality, while also allowing you to customize it according to your preferences. When remodeling your RV, many people choose to start in the living room, eventually working their way into the dining area, the kitchen, and the bedroom. One of the last areas to eventually receive a transformation is typically the bathroom. 

While this small room may seem insignificant, even just a few minor adjustments can give your RV bathroom a look and style that you prefer. Besides, after pouring so much time and energy into the rest of your RV renovation, you will likely want all of the space to reflect your hard work, and this naturally includes the bathroom, too. Follow along for six simple tips for remodeling your RV bathroom in a way that will leave it looking fresh and updated.

1. Paint

All great renovations start with a paint job. In a bathroom, it is especially important to make sure you use a gloss or semi-gloss paint. Glossy paint will ensure that the walls are easy to clean and stay looking fresh long after the paint has dried and cured. Prep-work is also important in the bathroom. You will need to lightly sand the walls and prime them prior to painting. Be sure to paint at least two coats and allow at least twenty-four hours dry time in between painting coats. Cure time is especially important to ensure the paint does not peel. This is because you will likely be allowing plenty of moisture into the bathroom, via steam from the shower or hand washing and teeth brushing. Prepping and painting will keep your bathroom looking modern and bright, which is important in a very small space. 

2. Install a backsplash

Once you have painted the walls, you may want to add a backsplash above your bathroom sink. This will keep the walls dry and safe from water splashing and will also make the space look more polished. There are so many styles, colors, and shapes of backsplashes, and you must choose between peel-and-stick or ceramic. Peel-and-stick tile will likely be much less work, but ceramic tile will make your RV bathroom look more like a bathroom in a traditional home. Whichever you choose, be sure to carefully read the directions and watch a few tutorials before beginning your DIY project.

3. Hang a new mirror

Once your painting and backsplash are good to go, you may want to replace your bathroom mirror. In some RVs, the mirror will be attached to the medicine cabinet, but in other rigs, it may be freestanding. Either way, a round or oval mirror is likely to spruce up the space. You can be as bold or muted with the color and material choice as you want. If you kept the backsplash and paint simple, you may wish to go with a more eclectic, statement piece mirror. If you went for a brightly-colored or unique backsplash, it’s best to stick with a simpler mirror. Whichever you choose, be sure to properly mount it to the RV support beams in the wall to avoid it falling and crashing while the RV is in motion.

4. Display some wall art

Once your mirror is installed, you may be left with some open wall space. Depending on the size and shape of your RV bathroom, you may want to leave this space blank. However, if you have kept everything simple up until this point, some basic wall art may really add something to the room. Remember to keep it simple and fairly small to avoid overpowering the space. Be sure to mount anything hanging to the wall properly so that it stays in place when you move the RV.

5. Install a shower curtain

Most RV showers are equipped with sliding glass doors. Sometimes these are fairly modern looking, but in some of the older rigs, these glass doors tend to be fairly outdated. Surprisingly, it is very easy to remove these doors and replace them with a simple shower curtain. You will need to unscrew the door and its track and remove both pieces from the RV. Any caulking that was placed around the shower door can be peeled off, and you can spackle and paint over any holes left behind from where the shower door was mounted. Then, you can buy a simple shower rod from any home goods store, along with a shower curtain and shower curtain hooks. As with all decor choices, be sure to choose a curtain that fits the rest of the style of the space, and keep it minimal for best results.

6. Don’t forget the details

Finally, with all the more difficult projects out of the way, you can focus on the small, detailed items that will really leave your RV bathroom looking polished. These are simple items, like the drawer and cabinet pulls or knobs, your soap dispenser or soap dish, your hand towels, your bath mat, and your towel hooks. Remember that every small choice will contribute to the overall look of your space, and keep this in mind when you are choosing your basic essentials. 

In addition, this might be a good opportunity to replace your bathroom faucet if it no longer matches the rest of the space. This is actually much easier than it sounds. The faucet can be swapped out for any other bathroom faucet you find, as long as they have the same dimensions and number of holes. Before beginning this project, be sure to watch a tutorial to ensure you install the faucet correctly.

Updating your RV’s bathroom is quite simple and will finalize the completion of your space. No two RV bathrooms are exactly alike, so these suggestions may not be possible for every bathroom. However, a combination of these ideas is sure to leave you with space that looks updated and modern, while also flowing nicely with the rest of your rig. Be sure to use the same color palette as the rest of your RV, and, as always, keep it simple for best results.

Have you renovated your RV’s bathroom? What projects did you complete? Feel free to leave ideas or suggestions in the comments below!

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