Revolution on the Horizon: Harvest Hosts Seeks a Growth and Innovation Manager to Ignite the Future of RV Travel

This unique career opportunity at Harvest Hosts has the opportunity to make history.

This position is a thrilling leap forward in the realms of marketing and product development. We’re on the edge of our seats, anticipating the groundbreaking ideas our new team member will unleash.”

— Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts


VAIL, CO, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2023 — Harvest Hosts, the groundbreaking membership program that connects RV travelers across North America and the UK with unforgettable camping experiences, is on the lookout for a spirited, tech-savvy visionary to join their team as Growth and Innovation Manager. Renowned for providing unparalleled stays at over 8,000 locations, including wineries, farms, museums, and golf courses, Harvest Hosts is searching for a daring trailblazer with a start-up mindset, ready to redefine the RV landscape through innovation and growth hacking.

As the Growth and Innovation Manager, the successful candidate will be at the helm of Harvest Hosts’ experimental lab, revolutionizing product development and transforming the RV community with cutting-edge technological solutions. This role demands a forward-thinking individual, eager to harness the power of exciting tools like GPT, LangChain, and Midjourney, propelling the company into a new era of RV travel and technological advancements.

Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, exclaims, “This position is a thrilling leap forward in the realms of marketing and product development. We’re on the edge of our seats, anticipating the groundbreaking ideas our new team member will unleash in the ever-evolving tech landscape!”

The successful candidate will seize the rare opportunity to collaborate directly with the CEO, CMO, and COO, steering the company’s future direction while exploring the latest tools to push the boundaries of product development. They will dive headfirst into the fascinating world of forward-looking technologies, leveraging their experience in project management, product development, coding, and digital marketing strategies to become an instrumental force in shaping the future of RV travel.

Bill Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer at Harvest Hosts, extends this electrifying invitation: “Are you ready to bring your boldest ideas to life at warp speed? Eager to experiment with the latest tools in marketing and sales? Craving to exist in a perpetual hackathon state of mind? This role is for you. Together, let’s not just make headlines – let’s create history!”

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to work for one of the fastest-growing companies in the travel industry and become an integral part of Harvest Hosts’ growth and innovation journey. Apply now!

About Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts is a membership club for RVers offering unique overnight stays at over 8,000 locations all over North America – including more than 4,700 farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, golf courses, museums, and other scenic small businesses in addition to over 3,300 Boondockers Welcome community host locations. The company is the largest private RV camping network in North America, and its mission is to help millions of people live happier lives through road travel, while supporting wonderful small businesses and communities along the way. Harvest Hosts’ latest offering, CampersCard, provides free marketing for campgrounds, and perks, discounts, and benefits for campers. To learn more, visit: or To learn more about the work culture at Harvest Hosts, interested candidates can peruse the Harvest Hosts teams page.

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